A Personal Favorite: Seamed Twill Cuffed Sleeve Moto Jacket


Express Seamed Twill Cuff Sleeve Moto Jacket

One of my favorite Express jackets right now is the Seamed Twill Cuffed Sleeve Moto Jacket (phew, long name!). I wrote a review for this on the Express website, but for some unknown, my review doesn't show up with all the other reviews on the product page. Yet it does show up under the list of all reviews on my account, so it’s kind of a mystery. Even though it’s one of my most-used favorites, I only gave the jacket a 4 star rating, and here’s the text of my (unpublished) review to explain why: 

“First, I really love this jacket. It looks great, is versatile and gets complimented often. I ended up getting it in both colors because I loved it so much. I would love to give it 5 stars...but I can't because I think the fit could be improved a bit. Other reviewers have mentioned how it has quite a gap in the back, and it's true for me. I've found it doesn't really bother me, and it seems to lay a little more flat with wear (or else I'm just getting used to it). I'm going to add photos to the review so you can see how fitted it is in the front, yet kind of boxy in the back.”

Here are front and side view photos of the jacket (in the foliage color) to show the boxy /gaping fit at the waist in the back:
Express Seamed Twill cuff sleeve moto jacket foliage
I also spotted this jacket on one of my favorite Express-shopping bloggers, The Shopaholic SAHM, and later on my friend Natalia. I thought it would be helpful to show a few styling options for this piece, and they were each kind enough to give me permission to use their photos here. Thanks so much ladies!

Outfits L-R, by Natalia, The Shopaholic SAHM (each in the Foliage color) and yours truly (this time with the Licorice jacket):

Express seamed twill cuff sleeve moto jacket foliage, licorice

Natalia's other outfit details:
Top: Banana Republic
Shorts: Express (her color no longer available)
Flats:Joan & David Eila
Necklace: Bar III via Macy's

Shopaholic's outfit details available here (scroll to bottom). (Similar Sandals)

My outfit details:
Top/Necklace/Bracelet/Sandals: Express (bracelet & sandals no longer available)
Pants: Target
Bonus close-up of jacket (and necklace!) detail by Natalia:

Macy's Bar III necklace, Express seamed twill cuff sleeve moto jacket, Banana Republic Zebra Print Linen tank

The weight of this jacket is perfect for fall, and even though the stock photos make it look stiff and starchy, it has plenty of stretch to make it easy to move around in. This one’s definitely a hit in my book.



  1. I have this in grey and I love it! I've only worn it once because it hasn't been cool enough, but it shall make an appearance soon!

    1. Oh cool! I can't wait to see how you style it!

  2. I love this. (sorry for the delay, I kept trying to comment from my ip5). Thanks so much for featuring me. Also, can I be added to your email list just so I NEVER miss a post? I see you have added plenty since this one. Thanks a bunch!


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