White Jeans are for Winners

Since 1999, I have been haunted by a quote from the movie Never Been Kissed. Drew Barrymore goes undercover as a high school student and wears this all-white ensemble on her first day of school.

After she spills chocolate milk all over her white jeans, she says, "That'll teach me to wear white jeans after Labor Day." Then one of the popular girls tells her:

"I don't think you're supposed to wear white jeans after 1983."

Scathing words. But let's consider what ultimately happens in this movie: Drew's newspaper article is a big success and she gets Michael Vartan. What happened to the character who made fun of her white pants? I don't even remember. No one cares. Drew was the winner in this story, so it's obvious that white jeans are for winners.

I've noticed a lot of my blogging friends are winners, too. They are rocking their white pants year round and inspiring me with all kinds of ideas for how to wear mine now that I've put my ridiculous issues to rest.
L-R: Shopaholic SAHM /  Ella Pretty Blog / It's Mostly About Fashion / Everything Luxy

L-R: Pink Sole / Casually Styled / Get Your Pretty On / More Pieces of Me

White Jeans at Express: Mia vs. Stella vs. Zelda
If you're the market for white jeans, Express has a few options right now that all look fairly similar in stock pictures but do vary a little so I wanted to run through their differences:

Express White Jeans Options

1. Zelda Jean Legging: 32" inseam, lowest rise, faux front pockets. There's only one size of these left in stock online, which means odds of getting what you want are not great. But I try to be thorough here so I'm listing them anyway. I have a pair (shown here) that I purchased in early 2013. This was my first pair of white jeans and I like them pretty well, but I wanted a pair with a slightly higher rise and working front pockets, which is why I ended up getting Option Three a few months ago.

Express Zelda Jean Legging

2. Stella Jean Legging: 30" inseam, low rise, faux front pockets, very mixed reviews online. Several reviewers said these run small and were very thin. One reviewer gave them 3 stars but said they were excellent and "very comfy to wear while shopping or eating." She must have worn them on Thanksgiving and Black Friday? They didn't have these in store for me to try and I didn't want to order them online because of the mixed reviews and faux pockets.

3. Stella Ankle Zip Jean Legging: 27" inseam, low rise, real front pockets. These are my current favorites because I think the fabric is just right (stretchy, comfortable, not sheer) and it has working front pockets. (See pic on the right where I've got one hand in my pocket, and the other one is holding...an iPhone. So close...)

Express Stella Ankle Zip Jean Legging White

4. Mia Ankle Jean Legging: 28" inseam, mid-rise, real front pockets. I checked these out in store to see how they compared to my other white jeans from Express.  They felt very similar to my Stella Ankle Zip jeans with the main differences being the slightly higher rise and the distressing at the knees on the Mias. Overall I liked these and would consider them if I didn't already have what I need. These are also the version Skye is wearing in the collages above. (Shirt and sandals also from Express. Shirt available here in mint and white. Sandals available here.)
Express Mia Destroyed Ankle Jean Legging White

I lucked out in finding what I wanted at Express but I know it's not always that easy when it comes to jeans, especially white ones. Alison at Get Your Pretty On did a comprehensive try-on session with reviews of a variety of other brands of white jeans, so if you're still searching for the perfect pair I also recommend reading this. Thanks for visiting and feel free to link up your anything-goes post below! I'll be browsing through the links looking for more winners....

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  1. Yay - we're winners :-) Love the express styles you showed - I think the Zelda is my favorite...also love how you paired them with the pink button down shirt - such a fresh combo!

  2. Love those distressed white skinnies on you. I have no problem wearing white jeans in the winter. Just have to be a bit cautious. Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. Seriously LOVE Drew in Never Been Kissed. So cute. Also, White Jeans ARE for winners! I wore a pair last week! Loving
    xo, Lee

  4. I'm still trying to find THE ONE where white jeans are concerned.....& this feature definitely inspired me to keep looking!!!


  5. I absolutely love that movie and what a great way to transition into the white pants talk ;-) I always have a hard time finding white pants that aren't too see through or don't make my legs look like I'm packing on an extra 10 pounds...they are tricky for sure! Thanks for these suggestions!

    Meet @ the Barre

  6. white jeans are so tricky, I want the express pair, their jeans always fit me perfectly.

  7. I love your distressed pair with the pink top. I actually have yet to find my PERFECT white jeans. The one I have now is way too thick and I prefer something in thinner fabric

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  8. Love me some white skinnies!! I have a pair that I'm not happy with the fit of, so I'm on the market for a new pair. Thanks for the breakdown from Express!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  9. Never Been Kissed is one of my favorite shows. Why? Because there are 80s flashback throughout. Heyyyyyyy! I love love my white jeans so much and I absolutely love the fit of the Mia's. So much that I bought a new pair; different color. I'm going to have to pair my green portofinos with the white jeans and leopard as you have shown in both posts. Great idea on that!


  10. Great review! It's always a challenge to find the right pair of white jeans. I have like four of them but still haven't found the ONE. Seriously though, you look good in all of them.


  11. Thanks for the shout out! I tried the Stella jean leggings and they were very tight. I even sized up but they are kinda thin so not for me. I love wearing white jeans all year round. I also like an all brown outfit with white jeans in winter/fall. I think that is hilarious about the reviewer commenting on eating and shopping.

  12. I love the look of white jeans for spring, but haven't found a pair yet that I loved enough to buy. I'll have to check our your and Alison's suggestions! Thanks!

  13. I love white jeans for year round. I don't wear them often because I'm afraid to get them dirty. :-) All of the Express styles look nice on you.


  14. I have a pair of white jeggings from Express and do like them because they are very comfortable but I would agree with the reviews that they are a little thin. I have been wanting to purchase a new pair but it's hard to talk myself into it when I already have white jeans that are just fine!

  15. Like I said before, I am ALL for white jeans any time of the year!! Winners for sure! Love those distressed jeans, may have to pop into Express to try them on!

    Thanks for the feature girl!!

    xo, Erica

  16. Thanks for featuring all these great looks.



  17. Thanks for hosting the link up..I have been seeing white jeans pop up on so many blogs! It does look crisp and clean..and almost like spring cleansing.. :)

  18. I like the Mia with the distressed knees, thanks for this info, at least now I know what I need to look for in the store :)


  19. I'm wearing a pair of white jeans today! Great choice! Thanks for linking up with Funday Monday!

  20. I wore white skinnies yesterday! Actually, I've been wearing them all winter, but yesterdays outfit is one of my favorites. Great choice!


  21. I love me some white jeans. They can be so classy. You look fab in them!

  22. Thanks for the review! I'm always a little hesitant to go with white legging jeans because I have athletic thighs and sometimes leggings are a bit too tight on me. Still, it's nice to know which ones are more "jean" like and less legging-like.

  23. I watched this movie too. I never wear white jeans before because of the notion that it gets dirty quick and it did. But then when I saw bloggers in different size and forms wearing white then I tell wait a minute I've got to try it and I did! Now I am loving it I even wear it in winter ^_^ My latest purchase is Jessica Simpson white jeans on sale for $7.00. Now I am hunting for more white jeans. Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it.


  24. OK so a) i feel like I have failed you as a partner when I can't be one of the first to comment. I literally started my workday at 6:30am, just in case you were worried about me :)
    and b) you had me LOLing - I had to explain myself to the husband. The Alanis reference and Thanksgiving/Black Friday comments were the best! and c) I really hope the Stellas work - will report back! I've been wanting to try them, and my rewards and your post just pushed me to it!!!

  25. I'm a huge, huuuuuge fan of white jeans. Great post, doll!


  26. I cant get enough of white jeans lately and especially for the spring/summer they are on heavy rotations :-) Just bought two new pairs, cant wait to wear them when the snow is gone for good here in germany. hahaha your comment made me smile. Glad the counry germany is sticking through my pictures and hoped you liked it here :-)


  27. Did you get that pink top you tried on? Or was that already yours? Because it looks really pretty with- you guessed it, the white jeans!!! :) I was in there last week and they have some great spring denim shirts. More light weight and fitted than other versions I have. They are on my radar!

  28. No white jeans after 1983 - now that's funny! I love white jeans and had plans on wearing a pair this winter...I have 15 days left in which to do so - perhaps next week!

  29. Great post! I need a pair of white jeans and those look fabulous on you! Although, I'll need more of a bootcut/ trouser fit...i'll check out get your pretty on's article. On a side note...what about those bangs on Drew? Are those for winners? LOL...Sorry for being snarky...i can't help it when I see 80s hair. :)

  30. Great white jean exposee! I have managed, after all these years to purchase a pair (theyd make me chocolate-milk nervous) but haven't yet worn them. You've pushed me a tad towards braver. Thanks.

    Fur Earwig

  31. Great post! I own one pair of white jeans. Looks like I need to step my game up, lol! Thanks for linking up and I hope to see you Monday...xo!



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