The Case of the Varsity Baseball Bomber

When I was pinning style options for my new jacket on Pinterest the other day I couldn't decide which name to use for it so I decided to use all of them and call it a Varsity Baseball Bomber*. Regardless of the proper name, the Varsity Baseball Bomber (and mine is technically a Perforated (Minus the) Leather Sleeve jacket from Express) is a new-to-me trend that I had to figure out how to style.

Spoiler Alert: This jacket was surprisingly easy to wear. If you have a few basic pieces in your closet (like t-shirts and jeans) you're set.

It's no secret (see this post) that I was influenced to get this jacket by my Manic Monday collaborator, Carylee of More Pieces of Me.  I hadn't really noticed this trend until she styled it in her post here. Then she told me how comfortable it was and I was sold. It does feel nice and soft, kind of like sweatshirt material. Even though the sleeves are are perforated, they're also lined so they're not thin or breezy. Since she made me get this, I started by copying her look with things I already had in my closet. Imitation is definitely flattery in this case!

Express minus the leather perforated sleeve bomber jacket, baseball jacket, outfit idea

Carylee's Outfit Details: Here
My Express Pieces: Jacket, Belt, Necklace, Tee,
Other: Olive pants (Similar), Booties

In browsing around the web, black skinnies seemed to be a popular pairing option for this type of jacket:

Image Sources Clockwise from top Left: One, Two, Three, Four

I have this pair of black skinnies from Express so I tried them with a basic tee shirt and various shoes and accessories to dress it up and down.

Express minus the leather perforated sleeve bomber jacket, baseball jacket, outfit idea

Express Pieces: Bomber JacketStella Extreme Stretch Jean Legging, Belt, Hoop Necklace 
Other: T-Shirt, Zara Sandals (Similar), Booties, Silver Tassel Necklace (gift), Watch

Sneakers were another popular styling choice, and two of the options for black skinnies above were shown with sneakers. So I grabbed my Converse to play along...

Express minus the leather perforated sleeve bomber jacket, baseball jacket, outfit idea with sneakers, converse

Left image: Source
My Express Pieces: Bomber JacketStella Destroyed Jean LeggingBelt
Other: T-Shirt, ConverseWatch

I came across this image of Georgia May Jagger and liked the idea of adding some color to the look, so I chose red skinnies since I don't have a red pencil skirt:

Express minus the leather perforated sleeve bomber jacket, baseball jacket, outfit idea

Left: Georgia May Jagger
Express PiecesBomber JacketBooties, Jeans (Similar), BeltHoop Necklace 
Other: T-ShirtWatch

And last but not least, here's how I really ended up wearing it for a simple Sunday errand-running look:

Express minus the leather perforated sleeve bomber jacket, baseball jacket, outfit idea

Left Image: Source
My Express PiecesBomber JacketBelt, Jean Leggings (Current), Hoop Necklace
OtherT-Shirt, Booties, Watch

Once again, I feel like Express knocked this one out of the park (I had to...). The jacket is comfortable, versatile, and an easy way to incorporate a trend without needing to overhaul the rest of your wardrobe.

*Yes, I'm planning on suggesting the title of this post to Lifetime for a new movie. Plot summary: a troubled high school teen gets cut from the Varsity Baseball team, his cheerleader girlfriend breaks up with him, and then he plans to bomb the state title game so he can hurt all the people who hurt him. Will it happen, or will the not-as-popular girl with a secret crush on him get through to him before it's too late? Tune in to find out!

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  1. I'm really so curious if I could wear that kind of jacket....it looks so cool & chic!!! Thanks for the inspo!


    1. OMG, I think this would be SO cute on you. Of course you could wear it!

  2. Love with the jeans and converse!
    xo, Lee

  3. I love your B&W outfit. You look so chic in your Converse. I stopped by Express a few days ago and am so impressed with their new arrivals. Will share some of the fitting pics on the blog soon. Have a wonderful Monday!

    1. Thanks Sydney! I never think I look chic in Converse so that's very nice to hear! I will definitely be watching to see what you tried! Can't wait to check out your post. :)

  4. Look at chu! Girl, I'm loving the one with the converse. It is so me! Loving it all!

    1. Thanks Skye! I get the sense that you might be sporting one of these jackets soon...can't wait to see how you wear it!

  5. I really like this jacket on you. It isn't something I would normally gravitate towards, but you make it look chic.


    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I'm usually not a "sporty" person either, hence the reason I needed so much styling help to make it work for me!

  6. I would have never thought would be so versatile! I love the ways you styled it! Thanks for linking up with Mix it Monday! ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lauren and yes, it really is more versatile than I thought it would be as well!

  7. Hahaha!!! Love the Lifetime movie plot!!!
    And thanks so much for doing this! My next move will be my wine or red skinnies! I will need to wear this over the weekend- excited to style it again!

    1. I'm pretty sure my super bowl outfit will include the use of this jacket. And a Seahawks hat. And glad you liked the movie idea! I'm pretty sure it's a winner. :)

  8. Great looks!! I can't decide which one I like the best, you really styled them all very well!

    Have a great day! Xo


  9. I personally like the outfit with jeans and tennis shoes, very cute options!

  10. Great post! I am constantly impressed with the time and effort you put into each post. Linking to all those different pieces is not easy!

    1. Thanks Darcy! I honestly don't know what I'm getting myself into sometimes, LOL. I get an idea in my head and think it won't take that long...but I'm always wrong. It really does take forever!

  11. nice post! thanks for sharing! great blog
    greetings http://www.we-heart-fashion.com

  12. Such a great jacket! You wear it so well too! Thanks for linking up with Mix it Mondays!

    1. Thanks Ginny, and thanks for co-hosting the linkup with Lauren!

  13. Now I have to go and get this jacket. I love it with the converse and the red jeans because these are two of my favorites in my closet. I'd totally watch that Lifetime movie! You could also propose a movie about the drawstring track pants for a date night gone wrong, but that may be a bit too dark for that network. Or, it could be done in a funny way. Like a Cameron Diaz wears them but they only come off for the right person. Hmmm. The possibilities.

    1. I genuinely laughed out loud when I read your comment! What are we doing with fashion blogs, Tracy? We should be in Hollywood writing bad movie scripts!!

  14. I love this sporty look- super chic, babe!


  15. Omg, I love that jacket!! Great styling :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  16. Whichever way you choose to dress it up, you look great in it. I wish I have your slender figure!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai UAE

    1. Aw, thank you so much. That's very kind. :)

  17. I love it with the black skinnies and long necklace! We just stopped by to say hello. We're a shaving company called Dorco, and while you may not have heard of us yet, we're changing the way razors are done in the U.S. and Canada. Our razors cost up to 70% less than the big guys'. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your shave. Our razors are crafted with the highest quality blades and moisturizing strips containing aloe and vitamin E to soothe and hydrate even the most sensitive skin. Read what others think about our products and our prices at DorcoUSA.com. Thanks again for sharing this amazing jacket with us!

    1. Hi Alice, thanks for your feedback on the jacket. Next time I'd love it if you just leave a link to your website instead of a detailed advertisement, otherwise it looks like spam. Thank you!

  18. LOL...and then will the baseball player and not so popular girl get married and make the cheerleader super jealous? Maybe we should forget about this blogging thing and become playwrights? :) Cute outfits BTW...I've been wary of the those jackets, bc I thought they'd look too sporty, but you styled it really well. I also tried on a sheer black one in Nordies that was really nice...made it kind of dressy...it was $80 though, so I couldn't go there.

    1. Yesssss...obviously we've missed our calling! And thanks for the compliments. I also didn't really see myself in something so sporty...at first. :)

  19. The baseball coat is cute on you! Like it! You guys are cyber twins- how fun!


    1. LOL, it happens when you shop at the same store as much as we do. :)

  20. Love your blog and going to link up with you girl!

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