Fitting Room Reviews

Over the weekend I went to the fitting room to check out a few new (to me) things at Express.  Some of these items are not necessarily my style, but they were interesting and I wanted to have a closer look because I do think they will appeal to many.

The first two items are the Portofino shirt in Camo Print and Scuba Leggings, which look like this on the Express website (it even looks like the Portofino model is wearing the Scuba Leggings with her top):

Express Scuba Leggings, Portofino Camo Print

And here's how it looked together in the fitting room:

express portofino shirt, top, scuba leggings, camo, camouflage

The Portofino top: In person, I felt the camo print was darker and more subtle than on the website. I couldn't see as many distinct colors as I can on the model (notice the brown in the model's shirt and there was none in the one I tried on). In terms of fit, it's true to size for Express. I have an entire post about the Portofino shirt coming soon so I won't say too much more about this shirt, but if you like the Portofino and you like camo, you'll probably want this.

The Scuba Leggings: Wow. These are not for the shy! If you want a pair of pants that look like painted on leather, these do not disappoint! These would be great for re-creating this look that's all over Pinterest (image source here):

They are obviously meant to be tight so they run snug, if not slightly small. For comparison I tried on the Scuba Front leggings as well, but you cannot tell any difference in the photos I took because they look identical from the front (and no, I didn't take any from the back).  The back of the Scuba Front Leggings is a knit material instead of being full pleather, which made them a bit easier to get on, more comfortable to move in, and less likely to cause a Ross incident (Friends reference there).  However I felt the fit was more flattering on the Scuba Leggings (less creasing and wrinkling), but that may come down to different body types and personal preference.

I found another photo of blogger GlamBamxo wearing the Scuba Leggings here, and I think the lighting in her photos gives you a better idea of how they look than my phone's camera or the Express website.  Then for comparison, Carylee at More Pieces of Me is wearing the Scuba Front Leggings today. She has a good sideview shot here that shows the front/back contrast.

Next I tried on the Studded Side Slit Shaker Knit Sweater:

Express studded side slit shaker knit sweater

I tried to capture the hardware and texture close-up:

express studded side slit shaker knit sweater

This is a thick, boxy sweater.  I tried on an XS and I think to give it a slouchy look (the way the model looks) I would size up to a Small or Medium.  It also came up much shorter on me than on the model (which you can't see in my photo), so again, sizing up might help with that.

And finally, I tried on the Portofino dress, shown here:

Notice how it barely comes to mid-thigh on the model? I wanted to see if it was long enough to be work-friendly on someone of average height, and since I'm 5'4" and it came down almost to my knee, I think it is:

Plus, it has a lining to so it shouldn't be see-through. That said, I didn't think it was especially flattering on my body type, but I loved it on Noelle here:

express portofino dress

You can see her full outfit details here. (And thank you Noelle for letting me use this photo!)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found something helpful!



  1. Wow I think I may need that camo portofino! I love it!! Thanks for the mention! I laughed out loud at the Ross reference! :)

  2. Awesome reviews! Those scuba leggings look killer! I'll have to try them as I've been searching for a similar pair for ages now. Lets see if my bum with fit though ;) thank you for the feature, it's very sweet. I will now be following since I need all the express info I can get!

  3. Those leather look trousers are so flattering! It's always satisfying when they look just like the picture in the fitting room!


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