Express Money Saving Tips

I have two simple rules for shopping at Express.

1. Never pay full price.

2. Never pay for shipping.

Rule 1: Never pay full price.  Why? Because there will always be a coupon code or sale or promotion within a period of a week.  And there will be an EPIC sale (40% off everything) typically within each quarter. I don't tend to be patient enough to wait for the epic sale if there's something on my wishlist that I want to wear NOW. But I can at least wait for the next promo code that will usually save me at least 30% off the retail price.  Occasionally waiting means something sells out in my size, and that always hurts. But that's pretty rare, and I'm usually willing to take my chances if it means saving a good chunk of change.

Rule 2: Never pay for shipping. Here's something you may not know: If you are shopping in an Express store and they don't have your size in an item you want, you can have it shipped to you for free. Other retailers (such as J. Crew) offer this service and advertise it pretty clearly with signs around the store.  Express doesn't advertise it as far as I've seen, but they do offer the service. They will also do this if they carry an item online but don't have it in store. For instance, last spring I really wanted this pair of sandals:

None of my local stores carried them and I didn't want to pay $8.95 for shipping, nor did I want to buy $125 worth of stuff at the time to get free shipping.  So I planned a visit to Express when I was going to be shopping anyway, asked the cashier about the shoes, and soon enough they were on their way to me for free.

Basically I've learned that a little careful planning and a little patience can save me a LOT of money! (Which I probably end up spending anyway, but that's another story....)



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