Features & Favorites 2/21/14

Five. That's the number I'm sticking to in my Features & Favorites post this Friday. Why? Because I love alliterations and Five Features and Favorites for Friday just has a fabulous flow. (Too far?) And frankly, Fashion Horoscopes kicked my blogging Astrology this week so five sounds like a more reasonable amount of items to cover than the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

1. I had honestly never noticed that Express had Astrology themed jewelry until I was looking for pieces to re-create some of the celebrity outfits here and here. So this case of serendipity was too good not to mention. They have a bracelet for every sign available here, and each sign has a gold and silver option for $10 each.

Astrology Bracelets

Aries / Leo / Aquarius / Capricorn

2. In 2013, one of my favorite necklaces was the Sculpted Hoop Pendant Necklace (I posted about it here and here). One thing I mentioned was that it's not really an attention-getting kind of necklace, but an easy outfit completer. In 2014, I am loving the Linked Mixed Metal Chevron Necklace, shown here on Carylee of More Pieces of Me.  And now that I've had a few chances to wear it, I can officially say that it is a compliment-getting kind of necklace. (View my outfits here and here.) People notice this and comment every time I wear it, and I find myself deliberately trying to plan more outfits around it. Who doesn't like getting compliments on their outfit?

3. On Wednesday I showed these Suede Double Buckle Sling Back Pumps in black as an outfit option for a look by Kristin Cavallari. It's always nice to get an in person view of Express shoes since their in-store selection can be limited, so what luck that Skye of The Shopaholic SAHM showed her pair (in the Cannes color) this week.

I'm having visions of wearing these in Spring with an outfit like these:

And hmm..come to think of it I already have each of the pieces below as options for creating these looks...except the shoes....

Coral shoes outfits

 Voile Convertible Sleeve Tunic (left)/  Portofino Shirt (right) / Stella Destroyed Jean Legging (both)

4. Express has had high rise jeans and Acid Wash jeans (shown below) for a few months now, and I am not ready to jump on board with this trend. Although one way to test the waters is like An of Haute Pink Pretty, and disguise the fact that they are high rise with an untucked shirt? What I would wear STAT is her Leather Quilted Moto Jacket. This one is not (Minus the) Leather, it's the real deal. The price reflects that, but all six reviewers gave it a five-star rating. So maybe with a good sale or some coupons it could be a little more affordable.

5. Last week I said I needed a tutorial to figure out how to wear the Plaid and Leopard Scarf I bought because I fail at tying anything other than an infinity scarf. Well, I took matters into my own hands and decided that this was going to be an infinity scarf. Here's how it started out:

Enter one week of sewing camp at JoAnn Fabric in 7th grade and a 15 year-old basic Brother sewing machine:

And now I am the proud owner of a Plaid and Leopard Infinity Scarf! Believe me when I say I seriously cannot craft or sew other than a straight line, and I never DIY anything. But I somehow did this, and it's been easier for me style the scarf this way. And P.S. Infinity or not...it's a compliment getting piece!
From Express: Extreme Stretch Jean LeggingsScarf
Other: J Crew Factory Chambray ShirtTarget Booties

From Express: Tee (Current Similar), Scarf, Jeans (Current Similar), Link Bracelet
Other: BootiesBeltWatch, Sage K & Co Spike Bracelet 

Thanks for reading today! I appreciate all of your feedback and your kind, helpful comments. I'm always learning as I go here so thanks for sticking with me on the journey!

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  1. Skye's shoes are amazing! Love them! And I love that you made that scarf your own! And yay!! I'm patting myself on the back for winning over another JCF chambray wearer! :)
    And thanks for the shout out! I got the necklace because of you and I love it!!

  2. Love how you added the leopard to your plaid scarf! Also, I'm a Leo.....digging the bracelets!
    xo, Lee

  3. OMG what a genius DIY ......love the combo of leo & plaid all in one scarf!!!!!


  4. Love that infinity scarf with the plaid and leopard! FAB!

  5. That scarf is so cool, I need to plan a trip to my express.


  6. I love that scarf - combines two of my favorite trends together, great DIY!!


  7. I have that image of Olivia Palermo pinned because of the shoes. Thanks for finding me an option! I am on a shopping freeze until Vegas though. And good for you for sewing the scarf! I usually just tie my scarf end to end and loop for infinity. I can't believe that I never thought to sew the ends and this come from a DIYer. Have a great weekend.

  8. LOVE the scarf. Just pinned it to my Shopping Lust board.

  9. That scarf is awesome!! I love the combined pattern and good on you for making it yourself! Looks fabulous with your outfit!
    Visiting from the Fab Favorites link up (even though I've stopped by before :))
    Exploring My Style

  10. Great ideas Gina! Love the scarf your 're-modeled'. Thanks for the encouraging vote of when or how I will be wearing the "scarf of gold" lol. I sure appreciate you linking with Fashion item Friday, today. Your post is AWESOME!

  11. Love a classic look like a white shirt and jeans.

    Happy Friday!


  12. You look so beautiful! I love your scarf sweetie!

    Feel free to visit my blog as well! You will find useful tips on fashion, beauty, style, health, personal growth and more!

    New Blog Post: [Beauty &Style] How To Look Well Rested

  13. This scarf is FABULOUS!! totally in love with how you did that--now if only I was a little bit crafty--I will have to live vicariously through you :) Have a great weekend.


  14. You are a DIY phenom!! LOL I love the scarf and the jeans and booties are perfection!

  15. Thanks for featuring me and I love that you took the Express plaid/leopard scarf and made in infinity. Greatness!! My shoes are amazing and I'm going to wear them this weekend just as you have them featured. Thanks again for being so awesome. Both you and Carylee are the best. I appreciate you both!


  16. Wow, love that DIY scarf! :)

    rhea @ rheaetcetera.com

  17. Wow, you did your thing in this post...that Chevron necklace, those ankle suede pumps and that animal print infinity scarf - BRAVA!!!!!

  18. I would totally buy the scarf you made! it looks gorgeous! And Love the suede pumps..they go well with so many outfits..

  19. I'm so impressed with your sewing skills! My mom tried to teach me when I was little, but to this day I don't even know how to thread the needle. Well, when the revolution comes you'll be one step ahead of the rest of us...you'll already have a profession! LOL Anyway, hope you get the pumps so you can recreate the outfit...it's so cute and chic.

  20. I want a plaid and leopard scarf! Will you make me one ;)

    Corinne x

  21. I love your blog

  22. Fabulous post. I am so obsessed with the whole white blouse, skinny and heels outfit!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  23. I love the astrology themed bracelets so much! I'd have to wear two because I was born on a cusp and therefore have TWO star signs haha (virgo/libra)

  24. These are fabulous looks and I definitely want one of those bracelets.

  25. Great post!

    xo endlesslychic.blogspot.com


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