Extra Credit: Express Next

When I buy something in store at Express, I usually hear the cashier ask the person checking out in front of me, "Would you like to sign up for Express Next Rewards?"  The customer's answer is usually, "No."  Every time I hear that answer, I shake my head and feel sorry for the person in front of me. Why? Because they are missing out on FREE MONEY!

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I do understand the annoyance with having dozens membership cards to carry around since every store seems to have one these days. But I can't think of another store that has actually given me as many monetary rewards as Express via their loyalty program.  I spend more money at the grocery store than I do at Express, I always use a membership card there, and the only thing I seem to get is the sale price that's already posted in store.

So what rewards do you get from Express Next? You basically get cash to spend in Express stores. For every 2500 points you get a $10 reward if you're a regular Express Next Member, and $15 if you're A-List. And I don't mean a coupon for $15 off X amount. It's like getting a gift card for $15.

And the best reward? The birthday reward! For A-List Members you get up to $40 on your birthday. It makes turning one year older a little more tolerable for me these days!

The Express website has a good FAQ Section that answers a lot of questions about what it takes to get to A-List Status, how many points it takes to earn a reward, etc. But there are some lesser-known,  point-boosting tricks that I wanted to highlight here, just in case you haven't spent much time reading the fine print:

  1. Store register check-ins: 10 points, 2 times per week. When you go in-store, just check in with the cashier using your Next card and you get 10 points. Sometimes they look confused when you ask them to do this because I don't think many people do it, so they probably aren't used to it. But I just tell them I get points for doing it and I'm close to getting a reward.
  2. Review an item online: 10 points, 2 times per month. I try to write a review for pretty much everything I buy now for the good of Express shoppers everywhere, but it's nice to get a little something in return for the effort.
  3. Retweet Express tweets: 5 points, 4 times per month. They don't have details about this one on their website anymore, just a generic, "earn points by engaging with us on Twitter." But I spent 17 minutes (who's counting?) on the phone with Customer Service yesterday and they were finally able to give me the specifics about it. As long as your Twitter account is not set to private, you can link it to your Express Next rewards and earn a few points for re-tweeting their tweets
Obviously none of those are as effective for earning points as spending money at Express, but they all add up without taking too much of your time.

You can also earn 100 points the first time you sign up for Express Text messages. This one has been worth it for me not just for the initial points you get, but because the text coupon codes are often better than the mailer coupon offers.  For example, here's a comparison of the current text code vs. mailer code:

Text Mail
$15 off $30 $15 off $30
$30 off $75 $30 off $100
$60 off $150 $50 off $150

I mentioned in a previous post that they do free shipping if you are in store and they don't have your size in something you want or an item you want. According to their website, that's an A-List benefit only, so I apologize if anyone has been turned down for that on my advice! But I think it's worth asking even if you aren't A-List, because each time I've used the service they haven't asked me up front about my membership. So it may not be as limited as the website says, or maybe it's up to the discretion of the sales associate. Either way, it doesn't hurt to try!

Not much in the way of fun visuals and fashion today (lots of visuals coming Monday!), but thanks for reading and hopefully this will help you get to your next reward a little sooner!



  1. Oh my gosh! I need to rack up my points because I'm afraid I'm going to lose my A-List status, and I want that $40 gift card again! I had no idea you could review items online. I am going to go do that right now!
    Thanks for the tips!

    1. OK, I consider you an expert Express shopper so if I was able to give you a tip you didn't know, I am satisfied with this post! :) Thanks for your comment Darcy!

  2. Wow, totally didn't know about this! I have been checking out Express more and more so I need to consider. Thanks!


    1. It's definitely worth getting! Thanks for stopping by Alyson!

  3. Replies
    1. I figured someone as coupon savvy as you would already know about this. :) Thanks for stopping by, Ginny!

  4. Wow you are hard core! This is awesome- thanks! I was feeling satisfied with the rewards I was getting just by shopping. What awesome tips!! And I can't believe you stayed with CS so long over the phone to find out about the Twitter!! <3

    1. Apparently I can get a little obsessed about needing to know certain things. :)

  5. Darn, I have never received a birthday gift. I have A-list status, and I think I had it before my bday (my bday is in March). I wonder what happened? Thanks for the heads up!

    But I agree with you. The rewards program seems like a no-brainer, and I don't know why more people don't do it. With a lot of retail rewards program, the rewards are unattainable or infrequently. If you are a regular Express shopper (like us!), it's relatively easy to earn rewards. I hope they never discontinue this program. :)

    1. When your birthday rolls around next time, if you don't get a reward, CALL customer service! Another friend recently did this after I told her about the birthday reward and they issued her a $40 credit!

  6. yes i just received a 40.00 credit and used it yesterday during the extra 40 percent off clearance sale making it 70 percent off and got 4 tops for 8.00 just paid shipping! Dont turn that rewards card down!

  7. Great info!! How do you redeem the rewards in store? Can you print your rewards for them to scan?

    1. They are automatically applied to your Express Next account. So when you go to make your purchase, usually the sales associate will ask if you have an account. Then you can either give them your card or have them look up your account with your email address or phone number. If you have Rewards available they will show up in the system and then you can have them applied to your purchase directly. No printer required. :)


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