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Sometimes I wonder why I even go to Pinterest anymore to figure out what goes with ____ since 9 times out of 10 the answer is the same: a white shirt. It's like playing Jeopardy where you already know the answer but you have to come up with the question.


White Shirts for $400, Alex:

Question: What goes with a pink scarf?

White Shirts for $600:
Question: What goes with faux leather leggings?

White Shirts for $800:
Question: What does Olivia Palermo's go-to outfit include?

White Shirts for $1000:
Sources: One / Two / Three

Question: What goes with leopard sandals?

The $1000 question was the catalyst for this post. Carylee recently convinced Skye and me (and a few other people from what I hear....) to get these leopard sandals. After browsing Pinterest for some ideas on how to wear them, the easiest pairing seemed to be a white shirt (as shown above), so that's the route I took:

Express: Voile Tunic / Red Stella Jean Leggings (Very Similar but $185, boo)  /PavĂ© Chevron Necklace
Other: Leopard Sandals (Size note: My shoes are 50/50 size 7 or 7.5.  I went with 7.5 in these and they fit perfectly.)

The sandals were already an easy sell based on looks alone, but I think we'll all agree that they are totally comfortable and easy to walk in. We collaborated to post our outfits with them today, so here are our three options for styling leopard sandals, two of which do not involve taking the easy way out:
L-R: On the Daily Express/ Shopaholic SAHM / More Pieces of Me

I'm starting to believe you can never have too many white shirt options since they go with everything, and I've been browsing around some of the current options at Express:
White Shirts Express
Top: One / Two / Three / Four

Middle: One / Two / Three / Four

BottomOne / Two / Three / Four

Let me know if you share the same "never too many" philosophy when it comes to white shirts and thanks for reading today!

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  1. You definitely can't have enough white shirts! A closet necessity, especially on those rushed days where you can just grab one and know it'll go with whatever else your wearing! I am adoring those leopard sandals! May have to check them out!!

    Hope you had a nice weekend!

    xo, Erica

  2. I have that long sleeve lace top and I love it. Didn't know they come out with the tank version. Hmmm..I need to check that out =) Have a wonderful week, Gina!

  3. I love that you always remind me that my wardrobe lacks basics. I just bought the white portofino but other than a couple other button ups, I don't have much white! Clearly I need to change this! Decisions. Decisions.

  4. I have the white portofino and the gap classic boyfriend shirt, I love white shirts as you can see I'm sure on my blog lol.

  5. Oh I'm big on having multiple white tops in every style. I can't get enough and it seems like I never have enough. When out shopping, when I see a white top that I know will last for seasons, it is mine, no questions. Thanks for adding me to your wedge gang.


  6. I'm really loving the white portofino look right now. Probably an investment I'll be making soon! Swooning over those leopard sandals!!!
    Kellie @

  7. Yes I know that.....white is the best basic but I cant seem to find the right one. I really need to go hunting again soon....thanks for the reminder!!!


  8. I bought a pair of scuba leggings along with the boyfriend jeans while I was at Express and I made a mental note to myself to try on the leggings with a long white shirt. You just can't go wrong with a crisp white shirt. I just wish I had the ridiculously long legs on that model wearing the faux leather leggings. They're literally a mile long!

  9. White shirts and blouse are so wadrboe staples, but seriously why should I pay over 100$ if I can get it for less? Hahaha, love the selection you made dear :-)

    Have a great day :-)


  10. I want to join the sandal club!! I hate ordering shoes online because my size changes constantly I feel like. Case in point, my Tory Burch ballet flats are a 5.5 and I just bought a pair of Jack Rogers and had to order a 7. WHAT!? How does that make any sense at all? And also, I totally agree that more that white shirt in a wardrobe is necessary. I never thought I needed to purchase more because I "already have one" but just like you I've been on Pinterest too much and have convinced myself that many are a necessity!

  11. I think a black tee is like a joker, a wild card and can be used in replacement of a..... white tee!!!
    Easy way out or not, they all look amazing


  12. White shorts are a necessity and you always need about 3 or 4 of them. :-) You look is cute and I don't think it was an easy way out.


  13. The white shirt is so important! It's like an LBD :) I couldn't live without them! Also, those sandals that you girls are sporting are so darling! I love them.

  14. So funny! I love Jeopardy and you are SO right about the white shirt! It was my go to yesterday when I styled my Ponte leather leggings - a white shirt. However I do like to mix things up and wear different colors.
    xo, Lee

  15. I love the way you styled these! The burgundy really goes with the leopard pattern, you look so trendy and chic.

    Check out my blog for a huge $500 giveaway!

  16. I just bought the voile tunic in the cobalt color. I wore it in Vegas the day after I got it. I love it!!! I accidentally bought a Portofino in the same color but I am going to exchange it tonight. I don't know how one accidentally buys anything but this is what happens when one has a husband rushing you! I think I may get a sleeveless Portofino instead or I may have to get the white voile blouse. You know I like a good white shirt.

  17. Love a good white shirt- so crisp and perfect for spring + summer.

    Digging the leopard sandals- they look great on all of you! :)


  18. I worked with a designer in Montreal a few years ago and he said "When in doubt choose a white shirt"
    I think that it is essential!! for men also

    Land of Lamz

  19. so true -- white tops work with everything! loving your new sandals, they're adorable.


  20. A white basic tee can become so many things… Great post! xo

  21. I agree with you! There are endless possibilities with a white shirt, I mean one cannot go wrong. This spring white is huge and I need to purchase more white.


  22. White shirts sure are classic!

  23. $1000 for a while shirt? That's so expensive.

    I should get some white shirts myself, I hardly own any tops so white would be a great place to start, I guess.

    Corinne x

  24. I'm a sucker for white shirts - you can never have too many in my closet is an embarrassing ode to white shirts LOL!

    Especially adore the Express lace shirt you posted in the bottom row.


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