The Story of My Life

It sucks a little bit that what was once a regular saying can now be considered a One Direction song quote. I'm too old to be quoting One Direction. I should be quoting Nirvana or Sir Mixalot. But when it comes to clothes, re-creating outfits is pretty much the story of my life, no matter the source of the words.

Since my last Get Pin-Spired post (here) I have put together quite a few sincerely flattering (and that means imitation) outfits, so this is post is sort of a month in review for my regular readers, with a few new ones that never made the blog thrown in for good measure and entertainment value.

Outfit inspired by Pinterest:
Express: Twill Moto Jacket / Mixed Metal Necklace / Love Express Tank
Other: Pants: H&M, (Similar  Target Booties

Outfit inspired by More Pieces of Me. (My Pusher Love girl). Originally posted here:
chambray shirt, plaid scarf, leopard scarf, Express extreme stretch
Express: Extreme Stretch Jean Leggings / Plaid & Leopard Scarf
Other: J Crew Factory Chambray Shirt (She also made me get this.) / Target Booties

Outfit inspired by Pinterest, originally posted here:
Express: Glam Green Portofino  / Stella Jean Leggings (Current) /Leopard Scarf
Other: Boots: Target / Bracelet: Sage K & Co

This was also a big month for celebrity themed posts and duplicate outfits:

Outfit inspired by Bethenny Frankel - original post here:
Express ankle zip jean legging, bethenny frankel outfit copycat, duplicate
Express: Ankle Zip Jean Legging Necklace 
Other: Blouse: (OptionOptionOptionOptionOption Shoes:  (Nine West Similar in BlackOptionOption)

Outfit inspired by Olivia Palermo - original post here:
military jacket, express cotton anorak jacket, olive jacket, olivia palermo style, duplicate outfit, copycat outfit
Express: Cotton Anorak Jacket / Stella Jean Legging (Current) / Link Bracelet / Teardrop Pendant    
Other: Target Booties / Fossil Watch

Astrology inspired outfits. (If you want to see if your Zodiac sign might influence the way you dress, view the original posts here and here. Jen, Lauren and I are all Aquarians.)
Lauren Conrad duplicate outfit, copycat look, Express ankle zip jean legging, white jeans, blue blouse
Express: Shirt (Similar, Similar) / Leopard Belt / White Ankle Zip Jeans

Jennifer Aniston copycat outfit, duplicate, black tank top, olive shorts
Express: Bracelet / Necklace
Other:  Target Tank / Old Navy Shorts (Current Similar)

I hate to admit this but I Googled the lyrics of that One Direction song to see if I could cleverly tie them into the ending here, but it only confirmed that I am obviously not the target audience of this group. "I drive all night to keep her warm." What does that mean? Does she not have central heating in her house? Why not cuddle or buy her a blanket? When Sir Mixalot said, "You can do side bends or sit ups, but please don't lose that butt," I knew exactly what he meant. Those were the good ol' days. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed the month in review and check out any of the host pages below to view all of the other Pin-spired participants!

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  1. Good job recreating these looks. I find so much inspiration on pinterest too!


  2. Amazing recreations! I can't believe how many you pulled off perfectly. I love the white jeans and need to find some pronto!

    Patrice @ http://dittothatstyle.blogspot.com/

  3. Hahahahaha!!! Freaking crack me up. And NO! You are not too young to quote One Direction bc that means *I* am and clearly I am not :)
    I'm totally copying the burgundy skinnies and chevron necklace now that I have it in my possession!
    Loved this compilation!!
    -your pusher love girl

  4. I love how everything came out, perfectly matched!!


  5. Wow you recreated these looks perfectly! I often recreate Pinterest looks on my blog too!
    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

  6. I think I like the first look the best but all are so good. That is so funny you quoted the "keep her warm" lyrics. My son was singing this song this morning and I wondered the same thing. Why would she be cold? Is she in the car with him? Does he need to get to her to throw on a blanket? And Sir Mixalot! Ha ha. When this first came up in my feed truncated, it cut off at Sir. I thought you were going to say Sir Paul McCartney (which is weird now that I think of it) and it said Sir Mixalot instead. That song is classic.

  7. I love all your recreations! You are great at making the outfits work with what you have in the closet. Also, i'm not a 1D fan... but I am actually kind of obsessed with the song "Story of My Life" haha. Kind of embarrassing considering they are for like 7th graders!

  8. Hiliarious! Love all your looks! They are all spot on :)
    Stopping by from the link up :)

  9. Oh my gosh, so many great outfits! I pinned that green and leopard look a long time ago, it's one of my faves. Also love the white jeans looks, of course!

  10. Well, I feel even lamer bc I don't know who one direction is....maybe he's not talking about "that" kind of driving though......i could see the other "kind" keeping a person warm..... I do know who sir mix a lot and Nirvana are though!!! :)

  11. Looking gorgeous - love how you interpret your pinspirations - you do a great job!
    I'm tempted to recreate that Lauren Conrad outfit too....I have the same bag and similar shirt, jeans & shoes!

  12. I love recreating looks too!! Great job. ~ Fashionista Momma www.fashionistamomma.com

  13. You do great recreations! I especially like the Bethenny Frankel one!


  14. Bloody One Direction are everywhere! It's hard NOT to quote them, ha.

    I love the remakes of these outfits!

    Corinne x

  15. You recreated these looks fabulously! Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

  16. Cute inspired outfits! The one with the leopard print scarf and the green shirt is my fave, it's a really nice combination :)

    Away From Blue

  17. I loved seeing so many of your re-creations in one post. You did an amazing job with all of them; my favorite is your outfit inspired by Bethenny Frankel. I actually think your version of that look is way prettier! Those studded shoes rock, your shirt is such a lovely bright and the fit of your white jeans is amazing! :) XOXO, Elif

  18. Brilliant roundup, i often pin outfits but haven't tried to directly recreate looks, and you've done a fab job! Did make me laugh reading Sir Mixalot's lyrics! Totally my generation ; )


  19. One of my favorites! Love getting the celebrity look for less.

  20. These are all super cute outfits! Casual and cute.



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