Repeat Offender Reviews

When I see an item from Express appear on blog after blog after blog, I start to feel like I'm the last person in America to have it and it's going to sell out if I don't get it NOW. I also feel like a very inadequate exclusively-Express blogger if I don't at least have some opinion on these popular pieces that everyone has. (And by everyone I mean 2-4 bloggers.)

Before I get to new reviews, I wanted to follow up on this Zippered Marled Boucle Mini (on the left). I mentioned HERE how much I liked it and that it was definitely longer on me than the Textured Tartan Plaid Mini Skirt (update: sold out now but similar linked). Somehow I missed taking a photo of it when I originally tried it on, so I finally took one in a fitting room recently. Here's a side by side of the length on the two skirts on me:

Express marled boucle mini skirt, zippered mini, tartan plaid mini skirt, black and white mini

The product description on both of these skirts say they are each 14" long. I measured each one and they are just a hair under that in the back, slightly shorter in the front. I'm wearing the same size in each skirt, so I think the Zippered Marled Boucle (on the left) just sits lower on the hips, making it look longer.

On to the "everyone else is wearing it" stuff! First up: Tulip Back Sweaters. Sometimes I see these called split back or open back sweaters, but on the Express site they are labeled Tulip Back so I'll stick with that label from here on out. I saw this piece on Bows & Sequins, Petite Hues, and Sydne Style. (See what I mean? EVERYONE!) I tried on the Striped Front Tulip Back Sweater with Scuba Leggings:

Express tulip back sweater, striped sweater, open back sweater, scuba leggings

I wanted to be certain that this style of sweater would be long enough for me to wear with leggings, and I do think it is. I'm wearing an XS here and I might want to try a Small before making a purchase just to see if it has extra length and to give it more of the oversized look. But my main hesitation with getting this came down to the tulip back, which was originally the detail I liked the best about it. But that thin, sheer layer that goes in between the sweater segments doesn't offer much in terms of warmth. It was pretty drafty back there! So in order to stay warm, I'd probably need to wear a jacket over this, but then you wouldn't be able to see the best part! I guess alternatively I could layer something under it, but I didn't think of that until I started writing this post! There are several fun styles of this sweater so it may go back on my wishlist if I can find something smooth and warm to wear under it. I'm open to suggestions on that if any of you have good layering tips!

Next up are the Trapunto Leggings, as seen here and on More Pieces of Me. I have a pair of olive cargo skinnies (several years old) from Target that are in pretty desperate need of replacement, but I haven't found just the right pair to replace them yet. After seeing the olive version on Carylee, I was hopeful that these would be The Ones.

Express sateen trapunto leggings, jeans, moto, pants, cargo, olive, runway side cut out booties

Sadly, they were not The Ones. I have good luck with Express pants and jeans and the sizing is pretty consistent for me. But these were just not made for my body type. They were very tight in my thighs, but as you can see there's quite a gap at the waist. I wouldn't want to size down, either, because then I probably wouldn't be able to squeeze my thighs into them. I read the reviews on these for both colors and it does seem to be a hit or miss issue. One reviewer had the same problem as me, two others loved them.

By the way, I am wearing the pants above with the Open Toe Side Cut-Out Heeled Runway Bootie. The zippers on the pair I tried were hard to work with, but they have great reviews online so maybe it was just my particular pair. Or maybe I need to google "tricks for loosening zippers" or something.

Next up is the Striped Side Slit Shaker Knit Sweater. Again, everyone has this. So far I've seen it on Clothes Horse NYC, With Love From Kat, and Damsel in Dior. I also spotted it a FOURTH time this week in olive on a new blogger. Check in on Friday to see who it is!

Here are the variations of the sweater as shown on Express.com:

Express striped side slit shaker knit sweater, stripe, stripes, olive, black, white, red

As of yesterday, there are 19 reviews for this sweater online. Several of the comments indicate that the sweater is boxy in person and does not fit in real life as it fits on the model. The reviews were also all over the map on sizing. Some sad it ran big, others said it ran small. If you were planning to order this online without trying on in person first it would be pretty confusing.

I tried this on in two sizes (X-Small on the left, Small on the right) to see what I could learn about fit and sizing:

Express striped side slit shaker knit sweater, stripe, stripes

Is it boxy? Yes, it is. The white and red versions on the model have very tapered waists and the one I tried on is straight up and down. Also, there wasn't much difference in fit between the Small and XS. The main difference was the length in the torso and the sleeves. (The small was longer in both areas.)

I've also been busy preparing for Monday's post. Our Holiday Style Link Up series continues with a post on Holiday Cocktail attire, and Oh Em Gee. There are so many great dresses at Express right now! I've shown several styles here already and here's a sneak peek at a few more that I'll review on Monday:

Express holiday dress, sequin deep v dress, jeweled neckline sheath dress, strapless dress, snakeprint dress, python dress, striped zip up dress

And finally, some Black Friday/Cyber Monday thoughts. I predicted that Express would do 50% off everything as in the past but keep their free shipping on $125 this year. And they did! That's the good news. The bad news is that I predicted they would do 40% off everything on Cyber Monday, have free shipping on all orders, AND allow coupon use. Unfortunately I was only two for three on that one.  They did 40% off and had free shipping on all orders, but they did NOT allow coupon use Monday. It was pretty frustrating since the coupons specifically stated they were valid on those days. But their website said that the 40% off couldn't be combined with other offers or promotions, and in-store I was told the same thing. I wasn't the only person who was disappointed and felt misled about that, because they had some comments from other frustrated shoppers on their Facebook page as well. I'll be interested to see what they do next year, and I'll be referring back to my notes here to see if I can make more accurate predictions on the big sales!

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  1. I just love both of those skirts on you! I'm intrigued by the tulip sweater. I have one top like it, and it was quite weird wearing it for the same reasons you posted. And wowza lady! Those dresses all look fab on you! I'm so excited for Mondays post!!!

    1. The skirts have definitely been a fun addition to my wardrobe! And yes...Monday will be FUN and fabulous!

  2. Love that tulip sweater on you! And thanks- now I know what to call the darn things! :)


    1. Thanks so much, Chelsey! And you're welcome on the naming lesson...although I don't know if only Express calls them that or it's a generally accepted term? Either way, cute but chilly on its own!

  3. Great post! Too bad the waist on the cargo jeans didn't fit because you are definitely rocking the legs. I'm loving the 2nd dress and will have to stop into my Express today to see if they have this one. Thanks for posting your feedback on everything. You rock!


    1. Thanks Skye!! I am still on the lookout for the perfect olive skinnies so if you find a pair you love, let me know!!

  4. I know what you mean about wanting to try for yourself an item ALL the bloggers seem to have. :) Loving the holiday dresses, too!


    1. Ha- yes! Glad I'm not alone in being so easily influenced. I have to laugh when I count up how few *actual* appearances a product has made vs. the thought in my head that it's EVERYWHERE.


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