2013 Express Favorites Part Two

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2014! Last week I shared Part One of my favorite, most worn, most loved 2013 Express purchases and today I'm listing off the rest of the best to kick off the New Year.

6. Shirttail Hem T-Shirts

I always need some basic t-shirts for layering, easy pairing with scarves, jackets, accessories, etc.  And this year Express rolled out a variety of t-shirt options with a shirttail hem (definition here if you need clarification). This resulted in an overhaul of my entire t-shirt collection, because there's something about that cut on a t-shirt that I find more flattering than a straight hem. Once I started with these,  it was a slippery slope:

Express t shirt, shirttail hem, 3/4 length sleeve, scoop neck, v neck, bateau neck, short sleeve, long sleeve, tab shoulder, zip shoulder, button shoulder

Plus they lend themselves easily to front tuck, as shown on the model here for the current 3/4 length sleeve version.
express bateau neck zip shoulder 3/4 length sleeve shirttail hem tee

7. (Minus the) Leather Moto Jacket

This is one of the pieces that received an entire post to itself HERE, complete with celebrity appearances and plenty of styling options. I got my first (Minus the) Leather Jacket in 2012, but continued reach for it frequently this year and added some new members to my collection, so I had to include it in my Best of 2013 list.

Right now I'm pretty content with my collection. Any time I need one for an outfit, one of these options works out. There are some new, tempting color options (like the Whiskey version), but I'm going to do my best to just enjoy my current options in 2014 rather than adding any more to this set.

express (minus the) leather moto jacket, double peplum, black cognac, grey, champagne

8. Sculpted Hoop Pendant Necklace

This is probably my most worn necklace of 2013, not for its uniqueness but for its simplicity and ease of pairing with anything. It comes in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, all available HERE. I talked about it a little bit in my recent necklace post, and showed all the guest appearances it made in my various fitting room try-ons:

express sculpted hoop pendant necklace, circle necklae

But there's something important I failed to tell you. This necklace will improve your flexibility and look great with your workout clothes.

Exhibit A:

Alright, maybe that's a bit of a stretch (ba-dum ching!) but I did notice Insiya Rasiwala-Finn wearing a very similar necklace in this DVD, and her yoga skills are pretty amazing.

9. Leopard Infinity Scarf

If you missed my first post about this scarf, below are a few of my favorite looks featuring the Express Leopard Infinity Scarf.  I really didn't wear many scarves at all prior to this year, but I bought the original version (below) in early 2013 and I was hooked. Ashley of Le Stylo Rouge perfectly summed it up in her comment on my original post about this, "Infinity scarves are perfect- great fashion pay-off, but easy to do."

express leopard infinity scarf
L-R: More Pieces of MeSydney's Fashion DiarySource

10. Zippered Marled Bouclé Mini Skirt

While I haven't given this skirt its own post this year, I've definitely given it a lot of attention. You can read more about it and see various styling options in each of these posts: one, two, three, fourfive, and six. It's comfortable, versatile, and obviously it's totally cute. It's also marked way down on clearance now so if you think you might love it as much as I do, get it now (HERE) before it's gone.

express zippered marled boucle mini skirt
L-R: With Love From KatMore Pieces of Me


If you like reading about beauty products that internet strangers like (because I do), then read on! There were a few other products I discovered and came to love in 2013, and I think they're worth sharing for those who may not know about them yet. Many of mine are nail care related, because aside from obsessing about Express, I obsess about my nails. Not enough to have blog about them, but enough to give them some mentions here and there.

And I can't personally take credit for any of these tips. I learned them all from googling and reading various other blogs, but I haven't kept track of where I learned what to really give proper credit to anyone except the Almighty Internet.

1. Nail Polish Remover (not sold online)

I don't  know why I never tried one of these until this year, I always assumed they were just tubs of nail polish remover. Well, they are tubs of nail polish remover, but they have bristles inside (shown in the second photo) that scrub your nail and make the polish come off so much faster and easier . It also doesn't leave the residue behind that regular cotton swabs leave. And I can't count how many times I've finished painting my nails only to accidentally mess up one nail. How am I supposed to remove the polish on that one nail without messing up the rest? This is how! This has been such a great find for me in 2013.

2. E.L.F. Small Angled Brush

I've gotten pretty good at painting my nails with accuracy, but I do get the occasional swipe of polish on my skin around my nail. I used to use a Q-Tip dipped in nail polish remover for this, but this year I found a better clean up method. I use this $3 brush from Target dipped in nail polish remover. It has a narrow, angled head with stiff bristles and is more precise at cleaning up the area around the finger nail than a Q-tip.

3. Lansinoh Lanolin

All the harsh chemicals in nail polish remover (not to mention dry winter weather) do a number on my cuticles and the skin on my finger tips. Even though this product is designed for breastfeeding mothers, it is a miracle worker on fingertips. I started using this twice a day on my fingers this year and within three days the difference was amazing. I have rarely had a hangnail or anything other than smooth skin around my nails since I started using it. It's pretty sticky and tacky on application, so I usually do it right before bedtime and one other time during the day when I don't have to touch much for about 20 minutes so it can completely absorb and work its magic.

4. Nexcare Acne Patch

I really wish I had these in my teenage years! My skin is much better now than it was then, but I still get the occasional breakout. And these acne patches are ah.may.zing at getting rid of a zit. They suck out all the stuff that's blocking your pore and flatten it out overnight (once it's reached the popping stage). I found a couple of excellent reviews HERE and HERE, with good, informative photos. It's a little icky, but not too disgusting.

I have never seen them in stores, so I purchase mine on eBay. You can also find them on Amazon, but the packaging looks different so I tend to stick with the one I know.

I'm excited to see what 2014 will bring and what new products I'll discover and wonder how I ever lived without!

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  1. Awesome picks! The Moto jackets have me drooling! Can you believe I've never even tried one on? They look so chic! Happy new year :)

    1. Hm, if they haven't called your name after this long maybe they just aren't your thing? Although trying one on might change your mind!

  2. You have four of the minus the leather jackets!??! Seriously envy of that! Happy 2014!

    1. LOL, yes, well, I started the collection about two years ago so I've been carefully sale stalking for quite some time!

  3. Great jackets!! And I love the last look in the boucle skirt! Thanks for sharing with Three-fer Thursday!

    xo Bethany

    1. Thanks for visting, Bethany, and thanks for hosting the linkup!

  4. I'm going out to buy the target remove and angle brush now! Good ideas! Nice round up as always :)

    1. Let me know how it works out for you! Glad this was new information to at least one person. :)

  5. How have you not told me you have 4 of those jackets?! I am kicking myself that I never got the wine colored one. I love the fit of it so much!

    And the tee! That striped tee is my fave! I'm afraid it will shrink so I wash it on cold, stretch it and shape it and hang dry. It really is the best and most flattering fitting tee.

    I am totally a fan of using a lil brush to clean up polish! Life changing!

    Great post, lady!

    1. Thanks! And I guess I have been keeping my closet contents a little too secret by not sharing outfits.

  6. i've never seen those faux leather jackets at express, or I would've picked one up by now. I've avoided Express in the past because of their constant and overlapping sales that confused me, but they have some really trendy pieces that I've started eyeing.


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. I understand the frustration with the sales. It was especially bad over the holidays where they sent out coupons that were supposed to be valid on certain dates but weren't because of "store wide promotions." Buuut, if you check back here often you might find you like more things there than you realized. :)

  7. Happy New Year!

    I'm of the school of thought that a girl can never have too many t-shirts or leather jackets (both faux and/or real)! :)


  8. Happy New Year!!
    Wow what an amazing collection of moto jackets, you are like me, if I like something I buy multiple colours, dives my hubby crazy but I love doing it. I have to try that nail polish remover, love the sound of that.


    1. That is exactly how I am. :) Once I get a uniform down, I just buy it in all the colors and switch them around. It makes getting dressed a little easier for me since I'm not that creative in that department.

  9. That's a pretty impressive jacket collection! The Favorite Fashion Friday link up is back tomorrow. Hope to see you there!
    Penniless Socialite
    J. Crew Gift Card Giveaway!

    1. Thanks Tara and thanks for the reminder. Happy to link up again!

  10. I can't believe you have that many motos. I'm so upset by the fact that I bought the wrongness size in the whiskey, exchanged it by mail only to be told they no longer have any available. I had it in my life and then it was gone in a flash. Oh well. Happy New Year!

    1. Oooh, that sucks about the wrong size issue! I've had quite a few things that got away from me that way and I never forget. For instance there was a striped tank last summer...I'm hoping they reincarnate it this year!

  11. I know I'm super late in commenting (am only now going through all my unread posts in bloglovin'!) - but I wanted to tell you that I REALLY enjoyed both of these favorites posts!

    I adore the portofino shirts - and now I really want to try the Stella leggings and Shirttail hem t-shirts!

    You really make me want to spend more time shopping at Express lol! Hope I manage to get my items on super sale :-)

    1. Thank you so much for the nice compliments! I really appreciate it, and you're not even a little bit late. :) I'll be blog-stalking you to see what new goodies you get and I hope you enjoy them!


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