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First, I had some great reader feedback on the EXP Core Compression Pants I reviewed recently and since she gave me permission to share her input, I thought it might be helpful to others to post it here.

Here are the pants again that I tried on... and ended up buying last week thanks to the feedback here! They were just so much cuter than my current pair and reasonably priced ($33) after coupons. I originally said they were similar to my Target C9 pants (I have this pair), but after bringing them home and comparing side-by-side, the Express pants definitely have better shaping and compression qualities:
EXP Core Compression Capri

My reader is familiar with several other brands of performance wear she had some good insights on how these compare in terms of feel and sizing. For reference, she is 5'5" and 120-125 pounds. She usually wears a 2 or 4 at Express and considers herself a straight up-and-down/ruler body type. She was unsure whether to order a Small or Medium size in these pants, so she ordered both and returned the one that didn't fit.  Here are her comments:

"You were right, and the size small was the right size for me. But at the same time, I didn't feel there was a massive difference in the size between small and medium, so someone with a bigger stomach might want to size up for a more comfortable fit around the waist.Of all the workout lines I have tried, I would say the sizing on the crop pants is closest to Lucy and New Balance. In both of those lines, I wear a size small with a very similar fit. In my experience, I would say that Adidas, Nike, and C9 (Target line) usually run a bit smaller than these. If people wear those lines, they may want to size down for Express. VS fit is close to Express but just a tad smaller. I actually find I am right between a small and medium in the workout pants at VS right now."

Hopefully that helps some of you who are thinking about getting some of these pants!

I mentioned in yesterday's post that Express is adding Portofino colors at a rapid pace. It's really nice to have  a great selection of color options to go with each season and flatter a variety of skintones. I tried this light pink version on with my zipper pants:
Express Portofino pink, stella ankle legging, jeans, zipper details

I had another piece of reader feedback asking whether the fabric is different on the Portofinos lately because they seem more wrinkly than usual.  I have definitely noticed how wrinkly they are in store! If you need proof, let's examine Exhibit A through C:
Express portofino convertible sleeve shirt

I compared the tags on the more recent ones I own to the oldest one I own (which is from early 2013) and they are all the same: 100% Polyester.  To the touch, I think my oldest one feels slightly thicker. But not by much. And thankfully none of mine seem to wrinkle throughout the day with wear.. So I really can't tell for sure how or why they are different, but I do know that I'm getting a lot of use out of my steamer since owning these shirts.

I use the Jiffy Esteam, which I bought on Amazon. I don't think it's an amazing steamer, but I'm basically satisfied with it for the price I paid. It's also lightweight and portable, so you can travel with it.

I also tried on a couple of other shirts that I thought were new Portofinos, but in checking the website for details, it turns out they are not technically Portofinos. But they would make fun date night or night out tops since they are slightly more embellished than the average Portofino.

First I tried the Metallic Clip Dot Chiffon Shirt:
Express metallic clip dot chiffon shirt, sparkly portofino

This shirt is completely sheer, but luckily I had a black tank on that day. There's one review for this shirt online, and she only gave it one star because "It's too shimmery and very itchy even with a cami underneath." I agree with her that it's itchy, although I think it's supposed to be shimmery for it to be more festive than usual, so I wouldn't really rate it lower for that reason. Still, the comfort wasn't the best and I don't think I would enjoy wearing it very much.

The next not-technically-a-Portofino I tried on was the Lace Trimmed Convertible Sleeve Shirt:
express lace trimmed shirt, lace portofino

Notice that the lace paneling on the sides are completely sheer and there's no fabric underneath it. Both online reviewers of this top thought it ran small, but I didn't feel the same. It was true to size for me, although the fit was boxier than a Portofino and the fabric was less flowy even though it's also 100% Polyester.

I have a few other try-ons to share and new items to talk about, but I try not to make each post too long or scattered in topic, so I'll leave it at this for today. Hopefully you found some useful information and will check back soon for more!



  1. I love the look of the lace paneling! Very romantic and anything lace calls to me! However, I agree that it looks a bit boxy in comparison to other portofinos. I hope the quality and fit don't go down!
    PS, I'm wearing express sweater leggings on my blog and they are so nice and cozy! Have you tried them?

    1. I saw your sweater leggings post! I'll be linking to in in my post on Friday of Style Inspirations. :) I haven't tried them (I don't have any leggings if you can believe it) but I have a feeling those could be very popular!

  2. Oh wait, I didn't read correctly! The lace panel shirt is not a portofino! It does look like one though.

  3. The portfolio is coming out with tons of types! I just use a norm iron on my two and that works fin for th wrinkles too.

    1. The regular iron probably does a better job. I think I'm just lazy and the steamer seems easier. :)

  4. New to your blog girlie. Is that your stomach??? wow! Also loving those pants too

    xo Melturquoise blonde

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, that would be my stomach...thanks for the nice comment. :) I also like to workout on the daily, but I don't think I have as much to say about my workouts as I do my clothes!

  5. I need this steamer. I was just talking to my husband over the weekend about needing one. Thanks for the link.

  6. You have a killer body! I love these items especially the black shirt. It looks amazing on you.


  7. Im a new reader and love love love express so your blog is perfect. Can you wear the portiofino shirts for date night? Thinking of grabbing a few but I don't work in an office so they would have to be for fun nights out.


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