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Express Style Inspirations 9/18/13

Since I'm brand new at this I have quite a backlog of bloggers wearing Express items. I'm trying to only post links to outfits from the last month or so.  Especially since fall is coming, some of the summer looks are probably not useful to most people at this point. Going forward, I'll try to keep up with current links from only the past week or so. With that said, here comes round two of links to blogger looks that feature Express apparel or accessories. 

More Pieces of Me:

Express White Lace Top

Express Necklace

Express Wrap Bracelet

Express Necklaces

Express Kelly Green Portofino Top

Express Striped Sweater

Sydne Style:

Express Leather Tank

Express Moto Jacket, Dress, and Necklace

Express Sequin Skirt

A Memory of Us:

Express Polka Dot Portofino Blouse

Express Skirt & Pink Portofino Blouse

Hello, Gorgeous:

Express Tank Top

Blah Blah Blonde:

Express Printed Jeans

All things Katie Marie:

Express Moto Jacket (appears to be same jacket Sydne wore)

I try to pin all of these to my Pinterest board if you'd like to follow me there. Although it's definitely worth checking out each of these bloggers since I know they put a lot of work into what they do. Enjoy! 



  1. Thank you for featuring me!! :)

  2. You're most welcome. Thanks for checking in so I could find you!


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