Express Trend Watch: Leopard

The second big trend I've noticed across Express products right now is leopard print. As a regular customer for the last few years, I can tell you that this print really nothing new for Express.  But since it's enjoying a surge in mainstream popularity at the moment, Express has even more options than usual. 

First, there are the blouses, including two different Portofino options (and if you need a refresher on all the ways to style a Portofino, check here):

Express leopard print portofino blouse, peasant top, silky zip top

Top: Leopard Print Chiffon Portofino Shirt, Leopard Print Convertible Sleeve Portofino Shirt 

Bottom: Leopard Print Chiffon Tied Hem Peasant Blouse, Leopard Print Silky Zip Front Top

There are also a few options for other styles of leopard tops:

Express leopard halter top, easy tee, jacquard sweater

L-R: Leopard Print Keyhole Slit Shell Top, Leopard Print Easy Top, Leopard Jacquard V Neck Sweater

And finally, for those who take their trends in small doses, there are plenty of leopard accessories:

Express leopard bracelet, socks, ring, tights, belt, calfhair chain

Top: Leopard Inset Hinge Bracelet, Leopard Skinny Belt, Pave Leopard Dome Ring

Bottom: Leopard Haircalf and Chain Belt, Leopard Crew Socks, Abstract Leopard Full Tights

Did you know Express sold socks? I thought I knew their products pretty well but even that one surprised me! 

Check back soon for some more Express Style Inspirations and you may seem some of the above products in action!



  1. I tried on that large print sweater and looked terrible. It looks so cute on the model, though. Jealous!

    1. That sweater was interesting to me- all of the other leopard prints were very similar.....and then there's the sweater. Pretty random!

  2. I like a little leopard added to my wardrobe. The accessories are a nice touch.


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