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There was a lot going on this week as Express was preparing to put on a live fashion show in Miami on Thursday. They were busy promoting it on social media and generous with the swag for Miami bloggers who were invited to the show.  While all of those things are entertaining to me, I still have a strong personal preference to read and write about real life fashion. I like seeing what people wear in their day-to-day lives and how they spend their own money. So that's what I deliberately try to emphasize on in this blog. Plus, I figure if my readers want up-to-the-minute details on what Express is doing, they're already following along on the official social media outlets.

That said, I still find it helpful to see things styled in something other than a stock photograph before buying, so I share around-the-web product sightings for those who feel the same. And nearly every week I see something new and interesting that I didn't even know Express carried, so here are some of this week's finds in no particular order:

March 14 Express Features

1. Convertible Sleeve Portofino in Shocking Blue - see it on PinkSole

2. Sleeveless Portofino in Peony - see it on It's Mostly About Fashion and Erika Thomas

3. Embroidered Lace Tee - see it on Erika Thomas

4. Woven Stripe A Line Skirt - Sydne Style - see it on Sydne Style

5. Blue Leopard Infinity Scarf - see it on More Pieces of Me

6. Sequin Embellished Blanket Skirt - see it on Sprinkles & Sequins

7. High Waist Floral Midi Pencil Skirt - see it on Kelly's Kloset

8. Striped Cover Up - see it on The Shopaholic Stay at Home Mom

9. White Midi Pencil Skirt - see it on Electric Blogararella


Two of my long-time favorites (over year is a long time to be a favorite in my closet!) are back in stock and worth a mention. First is the Seamed Twill Cuff Sleeve Moto Jacket in Foliage. This color has been out of stock for awhile and I found out this week from Skye that they brought it back in time for spring. The weight, roll sleeves, and color make it really versatile and practical for fluctuating spring temperatures.

Details: Left: Shopaholic SAHM / Center: Original Post / Right: Shopaholic SAHM

My Outfit Details (Center):
Jacket / Chevron Necklace / Scuba Leggings / Tunic Cami / Peep Toe Booties (Similar)

The second favorite that's been out of stock online since about October is the Leopard Infinity Scarf
in Leopard. (Not to be confused with the Gray, Blue, and Red aka Pink/Coral options of leopard.)

Details: More Pieces of Me / Center: Original Post / Right: Source

My Outfit Details (Center):
Cotton Anorak Jacket / Leopard Infinity Scarf / Sexy Stretch Leggings / Link Bracelet.


In Wednesday's Post (here) I talked about ordering this bra to deal with the VBS (that's Visible Bra Straps) issue for Love Express tanks.

The good news: It solved the problem. See the before pic on the left with a regular racerback bra, middle is this bra I bought, right is how the gray Love Express tank looks with the new bra.  (Also, reviewers said the bra ran a size small in the band and that was correct for me.)

The bad news: After a second wearing of the white tank I have to say it's not holding up well. It stretches a lot with wear and I can't see it holding it's shape after a few washes. So I'm going to return the colors I haven't worn go back on the hunt for a relaxed, casual tank. If you have a favorite I'd love to hear it!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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  1. oooh, I'm loving number 3 & 7 & the way they styled them!! I guess I already have a lace top very similiar so I shouldn't be oogling over that one as much as I am, but i really love the floral & strip combo! Great idea to search for how people really wear an item before buying online!! Thanks for the bra update, glad to see it really works with those racer back tops...may need to invest in one!!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  2. These are all awesome! Love the bra straps for the racer back - genius!
    Tamar - Renae's co-host for the day (-:

  3. I loved what you said in that first paragraph, it was fun to go to the show because as a blogger I guess going to events is part of the job, but I much prefer to see how real people actually wear their clothes. You know last night as I was there, I did think of you knowing you're such an Express fan. They have this mesh jacket that I cannot wait to see in stores it is high on my wish list. Funny enough I was more into the menswear they have the coolest jackets.

  4. Kinda jealous Rachelle got to be there!
    And I totally agree that real life is the best!
    I loved the way Tracy styled the pink sleeveless portofino! I always buy sleeveless shirts and then regret it because it doesn't look flattering on me, but it looked amazing on her and it makes me want to give them another try!
    That's boo about the bra. In the security line today there was a lady in front of me wearing a tank similar to the love tank. It could have been the exact one actually! She layered hers over I think a sports bra and just a regular ole ribbed tank. To be honest, the layered look worked! And clearly this was a sign that I need to try the tanks!!

    1. Ok so somehow even tho you said white "tank" and the word "tank" a GILLION times in thag paragraph, my brain autocorrected it to bra. I was reading it as if you bought the bra in multiple colors but it stretched out yada yada. Well boo. That's dumb about the tank but glad your research saved us a step! But still boo!

  5. You know that every time I come to your blog, I add to my shopping list! I want that jacket. Not that I already have 3 new jackets that I can't even really wear in Florida. I really need to stop now that I had that little spree in Vegas. Good to know about the tank top.

  6. Bummer that the tanks didn't work! I've never bought theirs so I don't know how they fit :(. I have other basics from Express that I love, like their vnecks! I have other tanks from Aerie that I like, but I don't know if they are what you are looking for. Good luck! Let us know if you find something you like!!

  7. Too bad about the Express tanks but I've noticed that with their striped ones from LS. I saw that Target has an oversized, flowy bella-like tank. Start there. Hey and thanks for featuring me. The jacket is a great go-to for me.


    1. You're welcome...and I will look around at Target. They usually have good basics like that.

  8. I love 4 and 7. I love to see what people wear on a day to day basic too!

    Corinne x

  9. nice blog and great post! I really like those pictures! I think I will be here more often! :)

    Don't forget to stop by and say hello!

  10. I have the same issue with the Love Express tanks. I really like how they look new, but they lose a lot of shape when washed. I am looking for a tank top with the same cut but without cotton. I seem to have better luck with synthetic tanks keeping their shape over time.

    1. Keep me posted if you find something good! I'm so annoyed to have to start searching again.

  11. Ah I love that lace embroidered tee. I bought it last spring, but it just didn't fit me right. Such a bummer because it's so cute!


    1. SAME thing happened to me, Kaitlin. I have tried it on several times in various colors thinking maybe it will be different in white vs. cream vs. black. But not. It's just not meant for my body type.

  12. hi! Thanks for joining with our "Fashion item Friday"! You are super fun and your blog reads like a fashion magazine if I ever saw one. lol (hug)

    1. Aw, thank you so much Renae! What a nice compliment. :) It means a lot!

  13. oooh that blue leopard print scarf in number 5 is beautiful. Looks really similar to the brown leopard print one you have, both are so pretty! :)

    Away From Blue

  14. Another great post on all fun things Express. ( I always wonder have they reached out to you; because they most definitely should!!! You are such a great fan and you made someone like me step foot into their store after many many years :) ) <3<3 From your list I LOVE 3, 4,6,and 9. I actually love 3 so much that I purchased it in the said recent trip there among some other pretties. I am loving that bra as well! As someone who wear a ton of racerback tanks in summer I NEED that bra! Such a shame the tank did not hold up. I usually buy a lot of tanks from BR or J. Crew and they have hold pretty well so far. Enjoyed this post so much as always! XOXO, Elif

  15. ummm... I totally have to go now and buy that moto jacket!!! I love it.


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