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Some weeks I wonder what I'm going to write about on Friday because no one seems to be wearing Express stuff, and other weeks I don't know how I'm going to fit it all into one post.  Today it's the latter. Express was ERRRWHERE. On the blogs, on the news, in the mags. So if you are wondering what to get with your Express coupons or want some ideas just because shopping is your hobby, you've come to the right place.

First, let's talk about who's wearing what on blogs. I hope you don't mind the collage format I've been trying lately because it makes it easier for me to fit a lot of information into a reasonable length post. If you don't like it...uh...please submit your application for the unofficial, unpaid internship position and we can discuss alternatives.
March 21 Express Features

Click the product name below to go straight to the details or the blog name to see it styled on a blogger:

1. Striped Shorts on The Shopaholic SAHM
2. Stud and Sequin Miniaudiere  on VivaLuxury
3. Soft Bomber Jacket in Mink, also on VivaLuxury
4. Reversible Floral Cami on Everyday Fancy
5. Linked Mixed Metal Chevron Necklace on More Pieces of Me
6. Leopard Portofino on More Pieces of Me
7. Cropped Crocheted Fancy Tee  on Sydne Style
8. Contrast Piping Portofino on The Shopaholic SAHM
9. Scuba Leggings on My Rose Colored Shades 
10. High Rise Cutoff Denim shorts on  Haute Pink Pretty
11. Striped Stretch Knit Midi Skirt on More Pieces of Me

I see people wearing Express items all the time when I'm out and about and I'd love to feature them here, but I'm sure it would be creepy if I asked to take their picture. But when they're on TV I think it's fair game. So once again, I present a local news person wearing something from Express, and this time it was the Mixed Shape Stone Necklace shown below.

This month's People Style Watch and In Style magazines both featured a lot of great pieces from Express. The images below are from the April issue of In Style. On the left is the Soft Bomber Jacket in Soft Ivory (available here), and on the right is the Large Status Link Toggle Bracelet (get it here).

The jacket also comes in quite a few other colors like coral, mint, black, and licorice (click here for all color and print options) and has excellent reviews online.

The April issue of People Style Watch has a full page spread of Express products, along with a special 20% off code if you bring the magazine page in store. (Only valid on full-priced items and cannot be combined with other offers.) Some of the items are already online, some are not, so I gave the breakdown below.

Left column:
Floral Double Layer Cami  (top left) / Short Layered Chevron Necklace / Handbag (not online)

Baroque Lace TeeReversible Cami / Floral Cropped Top / Floral Midi Skirt (Sold Out)

Ankle Strap Sandals / Dress (not online) / Gold PavĂ© Wave Ring / Coral Heeled Sandals (not online)

The Reversible Cami was quite a thing this week. It was on two blogs (Viva Luxury plus two different versions on Everyday Fancy) as well as in People Style Watch. Obviously that triggers my "everyone has this and you need it!" alarm, so I had to try it in person. I tried on white, although it comes in a huge range of prints and colors (all available here). It's 100% Polyester and the fabric feels like a Portofino shirt, although since it's reversible it's a double layer, so even the white version is not sheer. It has no stretch whatsoever, and that affects the fit in my opinion.

In the image on the left I'm wearing an XS. It was a little tough to get this one on and off, and a bit snug through the bust (which was a frequent note of other reviewers). On the right I'm wearing a Small, which was much easier to get on and off, and I like the length and flow. But if I bend over slightly, it falls ALL the way open. Plus, it doesn't stay situated the way it looks in the photo if I move. The V falls a lot lower. So. Dilemma. (It's not just a song by Nelly.) I took home the XS, but after reviewing these photos I am reconsidering and may exchange. TBD, but I can see why people are getting this top in multiple colors!

Thanks for reading today and have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm thinking I may need to get lots of colors for this Summer on that reversible tank. AND I really wish I could do suba leggings or leggings in general. I'm too self conscious about my CLL. I tried on the leopard portofino (on post for Monday) but passed. It just doesn't look like it does on Carylee. Bummed. Anywhoooo, thanks for the mention lovey dovey! Have a lovely weekend!!


    1. Now you know that is supposed to read "SCCCCCUBA"

    2. I DREAM of the day they allow us to edit our comments! Ughh. I knew what you meant though! Well, you won't be wishing for leggings too much longer as the weather heats up! I wore mine on a day when it crept up to 76ish and was like...uh oh....Ross moment forthcoming...

  2. I tried on that reversible tank this week! I couldn't seem to get a good fit, but I like the XS on you. Even though it didn't work for me, I have to give Express a HUGE high five simply because the white wasn't sheer! It's a miracle! Now why can't every other brand follow their lead?

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Right?! Seems like 90% of all tops are sheer these days. I don't want to have to get a cami to wear under my cami, thankyouverymuch.

  3. I tried on the reversible tank a couple weeks ago and was disappointed in the fit. I had the same problem you had!! I loved those striped shorts you featured. My store didnt have those the last time I was there. I hope they get them soon, they look so cute!!
    Have a good weekend!

  4. So happy I'm on a shopping ban because there's no way I could resist Express right now I want the new portofinos so badly. Have a great weekend Gina xoxo

  5. Hmm, I think you should stick with the XS reversible tank (as long as you can get it on and off). I think the size small will drive you nuts if it doesn't stay in place.

    The Tiny Heart
    $520 Giveaway!

    1. Yeah, you are probably right. I hate when I have to fidget or fuss with my clothes. I am going to try it on again at home before I decide what to do with it. I can get it on and off, but it requires some yoga work...not my favorite.

  6. Shoot. I need to try that tank on! Looks like the perfect summer portofino alternative! And since I have little ta-tas, maybe it will fit better? But I do have a brought chest/shoulders. Hmmmm. Maybe I will go after work today!
    Thanks for the double shout out! I always love your Express reconnaissance. It's one thing to notice other bloggers, but to catch it in print and on TV is just pure skillz!

    1. Why thank you. I feel like it's a sickness but I like how you labeled it pure skillz. :) I'll take it.

  7. I need to stop in and try some new items. My wardrobe can use more color and prints, especially floral ones. That second clutch is perfect. The detailing is unreal, and I've been in search of one for a while now.


  8. Wow, youre right express is all over over! Love the leather pants:)
    Aesthetic Lounge

  9. I love all things black and white and love the orange ankle strap shoes. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I can't wait to go to Express soon, my list is even bigger after this post ;-) I saw that feature in the magazine and just love the orange bag, very designer chic!

    Have a great weekend Gina :)

  11. Too funny because I was thinking of how exciting you would be spotting Express all over Stylewatch, when I was reading my copy of the mag. last week and here you have a whole post about it- too cute! From your list in the beginning I like 2,4,9,11; all great pieces. From the People Style Watch I am in <3 with the print of the crop top and midi skirt and I don't really do crops. The print is so bright, and happy it draws me in. XOXO, Elif

  12. Cheap fashions means even extra savings for me at the thrift shops. Wow. Thanks for being at Fashion item Friday and that you'll return once again and have even more fun this week! I'm excited for this one, this week. ♥

  13. Ugh those black and white striped shorts and that embellished clutch have my name written all over them! Great picks! ^ I agree with everyone else, I would stick with the xs cami. I have tops that I have to fix all day long and it drives me insane! The xs looks great on you!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  14. Yeah...can I get one of those unpaid interns too? When a "helpful" friend or family member says something like "why don't you retake those pictures and change this one thing..." I just look at them like they are crazy...do you know how much effort it took to take these!?!?! Firstly, I don't just roll out of bed looking like this and secondly these DSLR cameras are essentially magic 8 balls...i could never duplicate them. Additionally, if we had an intern we could make them take creepy, stalker photos of people on the street that we like...something to think about.... (Love the B&W stripe shorts and skirt! :) )

  15. I know this post is a couple years old but I had to comment - it sounds creepy to take pictures of people wearing Express that you randomly see in public but it would be pretty cool! Like the fashion version of Humans of New York.

    1. Ha, Snapchat is good for that sort of thing. :) I have posted "Express sightings" on there once or twice. I just try to maintain the person's privacy and not make it anything I would be embarrassed to have posted (even anonymously) about me.


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