Express Black Friday Predictions

Express has been getting some inquiries via Twitter and Facebook about their Black Friday sale, but they're staying tight-lipped about the specifics for now.

Being the obsessive fan that I am, last year I kept notes in my phone (Note Everything app if you have an Android phone) about the sale details for Black Friday and Cyber Monday so I could maximize my shopping dollars this year.

Express Black Friday deal

Black Friday:
Last year, they had 50% off the entire store for Black Friday, but NO free shipping online.  This was before they started offering free shipping on orders of $125 as a standard service, so I'll be curious to see how they handle shipping rates this year. My prediction is that they will do 50% off again this year for Black Friday, and maybe (I hope!) keep the standard free shipping on orders of $125.

And if you're planning to shop in-store, you can read some tips from a former Express employee HERE about the best times to shop for minimum craziness.

Cyber Monday:
Express has already announced their Cyber Monday deal for this year, and it's 40% off everything PLUS free shipping, no minimum (which is rare for Express lately). PLUS you can use coupons! This is the same as what they did last year, and it makes for some amazing bargains if you happen to have some coupons.

Express Cyber Monday Deal 2013, Coupon book

If you've made a purchase at Express recently, you probably received this booklet:

Express Coupon Book, Holiday Passbook of Savings

It has a coupon for $25 off $75, $50 off $150, or $75 off $225 that's valid November 30 - December 8. If you haven't used it by Cyber Monday, this is a great way to save even more than 40% off your order.

For purchases of $50 or more made November 16 – December 1, you’ll also earn $25 of Express Cash to use on a purchase of $75 or more Dec. 2 – 12. Unfortunately you cannot combine coupons, but the deals are still impressive anyway.

Express Cash

(And there's the Red Lace Dress I tried on in both of these promo pieces...I told you it was everywhere!) 

My take on all this is that Cyber Monday is the best day for rock bottom prices at Express. The gamble is that something you really want may sell out on Black Friday - it definitely happens! But either way you choose to shop, 'tis the season to get some great prices on things you've been eyeing at Express.

And if you need some shopping and style inspiration, check back tomorrow for my Express fashion sightings around the web. There have been an overwhelming amount of bloggers creating looks from Express this week (for men, too!) and I did my best to keep up!



  1. Wow... Great Post.
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    1. Thanks for your nice comment and I'll be happy to check out your blog. :)

  2. I talked to my old manager this past weekend and she said they are probably starting the Black Friday sale prices the Wednesday before Thanksgiving!! (She even said that there was a possibility the sale could start on TUESDAY!) Hopefully they'll make the announcement soon, because if I can get to the store on Tuesday or Wednesday I will happily skip out on the rest of Black Friday!


    1. I always appreciate your insider input Darcy! Thanks for your comment and that would be SO nice to have the sale start Tuesday!

  3. I went into Express today to check out the goodies. I love that you can use your Express Next points (money) & coupons during this huge sale.


  4. You never cease to amaze me, lady! I just asked the husband if we were doing black Friday this year. I just got a couple mumbles. We'll see… Sadly I shop for myself on black Friday and always wait last minute for everyone else!


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