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Last month I found it pretty challenging to track down some of the Express pieces that were featured in various print magazines (you can read that post HERE). This month my results were...a little better. And I'm thinking someone at Express must have become really good friends with someone at In Style, because they had quite a few products in that magazine this month!

First up for In Style is this piece about statement sweaters:

Express sweater, Express in magazine, Express in In Style magazine, Famous Sweater

I immediately recognized the sweater on the top left as being from Express because I already posted about it in Style Inspirations back in October. You can click HERE to see who wore it first! But the bad news is that if you're now deciding you want this sweater, it's no longer available online! The only statement sweater they have right now is this one. You might have some luck in store, but it's still not ideal. (Side note: I just noticed the model in the center is wearing mismatched shoes. Hopefully this is not going to be a trend!)

The next item featured in In Style is on the bottom right here labeled as a Polyester Blend Boucle Skirt:

If you try searching for those exact terms on the Express website you won't be able to find it, but a search for mini skirt brings it up. I'm pretty familiar with this piece because I bought it after loving it on With Love From Kat:

We also saw it in October on GLAMBAMxo, and luckily you can still buy it online HERE.

I absolutely LOVE this skirt. It's a little longer than the plaid mini skirt I tried on last week , and there's a good amount of stretch to the fabric so I can move comfortably in it. If you have your eyes on this one I highly recommend it!

The third item featured this month is the Star Print Portofino:

Express shirt in magazine, Express star portofino, Express In Style, Star shirt

I wouldn't even bother to search for a "polyester blouse" (as In Style calls it) on the Express website because what blouse on there isn't polyester? But searching for "star shirt" brings it right up and we already had a celebrity sighting in this one. You can get it HERE if you want to recreate this look.

The only other Express sighting in a magazine I got this month was this piece from Redbook:

Express clutch in Redbook, magazine, purse, sequin clutch

See that black, sparkly number on the bottom row? Redbook is giving Express credit for that so-called clutch. I am starting to think something is really off at Redbook, because this is the second month in a row where they are showing an item that looks nothing like anything I can find in store or online. I might need to write them a letter of complaint to let them know I'm onto them. (But it's not exactly high on my to-do list, so don't follow up to see if I've written it yet, okay?)

I checked for this specific item in store since I didn't find it online, and this is the closest I found:

On the top left and bottom right is a bag that's black, sparkly and oblong like the clutch, but this is the Sequin Embellished Satchel. Satchel, not clutch, and the Redbook page was specifically about clutches. There are no sequin clutches at Express whatsoever. There is a black Sequin Wristlet, but it has a very different type of sequin than the satchel and alleged Express Clutch.

If you spotted something from Express in another magazine this month let me know in the comments below! And don't forget to email me to RSVP for the Holiday Style Link Up Party I am hosting with More Pieces of Me. I've been doing some brainstorming and try-ons to prepare for some of the themes we're going to cover and I can't wait to see what everyone else is doing each week!



  1. love the printed slogan sweaters! cool post x


  2. Beautiful items and outfit. I adore graphic sweaters and those are all wonderful.


    1. I agree- Kat nailed that outift. :) (Forcing me to attempt to copy it myself!)

  3. I love that you are an Express sleuth! Skills!
    And yeah. I'm pulling the trigger on the boucle skirt and quilted sweatshirt now…

    1. I'll be stalking your blog (as usual!) to see how you style them. :)

  4. With Love From Kat - she's one of my favorite bloggers!

    The Style Scribe

    1. Yes- she's totally fabulous! I've found myself copying her looks more than a time or two.

  5. Printed sweatshirts are a trend I've been buying a lot of lately! :)



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