The Age of Style

Three bloggers, one store. I've done wishlist features like this in the past because I like seeing what different people choose when sent on a virtual shopping trip to the same store. But I wanted to put a new spin on it this month to see how our age influences our choices and for readers to see if they identify with the choices of their respective age group...or not!

I asked three bloggers whose style I admire - one in each age group of 20s, 30s, and 40s - to select their favorite items from the Express website. See you if you can determine the age group of the blogger who created the list before scrolling down to see the answers:

Wishlist 3 One  /  Two / Three /Four / Five

These pieces were selected by Cynthia of My Rose Colored Shades. Cynthia is a 40-something blogger with elegant, classic style as shown in some of her outfits below. I thought her selections were really consistent with her style, with the exception of the lace back graphic tee. That one was a fun surprise to me and I'd love to see how she would style it!

The Sleeveless Portofino she selected has been popular recently...with Florida bloggers who already have the weather for sleeveless tops! I have a feeling they will gain popularity as summer gets closer. We saw this exact one recently on Tracy of It's Mostly about Fashion:


Wishlist #2
One / Two / Three

List Two was selected by Adri of Adri Lately. Adri is a blogger in her 20s with cool, California casual style and a little dash of boho here and there. I can easily see her working the pieces she selected into her wardrobe and they'd get plenty of use in the sunny LA weather.

The dress she chose also comes in black and cobalt blue (get them here), and I actually tried the black version on a couple of months ago. I really liked it, but decided to wait on buying since it wasn't warm enough for me to wear it yet. I'm wearing an XS here and it ran true-to-size for me with a relaxed fit.


Wishlist #3
One / Two / Three /Four / Five

Well, it's hard to maintain the element of surprise in this format, but in case you haven't followed the process of elimination, list three was selected by a 30-something blogger, Ellen of Everyday Fancy.
True to her blog name, Ellen chose a couple of pieces with a little bit of fancy, like a sequin tank and mini skirt. I also thought it was interesting that the shoes she chose are almost identical to the pair that Adri is wearing in one of her outfits above!

This sequin mini skirt (and nearly identical duplicates from other retailers...I don't know who started it all) has been a popular item on Pinterest and blogs. We saw it not too long ago on my Manic Monday collaborator, Carylee of More Pieces of Me:

How did you fare on identifying the age group of the blogger? It was hard for me to play along with this since I had the answers up front, but I think I would have been pretty stumped. And did you identify most with the blogger from your age group or from a different group? I really can't answer that one either since I liked so many things from each of their lists. But that was probably a given considering my borderline obsession here!  

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  1. Great selections from all the ladies! I didn't do very well at guessing the right age group, which is good right?! There are items I like from each of them. Fun!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  2. Great picks all around! I really enjoyed reading this post, it was fun to see the difference in clothing choices. I think all the ladies have fab taste, I could definitely wear something from each list!

    Hope you had a great weekend!!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  3. Your posts are always so intriguing. I loved all the pics. I especially loved the chunky strap back mules, since I just bought the same ones that Adri is wearing. I love my black ones so much, I had to buy a cognac pair. The funny thing is I just looked them up on Express before this post came out and thought, "wow, they look just like the ones I bought from FXX1". Great minds think alike.


  4. I will take a sequined mini anytime!!! I've always been a fan on anything EXPRESS until they got more and more expensive. :-(

    1. Aw, I'm sorry you feel that way! They are really more affordable than their prices make them seem, you just have to be savvy with using the coupon codes (and there is almost ALWAYS a coupon code) and sales. Or just save up your wishlist for the next 40 or 50% off everything sale! Those happen every 2-3 months!

  5. I Love Cynthia's style and great selection of ladies.

  6. I would have guessed the 20s right, but not the others! I love that sequin mini and tank. I haven't shopping in Express in a while, but now I'm going to have to drop in and try some things on!

  7. Wow, even if that black dress is nice I can't take myself off your deltoid! I must be doing something wrong or not doing it enough cause I've been dreaming for deltoids like yours but never seems to happen!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

    1. Aw, thank you for the nice comments. :) I do work out a lot so the delts are not by accident. I also build muscle more easily in my upper body than in my lower body, so there's certainly a genetic component to it too.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. This was a fun feature to be a part of! Thanks for including me! Now that I'm looking at the other ladies' list, I find myself saying, I like that one too and that's a good choice. I also saw a twill moto jacket on Carylee that I would have included on my list. And btw, I agree with Mrs. C above. If I had your arms, I'd wear sleeveless shirts every day.

    1. Thank you Cynthia and it was so fun working with you and getting a peek into your shopping habits. And yes, I have the same twill jacket as Carylee (er..in all 3 colors!) and it is a GREAT piece. I definitely recommend it. Skye loves it too. :)

  10. Where have you been!!!????? :) I missed talking to you and reading your posts! This post kinda stumped me....I got the 20s, but the other could have been either. Take care... and looking forward to hearing from you...you always say something to make me laugh :)

  11. This was such a fun post! I could add any of these pieces into my shopping cart, haha! I am trying my best to hold off on shopping for awhile. We are going on a weekend trip in April so I want to go shopping then and for everything else I feel like I should wait until Memorial Day sales. Everything I want is for spring and it is like negative 60 degrees here. (Okay, not really. But too cold for shorts and tank tops like I want to buy!) Hope you had a good weekend!!

  12. with the style choices i identified more with List # 1 (40s) -- but I had guessed that that list would be the 30s age group :)

    great post!

    Rhea, Et Cetera - stripes and polka dots

  13. Yeah, I definitely don't think I would have been able to pin down the age group without knowing the answers first! I love the creative themes you come up with to view Express in different lenses!
    And that dress looks so great on you! If I see that in person, I'm trying it out!
    I also love that Express keeps their successful items available through several seasons - like the sequin skirt. And actually, that reminds me that I need to style it for spring!
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  14. I failed at this lol! I didn't guess the age range correctly at all! But maybe that's a good thing? I think everyone should dress the way they want to, and not the way they are "supposed" to. Express is coming out with some lovely things! I want one of their dresses!

    1. I agree! I think my subliminal message was that age is just a number? Personal style, dressing for your body type etc. are way more important!

  15. Seriously loving the lists and finding new blogs to read!!
    xo, Lee

  16. Loving the outfits! I'm always thinking ' Damn I'm such a style noob '

  17. Thanks so much for including me in your post! Loved seeing what the other ladies picked out!
    xo Adri

  18. This was such a cool idea for a post! First of all, I can't believe Cynthia is in her 40s! She looks amazing. I actually liked her choices best which I would be a little worried about since I'm in my 20s- except she dresses so classic and elegant! Love it!


  19. All wonderful bloggers with wonderful pieces. The last skirt has been one that I've been wanting to purchase because the detailing is exceptional.


  20. This was such a fun post to read - it's so fun seeing what other people pick and try to match it up to their style. Thanks for including me :)

  21. Fun post! I really enjoyed seeing a different take on it. Love all the picks.


  22. These ladies all have serious style! I'm digging Adri's leather-look shorts, too. Killer!
    Love this post, babe!


  23. This was a great post. I love Express so I would have one of each (what the ladies chose). Adri & Cynthia have great styles. I would have to check out the other one's blog. If you ever want me to play along for this, I am game.

    As always a pleasure linking up with you & beautiful Carylee who is rocking that Aztec Sequined Mini.

    Happy Hump Day, Ada. =)

  24. Love this little game Gina- it was so much fun to see each bloggers list. I actually identified with some pieces from each board so age was not a factor for me at all! Truly enjoyed seeing the distinct style of each blogger and how their selections were true to their own styles. Loving all your lists lately- this was a great idea too! XOXO, Elif

  25. hehe guess I'm aging faster than I thought - I definitely love most of the items in the 30's wishlist! That printed top, number 4, is my stand-out out of all the items! :)

    Away From Blue

  26. I was definitely stumped, couldn't tell at all... interesting little experiment you had going on here.


  27. I love this post, Gina. And thanks for the shout out again :-) I think Express does well catering to all age groups. That's why I couldn't match the right age to the selections. I wish I could try the sequin mini skirt, but I thinks it's a bit too short for me. They had a midi sequin skirt and I almost ordered it but where would I wear it? (except for our yearly trip to Vegas -ha!)


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