Style Snapshot: Olivia Palermo

I'm not sure what it is that makes Olivia Palermo's style so fascinating and enviable, but I have noticed that anytime I include her in a blog post she gets a lot of comments and attention. To date, I've only spotted her in one item from Express, a mesh baseball jacket shown below. (Current similar option here.)

But I was inspired by this post to take a closer look at her style when I realized I had almost all of the pieces needed to recreate her look here:

Olivia Palermo Imitation

White blouse: double check. Destroyed jeans: check. Red lace up heels: No check. Nothing remotely close in my closet, unfortunately. But sometimes you just make do with what you have, so I went ahead and put these pieces to the real-life test to create a similar look. Ultimately I felt her shoes really make the outfit in this case, and I would probably shop for some stronger colored statement heels before wearing this look.

Option One:
Option 1: Voile Convertible Sleeve Tunic and  Stella Destroyed Jean Legging (Shoes from Zara and Jessica Simpson, no longer available)

Option Two:
Option 2: Portofino Shirt and Stella Destroyed Jean Legging (Old mint heels from Aldo, flats via Amazon)

I also had similar pieces on hand to recreate her look from this post. I first copied it almost exactly with no accessories and basic flats (middle look). But honestly, it was more bare than what I would really wear. So I made it my own (far right) by adding a little jewelry and changing from flats to booties.
Express Pieces: Cotton Anorak Jacket / Stella Jean Legging (Current) / Link Bracelet / Teardrop Pendant    Other: Booties / Watch

And finally, some additional shopping and style options for Olivia-inspired looks (and a little eye candy with the guest appearance of her ├╝ber-fit boyfriend) :

Olivia Palermo Swim Style
Guava Bandeau Swim Top / Fluro Guava Swim Bottom / Men's Board Shorts 

Olivia White Jackets

1. Soft Bomber Jacket  2. White Tuxedo Jacket  3. Cotton Sateen Jacket 4. Jeweled Collar Coat 

I've pinned lots of other outfits by Olivia on my Celebrity Style board on Pinterest (here), and one thing I noticed is that she consistently enhances her classic outfits with standout shoes. She's definitely inspired me to up my shoe game and look for more interesting colors and prints. I hope you found some fashion and style inspiration here today as well!

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  1. Seriously obsessed with Olivia's style...and her hair and makeup - don't know how she manages to always look so put together, but she does! Loved seeing her outfits in this post...and that white shirt she's wearing - I need one of those!

  2. Did you ever watch her in The City? Who knew she'd end up being such a big fashion icon. I do love her style and now I feel like I need her red strappy shoes. Or yours that you keep taunting me with :)
    Every time you do these, you open a new door to Express for me. I would not think that Olivia could shop at Express but you've proved there are plenty of things that fit her style. Love that aboht your blog!

    1. The City was the first place I ever saw OP and from that point on, I was hooked on her fashion! Do you remember the epi when she was going to a Guess show and was given the opp to wear Guess clothing, picked them out, and wore something else totally different, which began the cat war between herself and Erin (well Erin didn't like her very much but this epi was the one where we really got to see that Olivia doesn't do anything cheap)

    2. haha I remember that, I love that she stands up for herself but she was little mean at times. But I do love her style.

  3. She will always be one of my style muses.....OP rocks!!!


  4. I love OP's style. I always pin anything I see of hers and I noticed the same about her shoes.

    Have a lovely day...


  5. So jealous of your long legs =) Those skinny jeans look great on you, Gina. Have a wonderful Monday!

  6. Ooo, I love that mesh baseball jacket!! And I'm in the same boat as you...feeling the need to up my shoe game! :-) Thanks for the ideas...I'm really liking the white convertible sleeve tunic!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  7. I did a celebrity steal post today as well how funny. Olivia is a great example of using affordabe pieces and styling them.

  8. Love your OP remixes - you have fab legs in those jeans, and agree that your look with the army jacket works a lot better actually. Really enjoyed this! Thanks for co-hosting, all linked up too. Would love to invite you to join #AllAboutYou Tuesday link and Pin party over on my blog. Won't spam you with the link, but you'll see it live if you pop by the blog on Tues.


  9. Yes, like everyone else, Olivia Palermo is definitely a style inspiration for me. She just knows how to put together looks that are fashion forward and yet approachable and wearable. You're really selling me on Express, Gina. I've always liked Express but with your posts, it makes me think that Express is all I need.

  10. OP is the perfect combo of bitchy and perfect, lol.

  11. Love her style.

    Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.


  12. I think Olivia Palermo has amazing style! I love the white shirt/colored heels outfit...it is so simple yet super chic!

    The Tiny Heart

  13. her style is so amazing...it's casual, yet chic. she always looks put together. i love your recreations, and you have an amazing shoe collection!

  14. She seriously has some of the best street style! I love how you made her looks your own. I would definitely add accessories to the military jacket look, too! Great post, Gina. Hope you had a good weekend!

  15. I have a pair of red heels on my "to buy" list. I have so many pictures of Olivia pinned. She's a really good choice. There is one where she is with her boyfriend and she has on a white dress with an orange jacket, gold necklace with rust beads, and strappy forest green shoes! I just love that color combination. I agree that she likes a bold shoe.

  16. Olivias style is just so impeccable. I love her style so much too and even in a simple jeans she just looks so chic as she styled it with a great white blouse and some sexy heels :-9


  17. Olivia Palermo can do no wrong, I've always admired her style! Although, after watching her on "The City", I wonder if she's nice in real life ;) I'm sure she is! Thanks for the link-up Gina, just joined!

  18. I love the dress she has on in the first pic. I wish Express made it, but she probably spent a fortune on it. She definitely knows how to rock an outfit, but never looks over done. (BTW, I've got a giveaway on my site on Thursday...one of the stores you can choose is Express...you know anyone who likes them? :-) )

  19. I wanted to stop by again and say thank you for the link-up as well as I have nominated you for the Liebster Award...See here for more info...http://theshopaholicsahm.blogspot.com/2014/02/totally-posted-tuesday-weekend-recap_25.html


  20. Something about white blouse or button down that oozes sophistication.. can never have enough of them! Thanks for letting me share here and I am now following on BL

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  21. I LOVE all of your shoes. Absolutely gorgeous and they pop against the neutral jeans and top!

  22. Olivia has serious style- I love her ability to mix and match prints + textures. :)


  23. Gina, I am also a big fan of Olivia's style. ( I pin her looks like a mad woman :) I think for me it's her ability to identify trends that work for her instead of committing to them just for the sake of being fashionable. She mixes those trends with a lot of classics, uses a lot of color, fun prints, and really amazing accessories. I love your adaptation of the shirt/jeans/heel look, especially the second option with the button down white shirt. Really pretty, and can be dressed up or down. XOXO, Elif

  24. Thanks so much for linking to #AllAboutYou! Hope that you can come back tomorrow x



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