Wishlist Wednesday

Do you ever see something on a blog and instantly know you HAVE to have it? And then the blogger mentions that they got their item for an amazing sale price, but by the time you go to look for the same piece, the sale has ended. I've been in that disappointing situation a few times and I always hate feeling like I didn't get a good deal.

So with the Black Friday sale in full swing at Express, I decided to take some preventative measures against post-sale robbery. I reached out to four bloggers who have been known to shop at Express regularly to see what's on their wishlist right now. This way, I have a chance to get the same discount price on items that I might end up seeing later on their blog.

More Pieces of Me:

Express blazer, jacket, khaki, tan, beige, nude, minus the leather leggings, scuba leggings

If anyone can make me spend money at Express, it's this girl right here. This is one of my favorite outfits of hers, and in this she's wearing she's wearing an Express blazer and leggings. If you want to add to your closet right along with her, check out what's on her wishlist here:

Express Tiger striped sweater coat, sequin aztec print skirt, shoe print portofino shirt

My shopping notes: I tried on the sweater coat HERE and called it a "wavy zebra" pattern. Oops...I guess it's actually a black and white tiger print! Who knew? With winter right around the corner, this would be great for staying warm in the colder months. And a Shoe Print Portofino? This might as well have Carylee's name on it! For new readers you can check out my Portofino Style Guide for all the reasons to love this shirt and all the ways to wear it.


Express polka dot portofino shirt, Target moto jacket, Express lace skirt

Noelle has classic, ladylike style (and an always-perfect manicure) and has pushed me to click "Proceed to Checkout" quite a few times herself. She's wearing an Express Polka Dot Portofino and Express skirt in this outfit, and here's a peek at some pieces that she has her eye on:

Express polka dot sweater, lace panel scarf, scuba leggings, blue dress, metallic jacquard fit and flare dress

My shopping notes: I tried on the Scuba Leggings HERE and the Metallic Blue Dress HERE. They are both great choices and the leggings in particular have made several appearances on past Style Inspirations posts..and will be back there again later this week! I also love the new items here (the scarf and sweater) and have a feeling the sweater (which comes in three different colors) in particular will be very popular!

The Shopaholic SAHM:
Express tie front tunic, express stella extreme stretch leggings, necklace, bracelet
Nobody rocks a slouchy top and skinny jeans quite like Skye, and this outfit features her signature look with everything except the shoes from Express. Here are the pieces on her wishlist that will probably end up in her closet sooner rather than later...she always stays true to her blog name!

Express cowl neck tunic, distressed stella jean leggings, minus the leather moto jacket, soft bomber, whipstitch hobo, satchel, one
Top: Convertible Cowl Tunic SweaterStella Destroyed Jean Legging(Minus the) Leather Double Peplum Moto Jacket (in Whiskey)
Bottom: Soft Bomber Jacket, Double Zip Whipstitched Strap Hobo BagOne Button Studio Stretch Jacket

My shopping notes: So...this list is what happens when you tell a self-confessed shopaholic to give you 2-3 wishlist items! But her list has several of my personal favorites, so I can't say I blame her. Everyone needs a (Minus the) Leather Moto Jacket (click HERE to see some of its fans...including celebrities!), and this color looks gorgeous. The distressed Stellas are actually my current favorite pair of jeans and in heavy rotation. And the Studio Stretch Jacket is also my favorite blazer! I have it in a couple of colors and love the flattering, tailored fit with enough stretch so you can actually move in it.

Kelly's Reality:

Express colorblocked black and white dress

This brand-new blogger keeps a healthy sense of humor and perspective about everything in life. And see above for a perfect example of how to make heads turn in Vegas (or anywhere) in a little black & white dress...from Express! Here's what's on Kelly's wishlist right now:

Express zip front mesh back sheath dress, sequin fringe mini skirt, plunging v neck metallic lace dress, black dress, LBD

Zip Front Mesh Back Sheath DressSequin Fringe Mini SkirtPlunging V Neck Metallic Lace Dress

My shopping notes: I can tell that Kelly has holiday parties and New Year's Eve sequins on her mind! I can't wait to see what she comes up with in the Holiday Style Link Up Series! The only one of these pieces I've tried is the Plunging V Neck Metallic Lace Dress. I'll have pictures and more details in an upcoming post, but my quick review is that this is gorgeous in person (of course!) and runs a little small, so you may want to size up. I almost had to call the fitting room attendant for help getting out of this!

This was a really fun post for me to put together since I always love to see what people are buying or thinking about buying at my favorite store. I'd love to do this again, so if you have a blog and you have a wishlist at Express, send me an email so I can feature you here!



  1. Love this! Once again, thank you for the feature :) Now my list is even bigger! Uh-oh!

    1. Yeah, my wishlist grew a little making this post too!

  2. Loving all these looks! Express' black friday sale is one of the best! :)


    1. Yes it is! And I love how they started it earlier this year to help reduce the crowds.

  3. haha! I love what you had to say about me. Thanks for featuring me. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks for stopping by to check out the post! :)

  4. OMG how fun is this! What a creative post - I love it! And I love seeing all of our different tastes - kind of shows you how versatile Express is. Great job! And thanks for the shout out! I'm going to link back to this on my FB page!
    PS I need those distressed Stellas. No lie - I wear the Stellas all the time - but I have THREE of the same pair! Bc I wear them that much!

    1. Thanks for the nice compliments and for sharing this on FB. And I agree, it's really fun to see how 4 people can go into the same store and come out with completely different results.

  5. Fabulous post although I'm a little biased ;) I just went to express today and bought A TON of new clothes can't wait to share them! I'm sure you scooped up a lot with the sale can't wait to see your outfits. Happy thanksgiving :)

    1. I can't wait to see what you bought and how you wear it! Glad you enjoyed the post. :)

  6. I love this look, very sophisticated !


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