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Style Snapshot: Mila Kunis

By now you all probably know I really enjoy celebrity-inspired posts, because it's fun for me to see and show how their everyday style is surprisingly within reach. Maybe the exact items they buy are outside the average budget, but the overall look is pretty easy to re-create, and Mila Kunis is no exception to this rule.

I browsed through a few of her casual looks to find one that I could re-create from my own closet and came up with one of her airport casual outfits:

Outfit Details: (Everything Express) Denim Jacket / White Jeans / Hoop Necklace / Link Bracelet / Flats (Similar) / Tee

If you have a little time or money to go shopping, she has some other easily-duplicated looks as well:
Mila Kunis inspired outfit via Express
Embellished Floral Print Tank / Wristlet  / Stella Ankle Zip Jean Legging  / Pointed Toe D'Orsay Flat
Mila Kunis maxi dress outfit via Express
Maxi Dress / Denim Jacket / Leopard Print Flip Flop / Satchel

Speaking of looks that are easy to re-create, when Mila's heading out for a coffee run, she is totally down -to-earth in sweatpants, no makeup, and maybe even Uggs. I kind of have to admire her "I don't give a $*%&# attitude" when she dresses like this.

But it might be because she knows that later on she can amaze us with her completely glam red carpet looks:

Those looks might be a little harder for the rest of us to achieve, but at least on a day-to-day basis she has a very approachable style:

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  1. I will always be a fan of Mila's red carpet & street styles.....she knows how to dress her petite frame so well!!!


  2. I love her maxi & floral tank looks! You're right, I do love that she will go out super casual too...nice to see that celebrity's are real people just like the rest of us!
    Kellie @

  3. Mila always has super adorable outfits, even if it's off screen! I love that vibrant green dress on her at the awards! Love it!

  4. Those are some great looks! And you are right, very easy to recreate. Thanks for sharing your findings!

  5. I love Mila, she seems like the type of girl I could be friends with and she never look overdone. I have to recreate that first look.

  6. I love her style. It is so effortless, and like you showed easy to recreate! She can go out in sweats and uggs because she is drop dead gorgeous. What a lucky lady! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!

  7. I love her style! She always looks so casual, but so cool! (Someday I'll be that cool...)

  8. Good choice on Mila! I also admire her I-don't-give-a-crap attitude and then her gorgeous red carpet looks. She seems like she's a real cool chick. I love that floral top look!

  9. I love Mila Kunis. She seems so down-to-earth. I especially like the maxi dress and denim jacket look. I really like your recreation of her denim jacket/white jeans look. Those jeans look awesome on you!


  10. I love that you featured her today! She's my celeb crush! Love her down to earth looks and her glam looks! She's so "normal" but can knock your socks off too! And she's a natural beauty! Sigh. Love her! And love the looks you replicated via express. So happy I got those white skinnies!!!

  11. love love mila kunis! i've actually never seen her in her "I don't give a $*%&# attitude" look and this makes me love her even more :)

    rhea @

  12. I am ready for my white jeans just waiting for my sprained foot to heal. ^_^ Awesome oufit!


  13. I'm going to have to put the first outfit together. I just love my white Mia's. Hope you are having a lovely day!!


  14. Mila is another celebrity I love! Her style is always a casual glam mix, and she's just so darn cute! My hubby loves her ;) Thanks for hosting Gina, I linked up again!

  15. I love Mila Kunis! I love her every day casual outfits. My favorite is the maxi dress with the denim jacket! One of my favorites to wear when its bit chiller in the Spring.

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  16. I was wearing a pair of white jeans today (they were new!) for brunch with some girlfriends and already after an hour I had green smear from pesto sauce I had.. bummer! The down side of white jeans unfortunately ;)

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  17. i do love Mila Kunis' style. And it's totally within reach to recreate. I didn't realize you host a blog hop - i'm linked up!

  18. Mila is just so freakin cute! I love the maxi dress's hard to find a shrunken denim jacket to wear with maxis - most of the ones I've tried don't stay open so you can't really see the top of the maxi dress :-( Will have to give the express jacket a try! Good work polyvoring the jacket on top the maxi dress - you've got skillz ;-)

    1. I love that jacket- it has a lot of stretch despite being fitted so I definitely suggest trying it. And thanks for the polyvore compliments but OY! They don't make it easy! Do you like the reverse ombre I had to give the model for the maxi + jacket? LOL. Oh well.

  19. Great finds!! I always love seeing celeb items for less - it's so fun to steal some of their style and Mila looks pretty good...most of the time, lol.


  20. Mila's style is amazing- that watercolor black + red gown she wore on the red carpet a few years back is still one of my favorite dresses to date. SO gorgeous.


  21. What a simple classic look! I'll definitely be pinning yours for inspiration!
    Visiting from the style sessions link up :)
    Exploring My Style

  22. Mila Kunis is so great- she even makes sweatpants look good! Impressive!


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