Express Trend Watch: Camouflage

One of the recent reader comments on my blog was, "I would really love to try the camo trend, but I don't know if I can pull it off!" Let me just say I am right there with you! I live in an area with a large military presence and people all around me are wearing camouflage on a daily basis...for their job. So I'm personally not sure I will feel confident enough to make a big statement with this trend.

Then I did a little Express browsing to see if I could find a small way to wear the trend and whoa! It turns out Express is on top of that need for just a touch of camouflage. If you're thinking a blouse or pants is a little too much for you, how about yoga pants with a camo waistband? Some camo flats?  Maybe just a bracelet? Yep, Express has all of those things. 

But if you're looking to fully embrace this trend (or perhaps guest star on the next episode of Duck Dynasty?) you definitely have a variety of choices for making that happen. 

Here's the (almost) entire catalog of camouflage selections from Express:

Top: Portofino Top, Hinge Bracelet, Flats, Stretch Cotton Jacket

Middle: Sexy Stretch Leggings, Scoop Neck Dolman Tee, Reversible Denim Shorts, Stella Brushed Sateen Ankle Leggings

Bottom: Reversible Denim Vest, Love Express Yoga Crop Legging, Studded Crossbody Bag, Neon Frame Oblong Scarf

I did not include the Stretch Cotton Five Pocket Leggings because they are almost completely sold out. Plus, I'll just be honest and admit that the uneven number didn't work with my grid! But if this trend appeals to you, hopefully you still found an option or two here that you think you can pull off.

There are a few other big trends with a lot of options at Express right now and I'll be going into more details on those in upcoming posts. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I really do love it all. I know that there are rumors Lululemon will be releasing some camo pieces. I feel like working out in camo is too much...too literal! lol. But a scarf, I can definitely get behind. Love the neon contrast. I need to get to Express! You're bad for my wallet LOL.


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