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I currently subscribe to a few magazines (Glamour, In Style, People Style Watch and Redbook to be specific), and I always feel like I'm seeing a familiar friend when I spot items from Express in the pages. I'm like, "Hey, you look familiar...don't I know you from somewhere? Oh, of course! You're from Express!" (I don't say this out loud, though. I'm not that crazy.) 

Then comes the bad news: if you like what you see, they don't make it easy for you to find the product online. 

I'll start with a product from the October issue of In Style. The November issues of magazines are out now, but since we're still in the month of October, you would think these products would be available now.

express mini skirt, In Style

This skirt is called a "Rayon-nylon skirt with faux leather."  If you type that into the search bar at Express.com, you will get zero results.  It's actually this skirt:

Express minus the leather mini skirt, trim knit ponte

The name on the Express website is Ponte (Minus the) Leather Trim Knit Mini Skirt. I searched through all of the skirts online and did not see this one anywhere. I even searched for (Minus the) Leather skirts because I guessed it would be something with that in the name. Still nothing! I found it via Shopstyle, then I used the official name in a Google search, which provided me with a link back to Express. Believe me, if I weren't creating this blog I probably wouldn't have gone to that much trouble to find it! 

Moving on to the November issue of In Style, they featured a "Cotton Chambray" shirt from Express. 

Once again, a search for the product name given by In Style provides zero results. The shirt is mostly hidden in the outfit shown, but the closest I can find is this:

This is the Light Wash Denim Shirt. The product description says it is made of cotton, so it's probably the same shirt as the In Style spread.

The November issue of People Style Watch is equally frustrating. Here they feature a "Merino Wool Boucle Turtleneck." 

express merino wool boucle turtleneck

Once again, zero search results. I suspect this product isn't even out yet. Maybe it's coming in November? 

express cowl neck shaker knit tunic sweater

This is the Cowl Neck Shaker Knit Tunic Sweater, which is not Merino Wool and not a turtleneck. But it's the closest thing I can find. Sigh.

The second piece from People Style Watch was a little less frustrating, but that may be because I memorized almost everything in their (Minus the) leather jacket section for my recent Style Guide

express faux suede sleeve marled jacket, marl cover up

I did a test search for "Marl" and the gave me zero results, but I was able to find this piece by browsing the Casual Jackets section.

express faux suede sleeve marled jacket, marl cover up

This is the Faux Suede Sleeve Marled Jacket. Would it have been so difficult for them to just type "Marled Jacket" instead of "Marl Cover Up?" 

And finally, there's November Redbook, suggesting this scarf as a holiday gift "for the man who desperately needs a style boost."

express plaid men's scarf

Express has a good selection of plaid men's scarves, but none with the exact print pictured above. Again, maybe it will be in stock soon. But if you're shopping now, the closest you can find is either this Plaid Woven Scarf:

Express men plaid scarf

These are definitely not the exact scarf pictured in Redbook, but at least a search for "Plaid Scarf" gives you some options on Express.com.

Let me know if you've tried tracking down something you saw in a magazine and how it went for you. Maybe it's easier in store than online?

Thanks again for reading. Have a great weekend and check back next week for more updates!



  1. That skirt look great and I need to invest in a chunky, warm turtle neck shirt.


    1. In the photo of that turtleneck it looks like she's wearing a very similar skirt. I guess if you got the skirt and the turtleneck you'd have a complete outfit!

  2. Your blog is so dangerous for my wallet. I love that blazer. Loooove.

  3. i love the skirt!!!!! really nice ;)) let's follow each other?
    if you want come to check my new mistery post on my blog ;))))) here it is :

    NEW POST : http://honeyandcotton.org/2013/10/19/halloween-is-coming-vampire-or-princess/

    1. Thanks for your comment. Can't wait to see what styles you feature on your blog. :)

  4. sometimes i see things online and have a lot of difficulty finding them in stores.

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    1. That's the worst, isn't it? But if you're in store they will ship it to you for free if they don't have it. Just ask the cashier- it's not something they seem to advertise. :)


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