Clearance Favorites 3/28/14

I don't know about you but I'm honestly not a fan of the bins that Express puts up at the store entrance during their clearance sales. Sorting through them makes me feel like I'm at a garage sale. And there's nothing wrong with shopping at a garage sale, it just isn't the experience I expect when I'm paying mall prices!

Browsing the online clearance is a lot more pleasant for me, so this week I sorted through the virtual bin to see if there were any good bargains, and I found quite a few favorite pieces that I own or tried on and some favorites of my blogging friends as well. The prices aren't quite "everything you can fit in a bag for $5" garage sale cheap, but there are still some excellent bargains!

Railroad Stripe Ankle Jean Legging: (Original posts here and here)
Railroad Stripe Ankle Jean Legging shown with: Portofino Convertible Sleeve Shirt in White /
 Faceted Stone Necklace (shortened by me) /  PavĂ© Toggle Bracelet

Perforated (Minus the) Leather Bomber: (Original post here)
Bomber Jacket shown with Stella Destroyed Jean Legging / Belt / Old Navy T-Shirt / Converse / Fossil Watch

Sleeeveless Textured Zip Front Dress: (Original post here, I recommend sizing up. Carylee also tried this on here and came to the same conclusion on fit.)
Dress shown with Express booties, similar here and here

Zip Back Drop Waist Dress: (Original post here)

Bateau Neck Zip Shoulder Tee (Fluro Guava):  I have only shown the black version of this (which is no longer available) but I love them for spring. They're thick (not sheer at all, which seems rare for t-shirts lately), stretchy, nice 3/4 length sleeve, shirttail hem, and hold their shape well through wash and wear.
Tee shown with Express Leopard Belt (currently 40% off)

Bateau Neck Zip Shoulder Tee (Cerulean): Same as above, different color option.
Tee shown with: Stella Extreme Stretch Jean Leggings / Graduated Spike Necklace

EXP Core Compression Crop: Original post here. I found the size chart to be accurate for these pants and I had some reader feedback saying the same as well. They've also held up really well for me in the 5 months I've had them with regular wash and wear.

Embroidered Lace Tee: I've featured this piece on quite a few bloggers in the past and have always loved the look. I didn't end up getting it because it doesn't stretch much so it was hard for me to get on and off and the fit just didn't feel right, but if you're one of the lucky ones that it fits it's marked down to $14 now!

Striped Cover Up: Shown here on Shopaholic SAHM:

Bateau Neck Sheer Stripe Sweater : Shown on My Superficial Endeavors (Her skirt is from Ann Taylor, but Express has an almost identical one also on clearance HERE)

Polka Dot Jean Legging shown on  Patti Cake & More Pieces of Me.

Mixed Shape Stone Necklace: (shown on my local news):

Rhinestone Studded Cuff shown on More Pieces of Me:

On the flip side of clearance, Express has some kind of system glitch that shows inflated prices when something is sold out and it always makes me laugh. For instance this jacket shows up as $12,800. Maybe this is why people say Express prices have really gone up lately!

I hope you enjoyed rummaging through the virtual clearance bin with me and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love that you've done this for us, because like you, I find myself avoiding those clearance bins (at every Mall store). There's some really good items here that are tempting!!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  2. I totally agree. The bin digging is not the kind of fun stress free experience I look for in online shopping. Also half the reason I am not a thrifter. I don't have energy to dig!
    These are great clearance items! I need the railroad stripe skinnies next!!!

    1. Yes!! You do! :) I love them so much. :)

  3. I actually have found some great stuff in those clearance bins but it is a pain to dig through them! That $12,000 jacket is cracking me up!

    The Tiny Heart
    Cash Giveaway!

  4. I wasn't going to buy anything from the sale but now that I know their workout gear is on sale... I am going to have to reconsider! When I worked at Express I hated these sales. The floorsets took forever because everything had to be retagged and the story never looked clean! haha

    1. I always love your insider scoop Darcy! And yes, such a great price for the workout pants. You will love them!

  5. OMG I am loving you right now. I know what you mean about the boxes and I hate that. I shouldn't have to rummage at the Mall. You posted some great pics.
    xo, Lee

  6. Those bins are a mess, and they don't always have everything that is available online, I just wished they had free shipping at $50 or $75, something like that


    1. Honestly, that's probably my #1 wish for Express! Lower the free shipping limit....ugh. Don't they realize it would just make me buy more? LOL.

  7. loving this post! the striped dress and polka dot jeans are my favorite.


  8. Oh I hate to dig through bins. Hate it. My favorite thrift shop never ever has bins. I have been to some clearance sales at various places and when I see bins I turn and run. Thanks for joining again with Fashion item Friday, I soooooooo appreciate it.

    1. Glad I'm not alone in my bin-hate! And you're welcome- thank for hosting the linkup!

  9. I'm so happy you posted on these items! I have been coveting those compression pants and almost bought them with my birthday gift card! However, I'm so glad I waited bc now they are half off, woo! But I never would've known had you not posted about them! Thanks girlie! & when I logged into my express account they were still sitting in my shopping cart-haha. Also thanks for including me in your post! #honored ; )

    1. TOO FUNNY that they are already in your shopping cart. Get them before they sell out. I seriously love mine!

  10. I love all of these looks!!


  11. Great picks! c:
    I love the shade of that deep royal blue.
    I also love the white lace top.


  12. I feel the same way about Victoria's Secret sales. I used to not mind so much going through the bins, but for some reason nowadays, it just feels like a time waster.


  13. Sorry for the delay, life is happening over here. Miss you guys. I'll be back up and running next week. I also bought those two shirts just now. Thanks for linking to them. Actually I bought the turquoise and Chelsea. I love the way they look on you and I didn't even know they existed so thanks!!!!!

    Chat soon

  14. Yep! I prefer the online sales as well. Never cared much for the bins. Mostly because I'd find something I wanted that I thought was in my size and it wasn't so I'd have to go digging through another bin....not a fan. Fantastic looks as always. Have a great weekend! xo

  15. Haha! That's funny about the prices! Love the bomber jacket and lace top.

  16. I can honestly say I never shop the items when they hit the bins, so not fun. Online clearance is the best, thanks for sharing so many cute things, the striped dress is so adorable! Too funny about the glitch, love things like that. Have a great weekend :)


  17. My favourite is the stripe dress. I would love to wear that.

  18. Love this post

    Want to follow eachother on blogger and blogovin?

  19. I'm like you...I never wind up buying from the junk bins...everything just has an air of unpleasantness. We are all so grateful for the internet, so now we can virtually shop the junk bins from the comfort of our homes :). I just bought a striped dress like the one you have from gap and can't wait to wear it! Did you wind up buying anything? Awesome abs...BTW!!! (I'm laying out the couch right now eating yogurt and thinking that I need to get back in the gym...lol)

  20. Oh those polka dot jeans are too cute! :)

    I much prefer browsing online at sale time - more choice and it's easier than hunting through sales racks I find. tricky when you can't try things on though.

    Away From Blue

  21. Love Express, hate those bins! All sizes usually get mixed up together, making it even harder to find something. I've given up even attempting to look. Love that stripe dress though! I just bought one very similar!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled


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