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Today I'm linking up with Pinterest Told Me To, The Larson Lingo, and Mix & Match Mama for Get Pin-spired. (Hence the reason for my early Features & Favorites yesterday!) So scroll on down to see how I get dressed with the help of the Internet....and a few shopping trips to Express.

Last month I found The Frugal Fashion Plate through Get Pin-spired and for each look she posted I was like, "Hey...I have a shirt like that...and pants like that...and a scarf/necklace like that! Why didn't I think to put them all together?" I'm just not Kre8iv like that, I guess. But I can do Pinterest Paint-by-Numbers when it comes to outfits. Here's my take on these looks from last month:

Image: Source

What I wore from Express: Anorak JacketNecklace, Bracelet,  Leggings
Other: Tunic CamiWatchBoots

Image: Source

What I wore from Express: Tee (Current Similar), Scarf, Jeans (Similar, Similar)
Other: Booties, BeltWatch

You can also view this post to see how I styled several of the pieces above differently.

And some other random Pinterest finds I re-created:

Image: Source

What I wore from Express: Voile Convertible Sleeve Tunic, Scuba Leggings, Bracelet
Other: Target Tunic Tank, TJ Maxx Shoes (Old)

Image Source: More Pieces of Me

What I wore from Express: Tee (Similar Tank), Jacket, Jeans (SimilarSimilar), Bracelet

Other: Fossil WatchBoots

Image: Source

What I wore from Express: Portofino Shirt, Jeans, Leopard BeltNecklaceBracelet

If you're stopping by from Get Pin-spired, these last two looks will be new to you. (If you're a regular...sorry, I can only wear so many new outfits in a month!) I did a full post on styling this jacket here:

Image: Source

What I wore from Express: Bomber JacketStella Destroyed Jean LeggingBelt
Other: T-ShirtConverseWatch

And finally you can see my additional Pin-spired looks for Scuba Leggings like these here:

Image: Source

What I wore from Express: Scuba Leggings, Scarf, Bracelet
Blazer: Tinley Road via Piperlime (My color sold out, Similar from Express)

Thanks for reading today and I hope you found some Pin-spiration of your own!

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  1. I love Pinterest for outfit idea. You did an awesome job recreating these looks.

  2. These are all great outfits! My fav is the cream portofino, scuba leggings with ankle strap heels...classic! Do you find you wear your scuba leggings a lot? Love the look, but wondered how much I could/would really wear them.

  3. I love the green and white jeans look. I am going to try that this weekend! I have also been coveting that red/pink leopard scarf. I hope they still have it at my store. If I have to order it, I will end up buying way too much to get free shipping :-)


  4. I love these posts! I always hit pinterest to see what to wear....unless I have the odd dream which I love when that happens. Do you ever dream an outfit and wake up knowing what to wear?
    xo, Lee

  5. You nailed everything! And honestly - your Pinterpretation was better in my opinion! Even with mine! I need to wear that outfit with my licorice jacket, too! And man, you make that infinity scarf look so good in the last one! I just ordered it in blue, but now I'm regretting not getting that color! Just figured I already have a ton of red family scarves. Is there such a thing as too much??

  6. Really well done on all of the copycats! I'm impressed. :)

  7. Thank you for your comment on my blog! Loving your outfits with the hunter green top and then the purple pants... Those are such great fall & winter colors!


  8. OH my gosh I love all your looks! The purple pants and leopard scarf has been on my style board FOREVER! You nailed it! :)

  9. Super cute looks. I may or may not steal a couple ;-) Also, I'm in love with our white blouse. Have a great weekend.

  10. I love your versions of all the outfits! Man, isn't Pinterest the best?!

  11. I love the Express voile convertible sleeve tunic. It's so light and delicate. I wore it all summer last year and plan to do the same when it gets warmer. I did notice some pilling on mine after the first wash but I probably didn't follow the proper care instructions.


  12. Every look is so cute! I love what you did with them. :)

  13. Added that chevron necklace in the first look to my shopping list! These are awesome ditto's making your blog right up my ally:) Glad I found you!

    Patrice @ http://dittothatstyle.blogspot.com/

  14. You nailed every look!! I love the Anorak jacket and boots. Dropping by from the Pinspired linkup.

  15. You are DARLING! I loved every look and I want your cute little figure (said in the non-creepiest way possible). :) Thanks for linking up!
    Sheaffer :)

  16. I love how you put the hunter green portofino with the white jeans. It's my favorite. I'm finding myself wanting this color. I want to put this together now.

    Have a lovely day!

  17. All of your inspired looks are great! I like the ones you've put your own little twist on, like when you added that orange scarf :)

    Away From Blue

  18. My friend - you are killing it with the blog! Posts like this are so awesome and so helpful! Love love love your blog. :)

  19. Isn't it funny when that happens? Thank god for blogs and pinterest...otherwise we'd be wearing the same thing the same way forever! BTW...i tried on that high waist flare skirt from your previous post in express last week (thanks to you I've been checking them out again. :) ) It looked great in the front, but my XL tushy made it look too wide in the back. I bet it will look great on you though. (Also, how does that work when you show other bloggers pictures? Are you supposed to ask them first, or do you just need to credit them? I've been wanting to show my pinterest page, but I have a lot of other bloggers pics pinned there.)

  20. So in love with your recreations! I have to be honest, I am not even slightly creative when it comes to styling outfits-but pinterest is always there to lend a few ideas!

    Xo, Kelsey

  21. You ROCKED each and every outfit!!!! I can't pick a favorite, you rocked them all! Thank you for linking up with us!

  22. Good grief- you totally NAILED your outfits! I am in love with them all!!! :-)

  23. That is such a fun idea for a post. I love what you came up with. My favourite is the deep purple jeans with the white top and the touch of leopard print. That is a very classy combination.

  24. Lovely outfit ideas Gina.....love the green pants with a thin leop-print belt!!!!


  25. Love the outfits especially the cream blouse!

  26. Oh I LOVE this what a cute idea! You got really close in most of the looks, good job!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  27. Super Cute!!



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