The Bangles: Not Just an 80s Band

Not long ago, I think my second favorite category of jewelry would have been earrings (necklaces being my longstanding first). But sometime in approximately 2012, a marketing genius (or clever fashion blogger) coined the term Arm Party and since then my bracelet collection has grown by a percentage I don't even want to calculate.

A very large percentage of my personal bracelet collection comes from Express because just like the necklace selections, I can always find what I need, anything from traditional to edgy. I loved this photo from the header page of the Express jewelry section because I felt like it had a great display of the range of options:

I identified each piece used, so here's where you can find each piece of this puzzle (many pieces were used twice, but I listed each one in order anyway):

L-R: Rhinestone and Bead Stretch BraceletsRhinestone Embellished Hinge BraceletLarge Rhinestone Embellished Leather BraceletPave Accent Skinny Hinge BraceletRhinestone Embellished CuffStudded Cube Open Hinge Bracelet, Rhinestone BanglesRhinestone Embellished Hinge BraceletRhinestone and Bead Stretch BraceletsLarge Rhinestone Embellished Leather BraceletRhinestone Embellished Hinge BraceletRhinestone Bangles

A couple of weeks ago I asked my Holiday Style Linkup collaborator More Pieces of Me for a sneak preview of one of her holiday outfits. When she sent me this preview:

I instantly zoomed in on her bracelet because I'm in the market for some new options. (See her full outfit details here.) So I asked for details, and she told me that it was from Express (go figure!) and sent me a link to it buy it HERE. I laughed at myself when I saw the bracelet details because oh....hey. I already have that. In two colors!!

So even if I don't recognize it on others, it is one of my favorites. I have it in black and hematite and it's my go-to bracelet for a night out.  It's also rated about 4.5 stars on average by six reviewers (one of them being me!), so you don't have to take just my word for what a fun piece this is.

Since my bracelet stacking attempts never seem to look as perfect as the ones I see on Pinterest, I'm often drawn to the bracelet sets that Express offers, because the stacking is done for me. I've used this one countless times as a set or sometimes just one or two of the pieces of the set (as shown here on Chic Street Style). And I just realized there's a gold version, too...that might be joining my collection. It's practical to have your favorites in gold and silver, right?


The bracelet that has actually appeared most on this blog is one I don't even own (yet...), and it's the Abstract Scroll Hinge Bracelet:

You might recall this from some past style inspirations posts, but if not you can check it out on A Memory of Us and More Pieces of Me:

Express abstract scroll hinge bracelet

This seems like it would be another great completer piece...easy to dress up or down and goes with practically anything. I can see why it's a popular choice!

I'm looking to get a new watch in 2014 and one of the top contenders on my list is this Chain Link Watch I spotted HERE in an Express Instagram shot:

We've also seen the Rose Gold version several times in Style Inspirations posts. If one of the other bracelets in this picture is grabbing your attention, from L-R they are the Cross and Faceted Bead Stretch Bracelet, Love Charm Bracelet, and Mixed Stone Open Bangle Bracelet.

I hate to pay for shipping so bracelets often end up being something I throw in an order to get me up to that $125 number. But good news! Free shipping at Express.com until midnight Eastern Time (always important for us West Coasters to note) with no minimum today! That's a rare treat from Express, and great timing if you want to avoid the holiday rush at the mall. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back Friday for a great list of Express pieces I've found this week on celebrities, bloggers and something in-between!

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  1. I have the scroll bracelet in hematite and rose gold! You need it! I love its design!
    And I totally agree. My bracelet collection is out of control. I need to do a better job at creating interesting arm parties tho! I reach for the same ones over and over!
    Thanks for the shout outs as always!

    1. Same here...I'm starting to favor bigger single bracelets (like the scroll hinge) because I just don't want to have to think that hard about what bracelets work together, but I feel like they need to take up X amount of space on my arm!

    2. Wouldn't it be great if fashion were a simple mathematical equation?!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I seriously wear that bracelet at least once a week. Last time I went into Express they had so many awesome bracelets, but since I couldn't decide which one I wanted I just left with a necklace! hahah

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for helping me out with the post. And I know what you mean...necklaces are basically easier for me to style than bracelets!

  3. Great post. I'm just starting to add bracelets to my outfits. I'm more of a necklace and earring gal or just earrings and a scarf. I don't know; I'm so fickle.


    1. Bracelets are a slippery slope, although I found I went crazy purchasing them in the summer, but I don't need them as much in the winter because of long sleeves. So maybe in a few months you'll start wanting your neck to breathe and craving some wrist accents...

  4. I've also become a huge fan of arm candy, and I was more of a earring gal before. I love these options.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Anngelik! I think there are a lot of us with a new interest in bracelets these days!

  5. love bangles!


  6. I love a good arm stack- I tend to pile 'em on! :)


    1. I've definitely been known to get carried away with them too!


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