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Scuba Leggings vs. Scuba Front leggings. That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to have full Scuba or partial Scuba...I am coming to the conclusion that this must be determined by individual trial and error. (And I'm out of my league in attempting Shakespearean language.) Take two of my featured looks this week: Darcy of A Memory of Us (above left) is wearing Scuba Leggings. Sydney of Sydney's Fashion Diary (above right) is wearing Scuba Front Leggings. Both look equally fabulous. Both have adorable, slender figures. And yet each one chose a different version of faux leather leggings by Express.

I tried them both on before going with the Scuba leggings (see my style attempts here). The Scuba Front leggings (which are not available online right now) were easier for me to get on and off, however they had a little bit of bunching going on that was unflattering on me. Whereas on Sydney...well, look at the pictures. Like. A. Glove.

Darcy went for the regular Scuba Leggings and again, the fit is perfect on her. (She's also wearing a Portofino Shirt and Metallic Infinity Scarf, shown above.) I wish there were an easy solution to figuring out which version will work best, but if there is, I haven't figured it out in my try-on sessions or in seeing what others choose. It really seems to come down to personal preference and individual fit. (And it looks like they keep you warm in the snow? Who knew!)

My third featured look is by scarf-tying guru Carylee of More Pieces of Me. She's promised a video tutorial on how to create this look for the scarfedly-challenged people. And I'm going to need it because after seeing this Plaid and Leopard scarf on three different blogs over the past few months, I decided I needed to have it. (In case you missed it, it was also featured on Sydne Style and Cort in Session.)

Someone did some serious damage at Express lately, and I don't mean me. If you want to check out a whole bunch of goodies with great reviews and detailed photos, go visit Skye of The Shopaholic SAHM. It's hard to pick a favorite from her loot, but I adored her styling of the Perforated (Minus the) Leather Bomber, and of course, I'm always looking for ideas since I own this piece as well (see my style attempts here).

One of the other goodies Skye got is this Stripe & Dot Infinity Scarf, shown here in an Express Instagram photo. I ordered this one myself after seeing this photo and because I had big plans to re-create this outfit by Rachel Bilson and impress the universe with my copycat skills.
But sadly, this particular shade of pink is a little more peachy-beige than it looks in this photo, and it was not flattering on my skintone. I loved it, and they say if you love something let it go. And if it's meant to be it will come back to you. You can expect an urgent paranormal activity blog post if this scarf somehow finds its way from the returns pile at Express back to my house.

Remember the "on what Pantone planet is this red?" Red Leopard Infinity scarf?  I had an outfit fail with this last week so I need to go back to the drawing board on styling options. (My outfit involved a denim jacket and leggings. It worked in the 80s so what could possibly go wrong?!)  Luckily some other fashionable ladies own this scarf and have recently put together some looks to inspire. For full outfit details on each of these looks, check out More Pieces of Me (on the left) and Ella Pretty Blog (on the right).

And a few more quick item notes:
Feb 14 Features

1. The Classic Trench Coat was shown on Talya Macedo via Twitter

2. This Striped Tube Dress caused complete Pin-sanity this week. I have never had a single thing repinned as many times as the look I featured here on xo Christine Marie. Intrepid reporter that I am, I went in store to try it on and see if I could offer readers some fit notes or worthwhile information. But apparently this one is a hot seller because there were only two left in my local store, neither of which were my size. But if you're a size 6-12 you can still get this online at a great price during the current 40% off sale.

3. The Sequin Cami was styled on Hapa Time.

4-5. Express was passing out free watches to bloggers this week. You didn't get one? Me either. (Jealous, party of one!) But you can check out the PavĂ© Embellished Watch on Ivory Lane and the Tortoise Watch on Bows & Sequins.

Thanks for reading today and I hope you found some shopping and style ideas here!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Gina! I really love these leggings and wear them all the time. Happy Valentine's Day to you and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. ooh, I'm really on the fence with scuba leggings...want some, but not sure I can pull it off! Now you've added another problem into the mix...full scuba or partial?? Perhaps partial is the way for me to go...I'll have to have a try-on session. Thanks for the info!
    Kellie @ie-style.com

  3. May have to try these scuba leggings!! I adore the leather bomber jacket on you, such a great piece to have!

    Hope you have a nice weekend <3

    xo, Erica

  4. I'm loving your leggings! They look adorable on you! You have such an awesome blog.

  5. There's that scarf again! Great post and Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Thanks for featuring me on your blog post. That means so much to me. The polka dot scarf will be on my Manic Monday post. I wish I could pull off the scuba look but unfortunately my legs don't look good in leggings :(. Have a lovely evening!!

  7. I wish the scuba leggings worked for me but they sadly don't :( neither do the scuba front version. These ladies all look fierce though!

    Happy vday btw Gina :) hope you have a good night!

  8. Love your blog - what a great concept. All the ladies featured here have great style, definitely checking out all of their blogs!! Happy Valentine's Day :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  9. I like the scuba front leggings only for the sake of being able to get in and out easily. Were you a Friends fan? I just always remember Ross getting stuck in his leather pants! haha! I wouldn't be opposed to getting the full on scuba - but I need another pair of leggings like I need a hole in my head!
    Thanks for the shout out and reminding me what Express items I wore this week! :) You can always tell how bad a week Ive had by how interactive I am in the blogosphere. The less I interact, the worse my week is! Glad it's over! And refreshing to end it reading up on your blog! <3

  10. FREE watches... My fav is the pink polka dot scarf and peachy beige purse. Have a great weekend and have fun at the #WWDParty.

  11. Shame that the polka dot scarf wasn't a flattering shade on you, would have loved to have seen the recreation of the Rachel Bilson outfit! :)

    Away From Blue

  12. I was recently showing my husband some of your blog posts and how useful they are -- especially the ones where you recreate an inspiration outfit using Express pieces. He said, and I quote, "Express should REALLY start sending her some free stuff, or at least extra coupons, because this is the best advertising they could get right now." I think he was specifically referring to the Pinterest effect and how that has impacted the apparel market, but I have to agree with him. You are bringing a lot of awareness to the line and showing the versatility of the pieces. Express needs to recognize! You should have got a watch! :)

    p.s. Would you consider adding a search box to your site? I have came back to search for an old post a couple times, and I was missing the handy dandy search box. Thanks for your consideration with this request.

    1. I replied via email but just want others who might see this comment to know that YES- I will do my best to get a search box ASAP. I am not the most tech savvy but it's definitely an important tool. I use one on other blogs all the time so it's ironic that I don't have one.

      And as much as I would LOVE free stuff from Express, I'm afraid I'd lose some credibility if I were getting it for free. And I need the ability to make fun of things like the thong bodysuit...it's just who I am!

  13. Just found you via a linkup - I like your style of writing :) I don't own anything like these scuba pants, but damn do they look great on all of the women above!

    aka Bailey

  14. I thought the same thing about the scarf in person - I loved it, but it did nothing for me...who knows though, on clearance I still may pick it up ;-) I wanted to see that bag in person, but my store didn't have it, boo!


  15. I love the stripe and dot infinity scarf. I hope you'll find the right one for you though. I also like the classic trench coat. I think it works for all skin tone.

    ~ Evelyn of http://RagsExchange.com AND http://StyleActuallyBlog.com

  16. Tis indeed an interesting question you have posted here...am not sure which scuba version is nobler LOL :-)

    I do know that my faux leather H&M leggings can feel too warm, so I may melt if I went full scuba!

    Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog again - I feel so special ;-)

  17. Thx so much for stopping by the other day Gina; I just noticed that your blog is a resource for Express fans; I used to shop there a lot when I first came here for school many years ago and looking around here (and those great Scuba leggings :) wanted me to go check them out again (why haven't I lately have no idea:-)
    XOXO, Elif@theboxqueen


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