Denim Decoded: Mia, Stella, Zelda and ReRock

I know many of my readers are no strangers to Express jeans and probably have a favorite version. But I have seen the question of "What's the difference between the types of Express jeans?" come up on women's discussion forums, and I wanted to to try to answer that here. 

For my Express shopping experts, here's a quiz: Can you name the jeans below?

Express jeans, denim, Stella, Mia, ReRock, Zelda

From Left to Right: Zelda, Stella, ReRock and Mia.

Now, this may surprise you if you've been reading here awhile, but I have no photography or photo editing skills and no modeling experience either. (No? You're not surprised? Okay, I guess it's pretty obvious.) But hopefully I can work around my weaknesses to illustrate and explain the difference in the styles of Express denim.


Express Mia jeans, legging, denim

This was the only pair of Mias they had in my store (exact pair here) and unfortunately they were really dark (along with the fitting room lighting) which makes it difficult to see much detail.  I had never tried Mias before, and they fit and felt just like the Stellas I own except with a slightly higher rise. (Hence the Mid Rise label, instead of Low Rise like Stellas have.) The only stitching on the back pockets was a small "ex" in the corner. These were really comfortable and I could easily see myself buying a pair.


Express ReRock jeans, denim

Next up is ReRock (the pair I tried on appear to be these). The distinguishing features on all of the cuts and washes of ReRock jeans are the thick stitching on the seams and back pocket stitching and/or embellishments. These were the barely boot version, but they also have skinny leg and straight leg options. The denim on these felt slightly thicker than the Mias & Stellas, but still soft and comfortable. 


Express jeans, Zelda

The key feature of Zelda (this pair found here) is the ultra low rise, and as you can see, they sit quite a bit lower than my belly button compared the ReRock and Mias. This pair also had back pocket stitching, but that is not always the case with Zeldas. Some do, some don't, so check the back view on the website or in the store so you don't end up surprised.

I know I sound like an Express infomercial a lot here ("Best jacket EVER!!"  "Most amazing, versatile shirt!" "Look 10 pounds thinner!") but I actually don't like everything I try at Express. Case in point: these Zeldas felt like scratchy, thin sandpaper to me. Yikes. And some of the reviewers on the Express website have had problems with them ripping easily. I wasn't a fan of this pair at all. But I do own a couple of Zelda legging jeans that are soft and comfortable, so I think the feel will vary with each style of Zelda and I wouldn't write them off altogether if you want something with a very low rise.


Express Stella jeans, jeggings, leggings, ankle skinny

Stellas are usually my go-to in Express jeans, so I wasn't surprised that this pair (found here) was my favorite in the try-on session. The rise on these is about the same as ReRock, but not as low as Zelda. These and the Mias were the most comfortable to me. They were not too thick, not too thin, and very easy to move in. Like Mia, they had simple back pockets with just the small "ex" in the lower corner. 

Express seems to make more varieties of Stellas than any of their other jeans. Some options have the same back pocket stitching as the Zeldas I tried on with the thick stitching of ReRocks (like these), and others have flap pockets (like these). So really, the only consistent feature of Stellas is the rise.

Ready to compare side-by-side?

Left to Right in each set: Mia, ReRock, Zelda, Stella

Express jeans, denim, Mia, Zelda, Stella, ReRock

Express jeans, denim, Mia, Zelda, Stella, ReRock

If all of the above was way more reading than you ever wanted to do on Express jeans, let me sum it all up in a few bullet points:
  • ZELDA: Lowest rise, some versions have back pocket stitching
  • REROCK: Low rise, thick stitching, back pocket stitching and/or embellishments
  • STELLA: Low rise, large variety of stitching and back pocket options
  • MIA: Mid-rise, plain back pockets
Thanks for coming by and I hope you found some clarification on the types of Express jeans. I found some great new bloggers wearing Express fashions this week and some familiar faces as well. I can't wait to share them with you so check back in soon for some Style Inspirations!



  1. I like Mia. They fit amazing and they look great.


    1. Yeah, I'm glad I finally tried them. I noticed they have very few options on the web site for Mias (and my store had almost none at all) so I'm kind of wondering if they're revamping the Mia or taking it out of the lineup altogether. I hope not!

  2. The Mia does look great on you. I have a few pairs of Stellas. I was originally interested because that's my mom's name but they also fit great too! Thanks for the review!

    1. That's awesome that you chose Stellas based on your mom's name! Glad they actually worked out for you, too. :)

  3. I love the rerock for their stitching and pocket details... but I hate all the fading on the jeans. I am very classic, if you will, so I like very basic/dark denim. The jeggings are always my go to!

    1. I've seen you rocking the jeggings and they look great on you! I can see why they're your go-to. I tend to favor simple & basic designs, too. I don't see myself wearing ReRocks outside the fitting room, but I know that style is popular in many places.

  4. How I love the internet. :) This was exactly the information I've been wondering about, thanks for posting!!

  5. I love Express jeans. I've had every brand of designer jean out there, and nothing is more comfortable or flattering than these! I always wear the stella, but I'm looking at some to buy second hand online at Poshmark that are Zelda and Mia. I've never worn those fits. How would you say they fit size wise across the fits? I wear a 2 in Stella but a 4 in the ReRock legging. I found an awesome pair of Zelda studded skinnies, but since they are lowest rise, I'm wondering if I should go up a size to make sure my booty stays covered. I don't play peek a boo with my crack. It stays covered.


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