Trend Watch: Zippers

Of all the trends I've covered here so far (Camouflage, Leopard and Plaid), the exposed zipper trend is the one I find myself wearing the most. I'm not exactly the biggest risk taker when it comes to fashion (although I admire those who are!), and this one allows me to stay in my comfort zone because it doesn't make a big statement or have the impact of a bold print. I can wear my classic favorites like jeans or a blouse, add some zippers instead of a basic pocket, and suddenly that piece feels more interesting and on trend.

There are so many fun zipper-trend pieces at Express right now, and some of them have become my personal favorites, while others didn't make the cut.

One of things I'm wearing a lot this fall are the Brushed Sateen Hip Zip Ankle Pants. They're available in Dusty Moss and Black

Since Express hasn't done any colored denim (unless you count grey?) this fall, I was happy to see the Dusty Moss as an option in these pants. I took the same size in these as I wear in Express jeans, and loved the look and feel of the brushed sateen, which I think looks a little nicer and feels a little thicker than regular denim. The top zipper on the hip pockets can be opened and shut to access a small, usable pocket there. My hands always feel lost when my pants don't have pockets, but I can't really put my hands in these and I'm dealing with it for the sake of the look!

I wore the black pair with my Snakeskin Portofino recently, and was happy with the final outfit result:

This past weekend I ended up coming home with another pair of zipper-trend pants. I only grabbed them in store to try on with shirts but then ended up loving them...figures! Updated: These are the Stella Railroad Stripe Ankle Jean Legging, now available online HERE.

The tag simply says Stella Ankle Legging, but they have the extra exposed zipper detail at the hip and ankle and are priced a little higher than regular Stellas at $98.00. (I paid $45.68 though, since all jeans were 30% off and I had a mailer coupon that amounted to 33% off. That was a much more reasonable price to me!)

Unlike the Brushed Sateen pants, these have regular functional pockets at the hip with the zipper as an accent on the outside. The blue fabric also has a faint pinstripe print, which you can only see on close examination. These also fit true-to-size for me, and that's one of the reasons why I'm such a loyal customer: I love consistent sizing!

And you may have noticed I tried these pants on with this new Portofino shirt color! I seriously think they are adding new colors by the DAY. I'll give more details on this one in an upcoming post.

This next item was a miss for me, and it's the Zip Pocket Half Placket Tunic:
I thought I would love this because the look reminded me of the Portofino but with the zip pocket details. Plus, I had wanted a zip-pocket top since seeing one back in April on the Shopaholic SAHM.

But the lack of functionality on this shirt kept me from making a purchase when I tried it on. First, because of the material, the sleeves would never stay up like they are on the model above without being pinned or fixed in some uncomfortable way. You can see how the sleeve on the left hung when I tried it on (in Pink Flair):

Okay, so maybe I could just consider it a long sleeved shirt only? I might have done that, but notice how the buttons are just teeny tiny dots:

The dot-buttons are extremely difficult to fasten. And some of the reviews online say that they don't stay fastened very well, either. I didn't wear it long enough to find that out, but I'm pretty sure that would annoy me if I purchased it. So I was disappointed with this one, and I'm still on the lookout for a great zip pocket blouse.

So those are my experiences with the zipper trend, but if none of those strike your fancy, here's a sampling of some other Zipper Trend pieces at Express:

Mini Skirts:
L-R: Zippered Marled Boucle Mini, (Minus the) Leather Quilted Mini, Textured Tartan Plaid Mini

Other bottoms:
L-R: Studio Stretch Zip Back Pencil Skirt, Ponte Knit Hip Zip Leggings, 2 Inch Hip Zip Shorts


L-R: Pleated Zip Front Fit & Flare Dress, Sleeveless Chiffon Yoke Dress, Zip Pocket Portofino Shirtdress

L-R: Split Zipper Foldover Suede Clutch, Suede Zip Cuff Gloves, Double Zip Whipstitched Strap Hobo

Thanks for reading and check back soon for some updates on previous topics (EXP Core Compression pants!) and more details on new stuff in store at Express.



  1. I tried on that red zipper top (silky red zip front top) in Express recently! I LOVED it. I only didn't purchase it because I already have a red blouse and didn't think I needed another one :(. They also had it in leopard print, but I already own a leopard print blouse. It is super cute though!


    1. Thanks for the feedback on the red top, Darcy! I haven't tried that one on myself, probably because it's only available in BOLD colors and patterns and I'm not up to the challenging of pulling those off!

  2. LOVE the black zipper pants with the snakeskin portofino! So perfect! And have you tried this folding technique for shirts? Not sure this would have helped the shirt above, but in general, it's pretty genius and sleeves stay put: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/60657926203885537/

    1. Ooh, thank you for the link and tip! I would have to try it to see if it would work because the fabric was so slippery I don't know if it would stay. But I'm going to try it out with some of my other shirts!

  3. I love those jeans with the zippers, they look incredible!


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