Express...on the Daily

So I have a confession. My favorite store is Express.  Every time I go in there (or more likely, go on their website), I find something I like. And then, in order to get $25 off $75 (or whatever the current promotion is), I end up finding two or three more things I like.  Next thing I know, 80% of my wardrobe is from Express, and I'm wearing something from that store...well, on the daily.  Why is this a confession?  I guess because I don't think Express is perceived as one of the "cool" stores, like J Crew, Anthropologie or Nordstrom. Those stores seem to have cult followings, and even blogs dedicated to them (!). So I feel a little alone in my Express appreciation, but I know I can't be the only one. Sometimes things I want sell out of my size before I can fit it in the budget. And sometimes I read news stories that confirm my suspicions: sales are up at Express, and I know I'm not the sole cause of this.

I've never blogged before and have no clue what I'm doing (which I'm sure will be obvious!) or getting myself into, but I have looked for a blog like this and haven't found one, so....here we are. With this blog I hope I can connect with other Express shoppers.  I like seeing what people are buying at Express and how they're wearing it in real life. I read a lot of fashion blogs and I love it when a blogger is wearing a piece from Express, especially one I own! I expect to post some of my own photos and reviews of my items from Express, and I hope to have links to other blogs or even post photos of other bloggers who wear Express items, just in case there's someone out there like me who would appreciate having it all linked up in one tidy blog.



  1. What a great idea! I'm totally with you - I think Express does get overlooked. And sometimes, I'm surprised I haven't "outgrown" Express (it was seriously the first retail card I owned at age 16) but even if I intentionally try and not shop there, I always end up going back and finding many pieces I love. Excited to see outfit posts and reviews from you!

  2. Express has been and still is one of my most favorite stores for about 15 years now. That is aging me, but since the teen days. I love it. It gets overlooked and I am glad somebody jumped on having a blog about its clothes. I also feel the same about The Limited. More than 70% of my closet is made up of these 2 brands (they used to be sister brands at some point). Great concept.


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