Portofinos for Days

Just last Thursday, Express posted this teaser photo on their Facebook & Twitter accounts to showcase some new Portofino options:

I have already seen most of these prints online or in store, but my heart skipped a beat because I spied a python print Portofino!!  

Express had a different python print blouse last fall, as shown here on BeautyGirl24:
Express blouse python print

I bought this one after seeing how great it looked on Noelle, but I didn't love it as much as I hoped.  It was sheer chiffon so I had to wear it with a camisole underneath, which makes it bulky if you like to tuck in (as I often do).

So when I saw the preview photo from Express, I immediately went to their website to check for this print, but it wasn't there yet. Then on Friday I stopped by Express to get some details for tomorrow's post on Editor and Columnist pants, and to my amazement, there it was!!

Express Portofino shirt, blouse, top, python print, snake print

Needless to say, I loved it and it came home with me. If you're interested in getting this print soon, check your local stores to see if they have it. Otherwise, I'll include an update in a post when it comes online. (Update: Now available to purchase HERE.)

While I'm on the subject of Portofinos (clearly one of my favorite topics!), I thought I would add a couple of additional website vs. real life color comparisons.

Here's Wild Orchid:

Express Portofino shirt, top, blouse, wild orchid, pink

Once again, I think the website gives a pretty accurate rendition of this color.

And another nice choice for fall, Deep Teal:

Express Portofino shirt, blouse, top, deep teal, green

I ordered this one online and wasn't quite sure what to expect since the website photo looked more like a forest green than a deep teal to my eyes. You can judge for yourself what category of green you would consider the real life photo to be!

Pieced Chiffon Liquid Gray Portofino:

Express Portofino shirt, blouse, top, liquid gray, grey, lavender

This gray definitely has some hints of lavender, and I think the Express website color is very accurate. The only thing that neither photo really shows here is just how sheer the shoulders and sleeves are on this top.  Your bra straps will easily show through the shoulders, so it takes a little extra thought on what kind of undergarment to pair with this one.

Thanks for reading and let me know what colors you'll be adding to your wardrobe this fall!



  1. I'm digging the teal and grey. Now LY they came out with a teal version of the portofino but different material. When I bought a few that day, the Express gal said it is just like the portofino just different material. It's identical in every way. I'm wearing it soon, so I'll be posting a pic in the near future.

  2. Love this! I agree that the snake print top I have is hard to wear if you don't want a cami underneath! The new jewel tone portofinos look beautiful! I love deep gem tones for fall. Thank you again for the feature :)

    1. Thanks for contributing and stopping by to check it out! :)

  3. That's a beautiful shirt! That happens to me all of the time, when I want an item I can't seem to find it, but it appears when Im not looking for it.



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