Big A Sweaters at Express

Let's just say A is for Aztec, okay? Although sometimes this style of sweater has a Navajo print. And the one I'm showing today is more like a wavy zebra print, but Wavy Zebra didn't really make for a good post title.

But any way you label it, the oversized, geometric-print sweater trend is happening right now. And guess who just rolled out a new sweater to stay on trend? Yeah, I don't even need to say it.

This sweater was front and center when I walked into Express last week, so naturally I brought it back to the fitting room with me:
Express oversized chunky warm sweater

It was incredibly thick, warm and cozy, which is everything a big sweater should be. I think it's really more of a sweater coat than just a big cardigan, and the price tag was pretty high ($148), which also makes me think it will be classified as a coat. Update: on clearance now - available HERE.

Most likely if you're reaching for a sweater like this, you won't be wearing pink sandals with it like I was the day I tried this on. With that in mind, I reached out to a few bloggers who are already rocking this trend to give you some more practical inspirations for styling this piece. Click their names below to get all the rest of their outfit details:

Express oversized, navajo, graphic, geometric sweater

L-R: C. Style, Hello, Gorgeous, The Sweetest Thing

As a side note to the sweater, I ended up going home with the Bateau neck tee I tried on under this sweater:
Express button shoulder tee, zelda jean leggings, t shirt
It's a pretty basic long sleeved grey tee, but I always need staples like this every season and this one had a couple of specific details I liked. First are the buttons on the shoulders (hard to see in my photo, but you can zoom in on the image here), and second is the shirttail hem. Back in the spring and summer Express had a short sleeved tee with the same hemline:

Express tab sleeve tee

There are a limited number of options of this tee left on clearance here, but this ended up being my staple tee of the spring and summer so I was glad to have a similar long sleeve option for fall and winter. The long sleeve tee is also available in white, which I have a feeling will be finding a home in my closet soon. And I'm crossing my fingers that Express will make black version, too!

Thanks for reading and I'll be back later this week with some Style Inspirations!



  1. I love big sweaters - They're just so comfy and cozy when the weather gets cool! I don't have any patterned ones, though, so maybe it's time to expand my wardrobe :)

    jess | Quaintrelle

  2. This one would definitely keep you warm! The print was nice since it took my otherwise very basic outfit (jeans and a tee) into something more fun.

  3. Lovely outfit, doll!



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