Are your Express coupon codes not working?

Just a quick shopping update for the weekend. It seems that Express has been having some problems lately with their mailer coupon codes not working. When you enter the promo code at checkout it says your code has already been used and is invalid.  They have a number of complaints about this on their Facebook page. This happened to me last weekend and I was a little panicked thinking someone had stolen my coupon code!

Here's what the mailer coupons look like:

Express coupon codes in the mail, mailer

I called customer service at (888) 397-1980 to see if I could get things straightened out.  The first agent I spoke to told me there was a glitch in the system causing the problem. She offered to place my order over the phone and apply the discount.  I hadn't edited my cart down yet so I said I would call back.

When I got my shopping cart down to a reasonable amount, I called back and spoke to a second customer service agent.  This agent instructed me to enter only the last four digits of the sixteen digit coupon code into the Promo Code box at checkout, then select Apply.

It worked! I'm not sure if the CS agent had to do something on her end to make that happen (although I hadn't given her any of my personal info at that point), but if you are experiencing the same problem give it a shot and let me know if it works for you!



  1. Oh boo - the last 4 digit thing didn't work for me. I was hopeful too because I don't feel like calling customer service!

    1. Hi Amy! I don't know what's going on lately but I feel like my coupon codes never work online anymore and I always have to call CS! It's so frustrating!! Sorry to hear you are experiencing the same thing.

  2. Thank you Amy,

    So, I always get 2-4 coupons. As a result, I usually make a couple orders. My first order went through just fine, but when I went to place my second my coupon was reading invalid. Same issue. This is what I did. I placed the first order while signed into my express account. So, when I kept running into an I valid message I decided to sign out and place my next order as a guest. For me this worked. I hate calling CS too. If you hve express points you wont be able to redeem them but I hope this helps someone as well.

  3. Read coupons carefully as some now say only one coupon per customer per transaction.

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