EXP Core Performance Wear Reviews

A few weeks ago I received a promotional email from Express announcing their new fitness wear line, EXPCORE.  

EXPCore, Express fitness wear, workout clothes

I was intrigued by what styles they might offer and how it would compare to other popular brands. From what I've seen around the web, a lot of Express shoppers are pretty dedicated to fitness and like their workout gear to be as fashionable as their everyday clothes, so I thought this had potential to be a good option.

I came to find out from a sales associate that this line is only available in a limited number of stores. And I'm sure a lot of us are hesitant to buy online (although they do offer free shipping on this line) without having much to go on. Since I happened to be in one of the stores that have some of these items earlier this week, I tried a number of things on. 

I had planned to include fitting room photos of my try-ons, but my computer is telling me that the photos from my (dinosaur era) phone have a virus, so I'm taking that as a sign that what happened in the fitting room, stays in the fitting room.

But rather than scrap this post altogether, I decided I can still use the stock photos and go through some details on what I did learn with each try on in case any of you are interested in this line.

First, I'll start with my favorite piece from this line, the Relaxed Running Shorts:

The pair I tried on were black with a white waistband, which is not available for sale on the website right now. But it's shown on the model here:

I wish Express had come out with these sooner because early on in the summer I tried on dozens of pairs of running shorts from all brands to find some that fit me well. I wanted something not too baggy or flowy in the legs, not too long, but not too short. I settled on some from Adidas, but I may have gone with these instead if they had been available because they are all of those things and more. The fit was great for me in my normal size. And even more than the fit, I really loved the details they put in these: built-in briefs, pockets in the front and a hidden zipper pocket in the back. 

The next thing I tried on were the EXP CORE Strappy Sports BrasHere are the exact versions I tried on:

EXP Core sports bra, fitness wear, tops

Basically all of the tops in this line seem to have a theme that I'd call "Business in Front, Party in Back." Every top has some cute straps or cut-out details in the back. They have several color options in these from basic black to blue to stripes. The Fluro Guava top (on the right) is much brighter and more vivid in person than it is on the website. If you have a larger chest and you're thinking that something with this sort of design is not going to be supportive enough for high impact activities, you're probably right. But they are reasonably supportive and they do have removable molded cups in the front to prevent showing too much (if you know what I mean!). 

Finally I tried on these Yoga Crop Leggings and Yoga shorts:

Express Yoga pants, shorts

These were hanging with the EXP Core items at my store so I thought they were part of that line, but after checking the website I learned they are classified as Yoga and not EXP Core. But since I tried them on, I'll share my thoughts anyway.  

The yoga leggings fit and feel like standard yoga pants and are very comfortable. My biggest issue with both of these items was the rise in the front. The model they used for these must have a  really long torso, because they came up much higher on me than they do on her (and I don't think I'm especially short-waisted). Both of these came all the way up to my belly button, and they hit her and inch or two below the belly button. Also, they are not foldover pants/shorts, so you can't really fold the band down and have it stay put if you want a lower rise. For me, those things were deal breakers but since everyone is built differently, they may be just right for someone else. 

With the shorts, on the website they are described as having a 2.5 inch inseam. Frankly, I think that's incorrect. I didn't measure the inseam in store, but I am no stranger to shorts and these came to my mid thigh. So my guess would be that they have a 4 or 5 inch inseam. Plus, the running shorts are described as having a 3 inch inseam, and the yoga shorts are definitely longer than those. 

All in all, I think they have some functional, fashionable options for your workout. There were several other pieces I would like to have tried, so I'll leave you with a visual of some of the options available. And again you can see the continuing theme of "Business in Front, Party in Back!" 

EXP Core Performance wear, fitness, sports bra, jacket, cut out back, tank

Top row: Back Cut Out Bra (front & back view), 2-in-1 Bra tank
Middle row: Strappy Bra Tank (front & back view), Compression Capri
Bottom row: Back Cut Out Bra Tank (front & back view), Colorblocked Jacket

Leave me a comment to let me know if you've tried anything from this collection or if you've found it in your local store. Thanks for checking in and I hope you'll visit soon for more reviews, discussion, and style inspirations!



  1. That strappy tank in the collage is quite pretty. Beyond Yoga has one very similar that's around $80. Which is insane! The Express price is way more palatable! Although I wonder what the makeup is in their polyester/spandex blend. Sometimes, too much poly overheats me like crazy.

    1. Yeah, even though I didn't try on that particular top, that's the disadvantage of fitting room reviews- I can't speak to the actual performance of the product. Hopefully some reviews will start showing up for it on the Express website.

  2. Loving that they came out with a fit line! I always feel better when I'm working out in something cute. :)


  3. I've been trying to figure out if I wanted to buy stuff from this line or not! I really want to try them on, but my store doesn't have them :(. I'm waiting for a big Black Friday sale to come again so I can purchase them at 50% off ;)


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