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Express pink leopard scarf, ponte seamed tee, gold sequin skirt, outfits

Ah, Friday. So many reasons to love it. One of them being it's the day I don't have to choose a topic to post about because I just talk (er, write) about all the other great outfits and Express items everyone else wore.

First of all, I thought I entered the twilight zone for a minute when I saw Ella Pretty featuring two of the same scarves I featured on the same day! And both of us favored the headless mirror selfie POV for these pieces, too - bonus! She's like my sister from another mister! (You can see my post experimenting with the same scarves here.)

Naturally, I loved both of her styling options for these, and on the left she's wearing the Leopard Infinity Scarf in Red.  I don't know what's up with the color department at Express lately but I think Ella will agree with me that this scarf isn't red, so don't adjust your monitor. Her scarf on the right is currently sold out, but if you listened to bought it way back when after my first post about it, you can try her styling option with the chambray shirt and faux leather leggings.

Express pink leopard scarf, leopard infinity scarf, red leopard scarf

Speaking of double features, this Gold Sequin Flippy Skirt was perfectly styled in an effortless casual-glam way on Cort in Session (shown here) and also over on Sunflowers & Stilettos. (Thanks for the tip, Cortney!) This skirt is also on clearance, so don't let it slip away if you've had your eyes on it.

Express gold sequin flippy skirt outfit

And finally, Sydne Style put some fun details into a very classic blazer, tee and jeans look with her Express Seamed Ponte Tee. Her color option is currently unavailable, but you can get the same top in two other options: White with Black Piping or Heather Gray with Black Piping.

Express seamed ponte tee, black and white

And what happened with my Faux Fur Looped Scarf lusting of last week? 80 degree temperatures happened here in Southern California, so if I have to wear anything fur it needs to look something like this :

fur bikini top

(Before I get comments saying how great I look in a bikini- no. That's not me. Image source.)

But someone who is rocking the Faux Fur Looped Scarf is Brenna of Chic Street Style. There's only one version of this left online and it's marked down from $70 to $15. If you're into math (or if you're not and you want me to do it for you), that's about a 78.6% discount. Not too shabby.

Express faux fur looped scarf

I had a case of mistaken Express identity this week. When I saw this look on Ellen of Everyday Fancy, I thought she was definitely wearing the Express Perforated (Minus the) Leather Bomber we saw last week on Carylee of More Pieces of Me.  But I was wrong! And I can admit when I'm wrong. It's rare, but it happens. Ellen's jacket here is from Piperlime:

I loved the casual-sporty way she styled this piece and it would obviously work just as well with the nearly-identical Express version:

And P.S., Glamour Magazine said, "The baseball jacket is your new blazer." (It's in the teeny tiny print on the right.) Orange is the new black, baseball jackets are the new blazers, what is this world coming to? But I love blazers, so those words were persuasive and I finally took the plunge and ordered this piece.

Speaking of magazines, I've had a few Express-in-magazine sightings lately as well, so rather than dedicate a whole post to them as I've done in the past I thought I'd throw a few in here. First Redbook Magazine styled this "date-night" look featuring the Express Drawstring Track Pant. Good thinking, Redbook, because elastic waistband pants are probably good for the kind of date where you think you'll be taking your pants off at some point in the night.

Redbook also featured the Polka Dot Pointed Toe Metallic Flat, which are on clearance for a bargain $10.

For a better look at these flats plus a cute styling option, you can check them out on xo Christine Marie.

It's been ages since I've mentioned the Express performance wear line, EXP Core, because, well, no one's been taking pictures of themselves wearing it and putting them on the internet. But right now the entire collection is buy one, get one 50% off. And in this month's In Style you can see a workout outfit option featuring the EXP Core Honeycomb Mesh Tank.

They've added so many cute new pieces since the line first launched. If you need some new workout clothes to help you keep your New Year's Resolution, these are worth a look, especially with the current promotion.

Thanks for reading today and I hope you found some new style inspirations and outfit ideas!

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  1. Hi Sister from another Mister :-) Thanks so much for featuring me on your post! You're right, no way I would call that scarf red...and they actually do have a red & black leopard scarf for sale (not infinity), so it's strange that they would call this gorgeous peachy/coral combo red!

    Can't wait to see your blue scarf when it arrives! Oh - and I mentioned it in my blog comments - but I think you, me, Carylee & Noelle need to do an Express quadruplets outfit post - where we wear our identical Express items :-) That would be fun!

    1. You are welcome- thanks for having a great personality AND great taste in clothes so I could feature you here. :) And I think we will have to collaborate on something soon seeing as all our closets are probably starting to look verrrry similar. LOL :)

    2. OMG this sounds like a genius collabo waiting to happen!!

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you found some fashion inspiration Ginny. :)

  3. Wow, you look amazing in that faux fur bathing suit. Yeehaw!! (too funny. I had too).


    1. Yeah, I got the faux fur scarf and cut it into a bikini for that look when the temps started climbing. ;) You had me going for a minute...hee hee.

  4. Bahahaha! Your comment on the drawstring track pants! You have my sense of humor girl. It's refreshing to see this bawdiness on a fashion blog. Keep doing that. I also have to say I really enjoy your posts- the writing, observations, and references. I have found some other great blogs through you. I am going to Express tonight to get some outfits so I can be featured on your blog (just kidding BTW, I do like Express though)


    1. I try to keep it PG-13 here but sometimes I just can't help myself. :) Thanks SO much for such a genuine comment and I will be watching to see what new stuff you get from Express!!

  5. You know I love those infinity scarves and the fur one is mah-va-lous but would make me sweat like a piglett. Th polka dot flats need to be in my closet ASAP!

  6. Thank you for linking up with us at #WWDParty - I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Nothing says sexy time like some elastic pants! But I can't hate on the track pants, as I have two pairs that need to be worn. Ooooh. Maybe the sequins need to come out for a dinner date tonight. Shoot!
    I'm so so so happy and thrilled you ordered the baseball jacket! I can't wait to see a headless selfie POV of them! (Seriously, not kidding - you and Ella take the best headless selfies.)

  8. Great read, that bikini top is wowzers!

    I am so happy you made this post! What a great end to my week. I will be keeping in touch by following you!

    Following the fab favorites link up party! Would love for you to follow me back!
    CLK Fashions

    With ♥ From Minnesota

  9. I am thinking about trying workout clothes from Express. What are your thoughts on them? I love all the outfits you featured. My favorite is the gold sequined skirt. Super chic!

    1. I have tried on a lot of the pieces for review and really like them! So far I've only purchased the EXP Core Compression pants and I absolutely love those. Sizing runs true to size for Express.


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