Inspired Try-ons and More

This post is mostly a series of random try-ons and reviews that haven't made it onto the blog with a specific category so far. Several pieces here I was inspired to try after seeing them on another blog, and you may recall seeing them via a Style Inspirations post.

Sometimes I ended up falling in love, other times I saved myself some money by trying on in person to find out a piece just wasn't for me.  If you've been eyeing any of these items, hopefully I can offer some helpful input.

First up is this Tie Front Chiffon Tunic:

express, plaid, tie front tunic, chiffon, top, blouse, shirt

I really wanted to get on board with the plaid trend this fall and I thought this top looked great on DJ Lindsay Luv here, so I was inspired to try it on. There are a couple of things to note with this top. First, it's chiffon and very lightweight and sheer. If you live in a cold climate you're going to need some layers under AND over it to stay warm!  Second, it runs very big and boxy, with a straight up and down cut. I didn't get this top mainly because I just didn't know how I would style it for real life warmth and functionality. If anyone else has purchased this I'd love to hear how you styled it.

My next inspired try-on pieces are the Textured Tartan Plaid Mini Skirt and Rhinestud Sleeve Sweater:
Express tartan plaid mini skirt, zipper, black, olive rhinestud crewneck sweater

I loved this skirt when I saw it on With Love From Kat and 9 to 5 Chic. This was another attempt to find my perfect plaid piece before fall is over and since the shirt didn't quite do it for me, why not a skirt? I adore this skirt, but it is a mini skirt and a short one at that. The fabric is thick and sturdy, which also means it doesn't have much stretch for movement, so getting in and out of cars and things like that will be challenging. I still want this skirt, I'm just not sure if it's too short for casual wear (for me). Let me know your thoughts below on how short is too short for a mini skirt!

The olive sweater above was also an inspired try-on. I saw it here on All Dolled Up back in September and thought it looked fun with the sleeve detail and versatile because of the color. I'm trying not to purchase any sweaters until the weather cools off here in Southern California so I can actually use them...and I'm still waiting! That's why I'm still holding off on buying this Striped Fitted Crewneck Sweater:

Express striped sweater, black and white

This one wasn't inspired by anything other than liking it in store. And then I loved everything about this when I tried it on, so it's on my wishlist for Black Friday.

Next up is the (Minus the) Leather Knit Trim Blazer:

Express (Minus the) Leather Knit Trim Blazer

I liked the idea of structure meets comfort in this blazer, plus the faux leather details are a nice touch. It has a thick, sweatshirt-like fabric and fits true-to-size. It also comes in a black version (select that option here), but then you can't see the contrast of the details as well.

I managed to recover some of my fitness wear images (mentioned in a previous post), including this one of the Love Express Yoga Crop Leggings and EXP Core Strappy Sports Bra:
Express, EXP Core, Strappy Sports Bra Top, workout, fitness wear, Camouflage yoga leggings, Crop pants

I really liked both of these pieces, although the waistband came up a little high on me with the yoga leggings (I have it pushed down slightly for the photo). And the best part of the bra top is the back detail:

Express, EXP Core strappy sports bra top

(I haven't quite mastered my "taking photos of the back view in a mirror" skills!)

And one last update: the Tiger Stripe Sweater Coat I first posted about HERE is now available online:

Express tiger stripe sweater coat, wool, oversize, animal print

Thanks again for stopping by and check back tomorrow for a very fun holiday announcement!



  1. Hi dear, these are all lovely looks indeed! My favorite is the one with the grey jacket, very elegant! Have a nice day!


  2. Replies
    1. You have expensive taste! Kidding, but I do think that was the priciest item I tried on! :)

  3. Love the first plaid shirt and the last sweater! Such cute outfits for fall.
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings 

  4. Replies
    1. I would love to see how you would style that piece! I'm picturing some kind of advanced layering technique. :)

  5. I really love the plaid skirt- yes, it's short. But sooo cute. And you could pair it with leggings to make it a little less risque. :) It looked killer on you!


    1. Thanks for the feedback, Ashley! I think you're right...the skirt would be easy enough to pair with black leggings to make it a little more daytime friendly.

  6. Cute as usual girl! Loving that open sweater. Wish you were on instagram would love to follow you on there :)

    1. Thanks for the input on Instagram. I will definitely consider it at some point! I think I might need a new phone with a decent camera, first! :)

  7. Those are seriously some nice items. I liked the first top, but I do live in a very cold place so that would not work.


    1. It's a bummer, isn't it? I live in a pretty warm climate but still...it's a pretty summery top except for the print!

  8. Replies
    1. Y yo tambien! Mil gracias por visitar mi blog. :)

  9. I want something plaid too! It's such a chic look! I personally love the mini skirt on you. You could always wear it with tights if that would be more comfortable. Or, flats and a mini are really cute as well :)

    1. Thanks for the feedback! It is such a cute skirt - I didn't see it as looking TOO short (even with bare legs) on the other blogs but just felt a little self-conscious seeing it on myself. I do think tights or leggings would help with that.


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