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Just over a week ago I featured this Embroidered Lace Tee in my Style Inspirations post:

You can see it styled on Haute Pink Pretty recently and on Sydne Style back in April.

This top was released last spring in only cream and black at first, and in the fall they added red and white versions. I loved it and ordered it right away, but unfortunately it just did not fit me right no matter what size I tried. Plenty of reviews on the website indicated that I wasn't the only one with fit problems in this piece, so at least I wasn't alone in my disappointment.

If you happened to be one of the unlucky ones with the Embroidered Lace Top, I may have good news for you. There is now an Embroidered Lace DRESS!

Express, Embroidered Lace, tee, dress, Cream, Ivory

The best part for me was that the dress fit me so much better than the top. I tried it on in two sizes and two colors:

Express Embroidered Lace Dress, black, ivory, cream

In the cream version of the dress I tried on a size Small (because they didn't have an XS) and I tried an XS in the black dress, which I would normally wear in Express dresses. You'll notice there's quite a bit of difference in fit as well as length between the two sizes.

I love how you can see so much more lace detail in the cream version of the dress, and I think it can probably be styled more casually than the black version. That said, I love the black lace version and think it would make a great Little Black Dress for a variety of occasions and seasons. So would someone please invite me to a party where I have an excuse to wear this dress?

Here's a little more detail of the black version:

Express Embroidered Lace Dress, Black, holiday dress, little black dress, LBD

You may have also this promotional photo that Express has been using frequently on their website, mailers and coupon books:
Express red lace dress, holiday

I spotted this Lace Open Back Sheath Dress in store as well and thought I should try it on for comparison. It's pretty short on the model, but I'm guessing she's at least 5'10". On someone 5'4" like myself, it wasn't quite so short, especially in the front. It looks a little shorter in the back (granted my arms are not down in the second photo), but still not as short as it is on the model:

Express red lace open back sheath dress, holiday dress

I tried this on in an XS and it was a noticeably more roomy fit in the hips and thighs than the Black Embroidered Lace Dress above.

Another gorgeous new lace piece in stores now is this Lace Surplice Wrap Plunging Halter.

Express black lace halter, tank, cami, top, blouse

I tried it on and it fits true to size for tops. (Updated: this is available online now. I am pretty sure that the model on the website has hers pinned at the V in the front because in real life it doesn't stay shut like hers. It plunges pretty deep.)

And just in case you missed it, last week I reviewed the Lace Trimmed Convertible Sleeve Blouse and you can read my comments on that HERE:

Express lace portofino, shirt, convertible sleeve blouse, top, grey blouse, black lace

Thanks for stopping by and check back soon for more news, reviews, and style inspirations!



  1. I seriously love the red lace dress you tried on! I am heading to the mall after work today and that is one of the items I plan on trying on! I don't have anywhere to wear it currently, but I think it may just need to be a black friday purchase and I'll save it for a fun event!

    1. Same boat here...so many pretty dresses, so few real-life reasons to wear them!! It's fun to try on though!

    2. what shoes would you wear with this dress? Nude or Black? I bought it for new years!

  2. I really like the embroidered lace dress...might work for some of the holiday parties I will be going to.

    1. Let me know if you get it! I'd love to hear another opinion on the fit plus additional styling ideas!

  3. Oh lace is so classic. I love it especially in red and white. I don't know why, but I've been loving everything red lately. That dress that you have on looks amazing.


    1. You would look stunning in the red lace dress, Anngelik!

  4. wow !! you look gorgeous :) i loved this lace look <3

    1. Thank you. :) So many choices at Express right now!

  5. You are really making me want the lace dress! The black one is totally amazing on you! Last season I was on a hunt for a cream lace dress and never quite found the right one. Hrrrrm

  6. I am soooo bummed! Desperately searching for that embroidered lace shift dress in xs black for my husbands Xmas party for work and it is completely sold out!!! Can't find anywhere! If you know of someone or if anyone on this blog is looking to sell one please let me know! It's becoming a mission to find this dress!

    1. Hi Heather, I'm happy to check my local store for you (they have a pretty good inventory most of the time). Just email me at onthedailyexpress@gmail.com. Your comments are set to "no reply" so I don't have another way to reach you. :)

  7. Hi! I'm thinking about buying the embroidered lace dress, but as I don't live anywhere near an Express store I wont be able to try it before I do. I'm about 5'6" with 33'5"-bust and 35"-hip, and I'm pending between the sizes Xs and S. Which size would you suggest?
    Thanks in advance! /Nikita

    1. Hi Nikita! Hopefully you'll see this. I would definitely recommend getting the Small in your case. I am a little bit shorter than you and a little smaller in the hips and bust, and the XS was still a snug fit. I wouldn't have wanted it any tighter or shorter! Good luck! -Gina

  8. Hello-I have the black portfonio with gold trim. Going to a comedy show next weekend. Skinny jeans and either boots or flats ok?? Seems people tuck in the front kind of loose and let back hang out or all untucked. Any suggestions? Well my black MK purse that has gold chain detail be too much or too matchy??

    Thanks in advance it will pry be a high of like 57 that day I think


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