Express Style Inspirations 9/17/13

Here's a small roundup of bloggers from around the web that have recently been wearing clothing and/or accessories from Express.  If you've seen someone that I'm missing (or you are one yourself!) please let me know in the comments below.

Chic Street Style:

Neutral Belt

Leopard Belt again

Portofino Polka Dot Blouse, pants, and belt

Blue Blouse with Black & White print shorts

Striped Portofino Blouse & ring

A Spoonful of Style:

Express Skirt

Express Top (Seventh photo in this post)

Express Dress

Cella Jane:

Express Skirt & Blouse

Express Portofino Blouse

The Sweetest Thing

Express Red Jeans

Create that Outfit:

Express Denim Jacket

Express Dress & Heels



  1. Oh man! I feel like every outfit I wear has at least 1 piece from express in it! I used to work there, so I have a huge love for their clothes. Here are some links to some of my recent posts with their clothes in it!





    1. Thanks so much for the comment Darcy!

      I'll be following your blog from now on so I can include you in my next roundup. I'm thinking once a week, but I guess it depends a little on how many bloggers I can find wearing something from Express! :)

  2. Thank you for the feature :)

    Xo Brenna


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