Wishlist Wednesday

Let's just admit it. When you're at the grocery store and the person in front of you is laying all their stuff on the conveyor belt, you can't help but notice what they're getting. It's a fascinating peek into their life, and sometimes it gives you ideas for new things to try. So here I am again, admitting to being nosy and peeking into some other bloggers virtual shopping carts. Except I'm peeking into their Express shopping cart, not their groceries.

I've done this feature a couple of times in the past (here and here) and both times I featured bloggers who already shop at Express. This time I went for the challenge. I asked two bloggers who don't wear a lot of Express items to browse around and see if they could find a couple of items of interest. Sure enough, they had no trouble picking out some great pieces, which just supports the entire premise of my blog: if you aren't shopping at Express, you're missing out!

Sharon of The Tiny Heart:

First up for my shopping challenge is Sharon of The Tiny Heart. When this 4'10" lady says she says she's petite, she is talking Olympic gymnast size, not Slightly Shorter than Average Fashion Blogger. While I'm sure alterations are a regular part of her life, I think there are plenty of clothes at Express she could wear off the rack, not to mention scarves and accessories, which play a big part in completing her looks.

When I asked her for a wishlist at Express, here are the pieces that Sharon selected:

Sharon's Wishlist

1. Pleated Keyhole Fit & Flare Dress  2. Printed Sequin Embellished Blanket Skirt
3. Neon Studded Slub Knit Sweater 4. Flipped Heart Convertible Sleeve Portofino Shirt
5. Sleeveless Textured Front Zipper Dress

Shopping Notes:  My fit notes for the textured zip front dress are located hereand you can also view it on bloggers Hi, Sugarplum and Clothes Horse NYC.  The Flipped Heart Convertible Sleeve Portofino Shirt is just too perfect considering her blog name. Plus with that Hallmark Heart Holiday right around the corner, it's right in season. For a great outfit option for this shirt you can also check out this post by More Pieces of Me.

Kellie of ie-style:

Kellie of ie-style was basically my archrival from January 19 (the last day of NFL playoffs) until our favorite teams played against each other in the Super Bowl on February 2. Now that we've settled that score (43-8),  we've quickly moved our blogging friendship to a better place. How can you dislike anyone as friendly as she is and who puts together as many great looks as she does?

Here are some of Kellie's current favorites at Express:

Kellie's Wishlist

1. Houndstooth Columnist Ankle Pant 2. Crochet Trim Tee 3. Mixed Stone and Boxed Chain Necklace 4. Metallic Color Block Hardware Handle Hobo Bag 5. Wide Ankle Strap Heeled Runway Sandal 6. Printed Sequin Embellished Blanket Skirt 7. Stella Destroyed Skinny Leg Jean

Shopping Notes: First of all, no point in buying the Hobo Bag since there's a reviewer offering it for free. She wrote, "Seriously this one is so ugly I'm giving it away to anyone who wants it." I'm surprised Express actually published this review, but it was balanced out by the other two reviewers who said it was "cute" and "perfect." For a detailed review with photos on the Crochet Trim Tee you can check out this post by My Superficial Endeavors. And the Stella Destroyed Skinny Leg Jean looks nearly identical to the Stella Destroyed Jean Leggings that I wear all the time:

Outfit Details:
Left: Sweater Option under $25Option under $35 Jeans Bracelet, NecklaceBooties
Middle: Jacket, TeeJeans, Peep Toe Booties Option, Scarf Option
Right: Bomber Jacket JeansBelt, T-ShirtConverseWatch, Necklace

Several reviewers commented that the the Stella Destroyed Skinny Leg Jean have a great, flattering fit ("the sexiest skinny jeans I've ever owned!"), but that they are more of a straight leg than a Skinny Leg, which is definitely something worth noting if you buy online without trying on.

I loved seeing that both girls chose the Printed Sequin Embellished Blanket Skirt, and I think this one would be so cute styled like any of these outfits:
Sources: One, Two, Three, Four

I hope you enjoyed this little look into some blogger wishlists today! And once again, everything is 40%  sale at Express right now through Monday so the prices are very tempting!

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  1. I agree! So fun to see what other people are getting! Especially bc of the 40% sale. As of right now, I've only just bought your chevron necklace. Finally!!

  2. When I checked my email this morning I immediately thought of my $25 off of $75 Express Cash. I've been eyeing some footwear and a purse. I'm thinking I want to try out those jeans too!


    1. well shucks the $25 off $75 can't be combined BUT I have a $30 off Express reward, so I guess I'll be shopping!!

  3. Ooo...I'm seriously considering biting the bullet & getting the Stella Destroyed Skinnies! At 40% off, it's hard to resist. I'm glad you pointed out that the jean vs the legging are very similar. You mentioned that the reviews for the "jean" say its more of a straight leg, would you say the same of the "legging" version? I already have some straight jeans, & would be more interested in a true "skinny" fit. Oh, also I should ask the Express Expert (you) how their sizes run...pretty true, big, small...??

    Once again, thank you for inviting me to participate in this feature! Totally opened my eyes to what Express offers! Now I can add another store to my rotation that I "assumed" was otherwise outside of my style personality! :-)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  4. HAHAH oh my gosh that review for that bag seriously made me laugh. Why wouldn't the person just return it!? People do strange things sometimes! Just got an email for 40% everything and I plan on making my way to the mall this weekend! I'm trying not to spend as much shopping for the next few months, but gosh there are just so many things I want! Guess we'll just see what is still in store when I get there!

  5. The Stella Destroyed Jeans are on my list now, love the Express selection, especially on a bargain!
    Do visit my blog & if you like, follow me on GFC, Bloglovin & Twitter, leave a comment & I'll surely follow back! Have a lovely day!

    Feisty Fox Diaries

  6. I love the skirt in the first two wishlists - this is a great post idea =)

    Corinne x

  7. What a great post! Those little skirts are so cute. I really love them paired with black tights under them.

  8. What a great idea for a post! I ordered some Express jeans (finally!). They are supposed to get here on Saturday. I probably should have tried them on in-store but the last few times I've been in there, the lines were way too long for the dressing rooms.

  9. I love that blanket skirt and how it's been paired with oversized sweaters and tees! I guess I'm also going to have to try on those destroyed skinny jeans by Express, since you've been talking about them for the past month and everybody loves them. Now they are imprinted in my mind, although I'm not sure my tush will fit in them, but we'll see. :)

  10. Great post..thanks for the feature on the bloggers. Very informative.

  11. This is such a great post. And, I can admit I peek at other peoples groceries as well :)
    the way to my Hart

  12. I can see why they both chose the sequin mini skirt, it's very cute :)

    Away From Blue

  13. Haha I also nose around like that Gina....I admit it's so fun though stalker-ish but what the heck. I'm currently loving those embellished little skirts you got here. BTW, pls. let me know what you think of my VDay look now all-new at the blog! Have a great VDay Gina!!!!


  14. Seeing what other people buy is always interesting :) This was a great idea for the post! Loving that sequin mini!

    Clothes & Quotes

  15. I love this blogger wishlist post! The skirts are so cute!


  16. Those sequin skirts are really cute!

  17. I always take a peek at what the girls in front of me are purchasing, too- can't help it! :)


  18. Great post. Love the fashion ideas.



  19. What a neat idea for a post!! And I love that patterned skirt - so cute!

  20. Lovely post! I want a glittery mini skirt too!! :)

    Lu ♥
    Giveaway Time http://bit.ly/1dNXAYE

  21. Such a fun post idea!! Now I'm inspired to do a little wishlist shopping at Express myself.


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