Infinity Times Infinity

Despite watching YouTube videos and examining Pinterest tutorials, I have pretty much accepted that I am failure at scarf tying. They are helpful in theory, but when it comes to my real life, a scarf is the last accessory I throw on as I'm rushing out the door. By that point I don't have time to scroll through a YouTube video to find Tie Method #33 that I wanted to try with this particular scarf, so the scarf ends up in Tie Method #1 or just ends up going back in the closet to try again next time.

So lately I've just been sticking to infinity scarves: no tutorial required and I can get the same look as the model on the website or anyone else wearing the scarf. Win! I can't say I'll never buy another regular scarf, but for now I definitely prefer this style.

If there's one scarf to have from Express, it's the Leopard Infinity Scarf. I see it frequently on blogs and I've seen it sell out online. Luckily they seem to re-stock it before too long, so if you don't have one yet and it's not available, keep checking back! It's also the first infinity scarf I ever purchased, so it was a game changer for me because before that I was beginning to think I just wasn't a scarf person.

I've spotted (no pun intended) so many great looks featuring this scarf that have given me ideas for how to wear it, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites that feature easy-to-duplicate looks here:

Express leopard infinity scarf
L-R: More Pieces of Me, Sydney's Fashion Diary, Source

This scarf currently comes in two colors, and I ended up getting both last winter because I had so many styling options in mind for each one.

Of course, there are plenty of other great infinity scarves at Express, and the one that inspired me to write this post in the first place was this one I purchased recently:

This is the Floral & Stripe Infinity Scarf (out of stock, very similar option HERE). I ended up liking this fitting room throw-together picture so I turned into an outfit with a Black One-Button Blazer from Express.

Another infinity scarf I am loving is the Dot and Spot Infinity Scarf (updated: also out of stock, very similar HERE). When I saw K on the Bay wearing an older Express Polka Dot scarf (I first mentioned it here), I checked to see if they had a current version. They do have a similar one...times three.  I went ALL-OUT (meaning outside the fitting room or my bedroom...hopefully the neighbors didn't see...) trying to get a decent color capture for the "Ultimate Pink" version of this. You're welcome.

Express dot and spot infinity scarf, neutral, ultimate pink, black
L-R: Black, Ultimate Pink, Neutral

I only looped this once to show both patterns, but if you loop it twice you can arrange it so you have just one of the patterns showing. Also, Ultimate Pink is almost black on the polka dot side. You can see how dark the burgundy/maroon/oxblood color is sitting next to my black t-shirt. The dots and spots on the Neutral version are a warm, golden beige.

If your wardrobe already has enough prints and dots and you just want to add some color to your look, you can add a solid infinity scarf like Darcy from A Memory of Us did with her red Shimmering Infinity Scarf here:

Express shimmering infinity scarf

Or click here for more color options in the same scarf including black, gray, powder, salmon and stone.

There are lots of other scarf options online and in-store, but these are a few of my recent favorites that I think most people could easily wear with things they already have in their closet. If you have a favorite infinity scarf (from anywhere!) I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. Thanks for reading!



  1. Hi Gina,

    Thanks for featuring my photo. I don't shop at Express very often but I do find great things once in a while. This scarf is definitely one of my favorite items for Fall. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Thanks for checking in and thanks again for letting me use your photo!

  2. Thank you for featuring me again! I love my Express infinity scarves. I cannot say enough good things about the shimmering infinity scarves... (I might own it in 3 colors)! Whoops!

    1. Ha ha, that sounds like me. If I like something, I need it in ALL the colors! I love how chose the red one to go with your stripes. Perfect!

  3. i love leopard print scarves and the infinity design is definitely the easiest to style!

    cute & little

  4. Infinity scarves are perfect- great fashion pay-off, but easy to do. :)

    Great post!


    1. "Great fashion pay-off" is such a good way to word it! Thanks for your comment, Ashley!

  5. A girl can never have too many scarves! I think I need to go pick this one up!

    xx Cara

  6. It's crazy that I got that scarf a year ago and it's still available! But I'm glad because it's pretty fabulous and everyone needs one! Thanks for the shout out!

  7. Infinity Scarfs are the best! I love a great scarf in a leaopard print!


    Bloglovin’ I Follow Back :)

  8. Infinity scarf can be worn in different season, occasion, place and in many ways. Whatever outfit you wear, you can wear an infinity scarf. “Infinity times Infinity” ;) :)


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