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You may have noticed in some of my past posts that I like to check out the Express Instagram and Twitter accounts for shopping and how-to-style ideas of the items they post there. I like the challenge of figuring out what pieces were used in their features, so today I thought I'd break down some of their recent photos into easy-shop segments. If the exact product is not online, any option I list for a similar item will be an Express product as well.

Shoes, Bag- not available online. Here's a Stitched Chain Satchel (Black) or a Stitched Chain Clutch:

Left Mannequin: Graphic TankSpike NecklaceBracelet (this one's hard to see, even when zoomed in, but the option I found should achieve the same look. Exact Jacket not online (check stores because I see this piece often in store). Or for a denim jacket without leather sleeves, try this Faded Denim Jacket.

Right Mannequin: Sweater (This originally came in just Olive and Black. Now they've added white and mint color options), Necklace:

Large Geometric RingDouble Chain Ring, Individual Midi Ring looks like it's from This Set

P.S. What does the fox say? (While hunting for the rings above I saw this. Couldn't resist posting.)

Tierered Necklace, Faceted Blue Stone Necklace:

Quilted Sweatshirt, Skirt Possibly This or That:

Express (Minus the) Leather quilted sweatshirt, white, black skater skirt, mini skirt, black

Coat, Shirt, Skirt, Sweater:

Express boiled wool minus the leather coat, jacket, striped sweater, zippered marled boucle mini skirt, striped sweater, red, black, white


Express studded Tiger Sweatshirt grey black

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  1. those connected chain rings are badass - great finds!

    The Style Scribe

  2. Great styling tips- I literally want everything featured in this post! :)


  3. Beautiful items and that is one great idea. I will check out their Instagram pages and see what I can find.


  4. a) I hate to admit that I may be the only person who really does not know what the fox says
    b) the arm party is probably my fave of this post! Well, and the quilted sweatshirt, but that can't count since it's already in my closet :)


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