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Amazon Try On Session October

It's Amazon review day, and I have some good variety today! Sweater, tops, a dress, jeans, and shoes...with some hits, misses, and in-betweens. These are sponsored items but I hope you'll find my reviews candid as I'd rather earn your trust as an honest reviewer than have you purchase something that makes you feel misled. Not to mention I don't benefit from encouraging people to purchase something they only end up returning! I have a front view photo for all of these pieces at the end of the post so scroll down for that if you'd like another look at the length and fit. On to the reviews!

Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring the items I'm reviewing in this post. As an Amazon Associate I may earn commission from qualifying purchases. All other items styled with these pieces were purchased by me unless designated as courtesy of (c/o) another retailer.


Wool Blend Crew Neck Textured Sweater

Let's start off on positive note, shall we? This sweater is by Daily Ritual, my very favorite Amazon Private Label brand that rarely lets me down. If you look carefully you can somewhat see in this that it's got a textured look to it. This is true to size with a rather relaxed, kinda oversized fit. I wear a Small or XS in tops and I'm wearing an XS here and it's plenty roomy. It's also loooong. I'm wearing it with leggings and and as you'll see below, it's long enough to cover everything that I want covered in front and back. Keep in mind I'm 5'4", so length may vary on you. The model has it front-tucked into jeans and it looks great that way too. It is a wool blend, but I found it comfortable(i.e. not itchy) to wear without a layer underneath. It also doesn't feel super warm, which is great for my climate. The textured stitch makes it somewhat breathable and I'd consider it a medium weight sweater. I could see wanting a layer under it in cooler weather for extra warmth. All in all, this one is a winner and I do recommend it. It comes in nine colors so if this one isn't your favorite, be sure to check the other colors.

Wool Blend Crew Neck Sweater

Well, I will just cut to the chase on this one: it's itchy, and I'm sad about that. I just love the rust, caramel, and butterscotch tones that are trending this fall, so I loved the color of this and the stitching at the shoulder added a little something fun, too. But I would have to wear this with a layer underneath to reduce the itch-factor, and and since it's already a pretty warm sweater, I don't really that's a great idea for my climate. There aren't that many days of the year where I need that many layers in San Diego. Strangely, both this and the previous sweater have a 22% wool ratio, so I don't know why this one is so much more itchy. As for sizing, I'm wearing an XS in this as well and it's definitely more fitted than the previous sweater. Not tight, just more fitted. This is also a more normal sweater length that hits mid-low hips. I left it untucked in the front view below for a better look at the length.

Fleece Wrap Sweater:

This has sweater in the title so I'm putting it in the sweater section today, but it's actually more of a fleece sweatshirt material, which makes it super soft and comfortable! This is the perfect thing to throw on over your workout clothes to go to and from the gym and be covered enough to stop at the grocery store in between. Or just to stay cozy while lounging at home! This is true to size with a pretty roomy fit. Oh- and it has thumb holes! I don't know why I like those so much but I do. It also has a rounded hem, which I find a little more flattering on me than a straight hem. This is from Amazon's Core 10 Line, and while I don't have a ton of pieces from this workout wear + athleisure line, what I do have has been great quality for the price. I'm wearing this sweater with the Ballerina Leggings that are also from this line, although with the black pair you cannot see the detail at the bottom so here's the blue pair for better view of the mesh detail:

These leggings aren't new this month, but I'm repeating them while I'm on the topic of Amazon reviews and Core 10 products since they're good enough to deserve a second mention. I've especially been loving them for this early fall weather! When I go on walks on the weekend sometimes I can't decide if it's shorts weather or leggings weather, and it turns out these are the perfect in-between. 


Utility Shirt:

You saw this shirt in last month's reviews in light blue, but this is such a great top that I don't mind having it in two colors. I'll warn you that sizes and color options seem to be flying off the warehouse shelves, so if you don't see the color/size combo you want on this (or any other items today) add it to your Favorites so you can be notified if it's re-stocked. It's true to size, a super soft fabric with a really nice draping to it. I like the roll tab sleeves so I can easily wear it with long sleeves or rolled-up sleeves depending on the weather. It's also very long so it works with leggings too.

Ruffle Collar Blouse:

In last month's reviews I mentioned wanting to try a new-to-me Amazon Private Label: Goodthreads. A lot of their sweaters looked nice and had great reviews, but when it came time to make my selections, the sweaters I wanted to try were all out of stock! I guess a lot of people were equally intrigued! Anyway, I found this Goodthreads blouse for $30 instead and it looked intriguing, but a little out of my comfort zone with the ruffle collar, blouson sleeves and really flowy, kind of boho style. Well, I'm glad I gave it a chance because I really love it!  The fabric is silky soft and it just feels nice on the skin. This is an XS and it's oversized, so no need to size up for the oversized look. This comes in a few different colors and prints, and what I like about this brand is that is that they have a few more adventurous color/print options than what I find with Daily Ritual. Based on this top, I'm excited to try more pieces from Goodthreads! Stay tuned for Wednesday's post for another look at this top in a different outfit!


Girlfriend Jeans:

So I'm not very adventurous with my denim styles (I just stick to skinny jeans), but I thought these Girlfriend Jeans looked pretty cute. I also liked the lighter wash since I'm lacking in that area of my collection. Here's what I'll say about these: the jeans themselves are great (comfortable, stretchy, true to size), but on me they're a no go. You'll see the front view below, but I just didn't find them flattering on me and wouldn't be willing to wear them in public. They're fine from this angle, but from the front I just felt they just made my legs look too short. Also the cuffed part isn't fitted to the ankle, and that adds to the un-flatteringness on me. They look great on the model, but I'm not 5'10" with model proportions so I just have to accept this is not my best style.

Grey Mid-Rise Jeans

Ah, back to skinny jeans, my comfort zone! I have some grey jeans but the particular "hi-low" rinse on these just spoke to me. And my friend Lisa keeps posting these great outfits with grey jeans! These are priced nicely at $41 and they're true to size. They come in three different lengths (Short, Regular, Long), and I got the Short, but I kind of regret that. Some of the reviewers who loved the Short Length were 5'1" or 5'2", and at my height I'm not 100% sure I love where these hit my leg.  I have to think on these a bit or try them with ankle boots before deciding whether to keep them, but the jeans themselves are great and worth a try if you like the style.


Long Sleeve Shirtdress:
Shirtdress | Necklace | Boots (c/o Shopbop) [Budget]

Well, this year is the year of the shirtdress for me! This style works really well for me, so I didn't say no to the chance to try another Daily Ritual Dress. Daily Ritual has some other very similar options, which I reviewed here. Each option has slightly different details, like two bust pockets vs. no bust pocket vs. one bust pocket (this one has one pocket but it's almost invisible in the black version), buttons all the way down vs. popover style. Initially I wondered why they were making so many dresses that were so similar, but I guess they are just covering all the bases for individual preferences on those details. This style I'm wearing here is the only one that comes in black! It's true to size with low fuss XS- XXL sizing. (I always find that easier than numeric sizing!) Oh, and my hand is strategically placed in the pocket above just to make sure you know that it does in fact have pockets.

Just for comparison, here's one of the very similar Daily Ritual Shirtdresses. I also love this one, and if it came in black, I might give that a slight preference since I like the roll tab sleeves (the black one is just regular long sleeves). The fabric on both feels almost exactly the same, and you really can't go wrong with either one.

Utility Shirtdress in Dark Olive 

You can see a full post/front view of this utility dress HERE. This one comes in numeric sizing, and I'm wearing a 2 in this but it fits and feels exactly the same as the XS above or an XS dress from Express.


Pointed Toe Mules

Last but not least, these pointed toe mules. After my last trip, I knew I wanted some easy slip-on, flat shoes that had a little more foot coverage than a sandal so my feet didn't freeze, and this style seemed like a good match for that need. These are kind of tricky for me to rate and review since I haven't tried a lot of other shoes in this style, so I don't have a great frame of reference. Generally I'd say their comfort is decent, but not amazing. I wore them for a Target run to test them out in real life, and they were fine for that. I also think my feet are pretty average width and these do feel a bit narrow, so avoid them if you have wide-ish feet. They are $48, which is pretty reasonable, though at my first try-on I was thinking, "Hm, I could probably get something similar to this for for $30-40 at Target." But they are 100% leather, so that may factor in to the cost being slightly higher than a similar style at Target. All in all I'd say they get 3.75 stars out of 5 for me. They fill a gap in my shoe wardrobe so I know I'll use them periodically, but I can't tell you they are the BEST in this shoe category since I wasn't wowed by their comfort and haven't tried many others for comparison.

Oh! And in case you didn't notice, I put three pieces from this month's reviews into the outfit above: Caramel (Itchy) Sweater, Grey Jeans, and Black Slip-Ons!  When I selected them I actually had this outfit in mind, but I guess it won't happen in real life since the sweater was too itchy. Plus if it's cold enough for the sweater, I'm definitely going to need warmer shoes!

Last but not least, here's a front view of this month's new items (not repeats):

All of my selections this month are Private Label items, so you will need a Prime Membership to purchase them. I've been limiting my choices to those brands more often than not these days just because I have better luck with the quality. And of course, they all have Prime Shipping and Free Returns, and I'm all about that!

That's it for this month's reviews - see you back on Wednesday for another look at one of my favorite pieces from this set!


Friday Favorites 10/18/19

It's time for another round of Friday Favorites! This week was pretty ordinary for me, but my husband and kids had a few non-ordinary things going on with work and school respectively, so I felt like the calm at the center of the family storm. Well, I might be over-stating my level of calmness at all times but I try! As for my favorites, I'll jump right in with some favorite outfits of the week and take it from there!

1. Flashback Friday
Last week I missed Flashback Friday, so I made it a priority this week, partly because I missed the convenience of getting dressed with a plan. Here's an outfit from a couple of years back:
Similar Jacket | Top Option (Similar color) | Similar Necklace | Jeans | Similar Boots | Similar Bag

If you're new here, Flashback Friday is something I started doing to help me shop my closet. I scan through some old outfits photos and either get reminded of pieces I still own and haven't worn in awhile, or I use a past outfit formula to put together a different outfit, as is the case today.  It's been a bit too warm for something like the outfit above, and I also ended up donating that tank because it lost its shape after awhile and wasn't flattering anymore. But I did recently purchase a similar top, so I used this color scheme for a new outfit:

The good news with Flashback Friday is that it helps me shop my closet and save money. The bad news is that I can't always find items that are super similar to mine. My sweater tank is from White House Black Market earlier this year, but it's sold out now. This option is similar in style (v-neck, shimmer sweater tank) but not color. This option is a different top style altogether but still with a similar color and slightly dressy vibe that can be styled the same way.

2. Style Challenge Style
Back when I was active on Instagram, I used to participate in some Style Challenges with a daily outfit prompt, and I thought something like that might be useful for me right now. Aside from Flashback Friday, I've been feeling uninspired to get dressed lately, but I always feel better when I make some effort. So I went on Pinterest and searched up "October Style Challenge" to see if I could find something to get me going. Sure enough, there were a few "old" challenges so I picked this one and used it for outfit prompts this week. Even though I started on the 14th of the month, I started on Day One to give myself options for skipping days if the prompt doesn't work for me.

Day One: Think Pink 

Well...let's be real. If I'm just working from home, comfort is key. I picked out a different outfit but it was impractical for working from home with breaks for laundry, picking up the house, and doing some food prep. So I decided to wear this at home, then step it up for the afternoon and evening portion of my day with errands and kids activities. I kept the same formula but replaced my casual options with nicer pieces.

Day Two: Collar Queen

I have plenty of collared shirts, so this was pretty easy! We had warmer days this week so I had to go for a short sleeve, lightweight collared option. This shirt is sold out now at Express, but I linked a similar option above and several other similar styles the last time I wore it. This outfit is almost an exact repeat, but no need to reinvent the wheel and all that. Plus I mainly wanted to get more use out of this top while the weather allows it rather than create an all new outfit. 

Day Three: Mad Monochrome

You know, I don't do a lot of monochrome outfits. I will often do a monochrome outfit base with a contrasting outer layer, liked I shared in one of my Foolproof Outfit Formula posts. But I mainly do that with pants, not shorts, and it was too warm for pants this week! I was going to skip this prompt but then I thought...oh hey, why not a dress? This one is just a comfy t-shirt dress so it was perfect to wear at home, but then I still added a contrasting layer for the Public Outing portion of my day. 

And that's as far as I made it this week! I had to wrap this post up on Wednesday night, but I did find it helpful to have a starting point each day so I think I'll keep going next week. 

3. Favorite Earrings
Oh Amazon, you keep tempting me with your "Suggested Items" and "Customers Also Liked" pieces. I showed these $12 earrings in my pink jacket outfit above, but here's a closer look at them.

They're very lightweight, by the way! Not something I needed by any means but a fun little find. I wasn't sure if the green would make them less neutral, but they've actually been pretty easy to pair with just about anything I wear.

4. Re-Stocked Favorite
I didn't intend to make Re-stocked Favorites a regular thing here, but I keep coming across some great pieces I loved last year that are worth re-sharing, like this BB Dakota jacket!
Jacket: Amazon |  Revolve | BB Dakota (Also in Black) | Similar Scarf | Similar Jeans | Similar Boots | Earrings | Handbag  (c/o)

This coat is available at a few retailers (linked above), and it's just a great classic style! It is pretty lightweight for a coat, so it's a great winter coat for San Diego, but depending on your climate it might be more of a fall jacket. It's just a little bit heavier/warmer than your average blazer, in my opinion. Sizes had dwindled when I shared it last February, but it's re-stocked in XS-Large at Revolve (with free 2-day shipping and free returns) and directly through BB Dakota. They also carry black, though this particular color is what really drew me to the jacket in the first place!

5. Feature Favorite
A definite favorite this week was being featured on Andrea's blog. It's always flattering to have another blogger compliment your work, so to speak. And don't miss her gorgeous fall maxi dress in that post! I'm just starting to add some dress options to my wardrobe but Andrea's collection is goals!

6. Fitness Favorite
Sharing a favorite home workout of the week here! This one is a killer total body workout:

Cathe's Boot Camp from her Strong and Sweaty series packs a lot into 44 minutes! It contains six rounds of exercises, and each round consists of four parts:
1) Cardio Interval
2) Lower Body Weights
3) Compound Weights (Upper and lower at the same time)
4) Upper Body Weights

This workout gets my heart rate going and doesn't let up! It's pretty challenging, but when I'm done I feel like I've really worked out and left no body part untouched! Most of the cardio intervals are high impact, but Cathe does show modifications for all of them. Sometimes she doesn't do it right away, e.g. if the Cardio Interval is box jumps, she might do 3-4 regular box jumps before demonstrating a modification.

Equipment Used: Step at 8" height (Adjustable Option) for cardio intervals and used as a weight bench. Several Sets of Dumbbells (I use 8s, 10s, 12s, and 15s for this). Cathe also uses a barbell but I substitute dumbbells on those exercises since I don't have a barbell.

Well, that does it! I aim for 4-5 favorites each week and I made it to six today so I think I can put this post in "Publish" mode. Hope you all have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

Joining ErikaAndrea, and Narci for Friday Favorites!


Ruffle Wrap Skirt Take Two

When I get stuck in one of those, "I have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear" conundrums, sometimes I'll scan my past few blog posts and see if there's an item I've shared that I knew would be super versatile...but I've only posted it once! When I repeat an item, I feel like I validate its place in my closet, not to mention validating my recommendation on the blog! I think most of us want most of the pieces in our closet to be options we can wear more than one way! That's exactly how I decided to repeat this J. Crew Ruffle Wrap Skirt. I just shared it last month, but I wanted to repeat it sooner rather than later when it's too cold for bare legs.

Cardigan (Option w/ Prime) | Similar Cami | Skirt | Sandals | Necklace | Earrings | Similar Bag (c/o)

Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring my cardigan + skirt in this post. 

First, I'll quickly mention that the skirt and burgundy cardigan here are both true to size. I got this cardigan back in 2017, and it's held up really nicely over the years. It's honestly pretty impressive for an under $30 piece! I did get it before I became a Prime Purist (that's my new way of saying I will only order clothes on Amazon if they have Prime Shipping + Free Returns), so if you're checking out this piece and thinking you don't want to pay for shipping much less wait a few weeks to receive the item, here's a nice Similar Option with Prime from an Amazon Private Label.

One thing about this skirt style is that it ties at the waist (unfortunately not visible in my photos with the black fabric and the layer on top), so any top I wear with it needs to be fitted and tucked in or I'll have an awkward lump at the side. That really limits my styling options since I only have a handful of tops like that, and they're all basic tanks. All of my other tops are more relaxed or not meant to be tucked in. I run into this same issue with my rust skirt (last seen here). So far I'm managing to work with what I have and avoid buying something just to wear with this type of skirt...but it's tempting now that I have two of these skirts! I guess the "how to wear skirts" learning curve continues for me!

For at least a decade (when my kids were little) I only wore shorts or pants, so bringing skirts and dresses back into the mix is definitely taking some trial and error for finding the right outfit combinations. I sometimes giggle when I see blog post titles like, "How to Wear Pants" because in my head I'm thinking, "Does anyone really not know how to wear pants? This is a bit obvious, no?" But I guess I'm eating humble pie because I'm at that level with skirts these days! Ha! It's been great to see how useful they are but definitely frustrating at times when a piece that seems like it should be easy to wear with what I already have turns out to be a little challenging.

If you're considering purchasing this skirt or this cardigan, I'll wrap it up here with more ways I've worn each of these pieces to give you some additional outfit ideas and a better sense of whether they'll work with what you already own!

Ruffle Wrap Skirt + Denim Jacket:

Burgundy Cardi + White Cami + Jean Shorts:

Burgundy Cardi + Lace Cami + Grey Jeans:
Cardigan (c/o) | Similar Cami | Similar Jeans | Similar Necklace | Similar Bag | Similar Shoes (c/o)

I mentioned in the intro that I needed to hurry and wear this skirt before it got too cold for bare legs, but one thing I'm interested in trying this year is a skirt with boots! I do that for nights out in the winter, but never daytime for some reason. I guess I better search Google and Pinterest for "how to wear a skirt with boots" and start getting prepared!

Thanks for stopping in today and I'll be back on Friday with some favorites of the week!

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Easy Ways to Wear Over the Knee Boots

Last fall, I read an article stating that over the knee boots were on the way out and you shouldn't buy any. I chose to ignore that advice, and I expanded my collection of OTK boots! I admit there was a tiny thought in the back of my head that I might regret my choice when this fall rolled around, but now that I'm living in the future, I think it's safe to say this style is going to be sticking with us for at least another fall and winter, if not longer. If you're thinking about trying this style, go for it! Maybe don't buy five pairs, but get a reasonably priced pair and have fun with it! They are really easy to style with basics you probably already own. And to make my point, today I'm sharing a few ways I've worn mine.

Basic Tee/Sweater + Jeans: 

I bought this exact black pair last year and highly recommend them. They are still in stock this year, and the best news is that they are under $50! You really cannot beat the quality for this price. Mine are the 3 1/8" heel height, though they also have options for a 2" heel height on the same listing if that suits you better. They ran true to size for me. In the rest of the outfits below I'm wearing the Marc Fisher Lencon style boots in "Taupe." I've had those longer so I have a lot more photos with those, but since my color is sold out, I'm linking to the same $50 Amazon pair since they come in a Grey color that's pretty similar to this "taupe." If you really want this exact color from Marc Fisher you may be able to find it on eBay or Poshmark.

If you're wondering whether you have pieces in your wardrobe that will go with over the knee boots, chances are, you do! In the first two outfits above I'm just wearing a t-shirt and jeans. The scarves add a little visual interest, but the boots would work in the outfit just as well without a scarf. The boots dress up the basic jeans and tee a little bit in my opinion and give the outfit some extra oomph.

Long Cardigan + OTK Boots:

Another piece everyone probably owns that works well with over-the-knee boots is a cardigan. Pair them with jeans and layer it over the top of your choice: cami, tee, turtleneck...whatever works for you and your weather. Again I think the boots just make the outfit a little more interesting than if I wore flats or ankle boots with these.
Marled Cardigan + Purple T-Neck:

One thing I do like to watch is where the hem of my cardigan hits my thigh vs. where the boot hits my thigh. I personally like there to be a couple of inches of space between the top of my boots and the bottom of my cardigan. This one's cutting it close, but it's also hard to tell because the hem of my cardigan has a black trim that matches my jeans, so they run together a little.

Moto Jacket + OTK Boots:

I was a little shocked when going through my pictures that I don't have any front-view photos of a moto jacket + OTK boots outfit! This is my go-to cool weather date night combo, but when it starts getting dark early my evening outfits don't get photographed as much. I want to mention that my picture makes this jacket look more purple than it really is, but sadly this is the only decent picture I have with this combo for now. I think date night/evening is a great way to start with OTK boots since there's a bigger variety of "normal" date night outfits most places. Depending on where you live, this outfit could feel over the top for a mid week Target run, and still over the top for dinner at your favorite restaurant, but slightly less so! Ha! Most people where I live dress pretty casually all the time, so I've just gotten used to the, "Wow, you're so dressed up" comments. But by keeping most of the outfit elements casual (e.g. jeans and t-shirt for the base), I feel less excessively overdressed than if I wore this combo with say, a mini skirt instead! That would work if I were going downtown, but for Saturday night in the suburbs it's a little much here. If that's your style by all means go for it, but I'm just not quite as bold!

Judging by my archives, my OTK boot season is November through March, so I've got another month to go before I start wearing them in real life. But then five months to put them to good use! This post definitely made me excited to wear them again, and I hope it gave you some ideas for styling yours or deciding whether they're right for your closet!


Friday Favorites 10/11/19

Another week down and another round of favorites to share today! We had some fall preview weather early in the month, but this week it was back to being fairly warm most days. My brother in Spokane, Washington got snow this week! I couldn't believe it! I guess that means my outfits will look way out of season for some of you, but that's how it goes this time of year. Last week I was very motivated to get dressed every day. This week...not so much so I don't have many outfits to share. But the two pieces I'm highlighting really are new favorites so it's quality over quantity!

1. Burgundy Dress
This fall I focused on building my dress collection since that's one area where I was lacking. This LOFT dress is my final dress purchase for the season:

I spotted this when it was a "Preview" item back in August when I first started dress hunting. It seemed like it took forever to on sale, but it finally did. It's great for warm climate fall weather since the color says fall but the style says, "I don't want to be sweaty." And it must be noted: yes, it has pockets! It's also true to size, so no thankfully no hassle there. I wore it twice this week, first to an orthodontist appointment for my oldest and then to a daytime school concert. I'm just loving dresses this year since it's so nice to just wear casual clothes all day at home, then quickly throw something on and be the door in no time. I guess it just feels like a nice balance of effort put into outfit vs. time spent in public, if that makes sense. I don't want to spend 20 minutes figuring out an outfit for a one hour outing!

2. Short Sleeve Shirt
Another new-to-me favorite style this fall is the short sleeve button down shirt.

This top is only $28 now, true to size with somewhat of a boxy fit. It's a bit wider than the berry-colored version I shared from Express last week, but I still wore the same size (XS) in both. This one is nice because it's intended to be tied at the front, so those front segments are longer and easier to tie. I like that the colors on this aren't distinctly tied to one particular season since in my climate, a lot of seasons require similar clothing.

3. Tory Burch Shoes
My Tory Burch Miller sandals have been summer favorites for two years running, but this year I am really loving Tory Burch Fall/Winter styles!
One: Gigi Leo Flats | Two: Kira Pumps |  Three: Kira Boots 
Four: Cap Toe Ballet Flats | Five: Jessa Loafers 

I don't know if I never noticed TB shoes as much until I got the Miller sandals or if they're just upping their game with other shoes now, but I'm really liking these styles and will be curious to see if other brands come out with inspired versions of these. Option Two is currently on my wishlist. The stacked heel height looks reasonable and the nude color would be really versatile. Once we start having pants weather on a consistent basis I am tempted to try those! 

4. Re-stocked Target Boots
Looking for a more-budget friendly shoe favorite? These Target boots have been re-stocked in all three colors!
T-Shirt (c/o) | Similar Vest Option, Exact Sweater Vest (in Olive or Burgundy) | Similar Jeans | Boots | Stella & Dot Earrings + Necklace | Rebecca Minkoff Bag

Mine are the Cognac color, but they also come in Taupe and Black. I find I use all three of those colors with different outfits, so if you're missing any one of them in your shoe wardrobe this would be a good way to try it without spending a lot. I also wouldn't wait too long if you're interested in this style. Once they sell out, Target doesn't seem to re-stock their shoes until the beginning of the following season.

5. Fall Nails
I'm on a quest this month to find a great new nail color for fall. This week I tried Linger Over Coffee:

Last week I switched to darker nails for fall, but the first color I tried was a bit darker than I wanted right now. This week's color was a little closer to the mark, but isn't it funny how much darker the polish looks on my nails vs. in the bottle! It's so hard to find just the right shade! Here's a comparison of Last Week (CND Arrowhead) vs. This Week (OPI Linger Over Coffee).

To my eyes (especially in person) in person Arrowhead is a darker brown with plum tones whereas Linger Over Coffee is an earthier brown with some hints of red and mauve tones. I'd still like to find something that's the same color as the bottle on the right, so if you've tried something similar in a long wear formula, let me know!

6. Fitness Favorites 
I'm finishing off my Friday Favorites with a favorite workout of the week! To check out any of my past fitness posts start here for reference. This week's favorite is Amy Bento All Cardio Hi-Low Knockout:

At the beginning of the year, I shared my current fitness routine, and back then, I was doing a 30-minute walk three times per week. Over the summer, sometimes it was just too hot and I didn't feel like going out for a walk, so I started doing some of my cardio DVDs again. I forgot how much I liked some of them! This one by Amy Bento is a favorite floor cardio workout. It has four dance-y cardio segments with short kickboxing intervals in between. For  me, the time just flies and it's fun! The music is also a part of what makes it so fun. The workout is from 2009, and she uses familiar songs/artists from that time. These days home workouts have to use custom-made music because of the crackdown on music licensing rights. And honestly it's just not as fun and motivating for me as familiar music. For the record, I totally agree musical artists getting compensated for the use of their work so I do understand. But I still miss hearing it in home workouts all the same.

Anyway, that's a bit of a tangent. As far as the workout itself, Amy has fun moves in this and she does a great job cueing and breaking it down into easy-to-learn segment. That said, if you consider yourself to be someone who has two left feet or just don't like having to think about the steps much at all, skip this because it's still not what I'd consider beginner level choreography - it's intermediate to advanced for a home workouts. Otherwise if you want to feel like you're dancing to fun music and not working out, give it a try!

Equipment Used: None! All you need is the DVD and some floor space.

That's it for this week's favorites! I missed Flashback Friday this week since my only outfits besides what you saw above were comfy shorts and t-shirts that no one needs to see again. I did actually choose a past outfit to re-create, but then I didn't have a reason to wear it anywhere! Hopefully I'll be back on track next week. Can't wait to see what everyone else has on their favorites list this week!

Joining ErikaAndrea, and Narci for Friday Favorites


Plaid Jackets for Fall

This outfit seems like night and day from what I shared last Wednesday with short sleeves and shorts! Believe it or not we had a couple of cool days earlier this month and I did not waste any time putting my new plaid jacket into an outfit. I previewed this jacket in my September Amazon Try-On Session but didn't think I'd get to wear it until November! Mind you, it's back up into the 80s as I'm writing this post so I may not be repeating this piece any time soon, but I was happy to have even one chance to wear it in real life.

I wanted this jacket to be the main focal point of this outfit so I kept everything else simple with one of my favorite Foolproof Outfit Formulas: Black Top + Black Bottom with any outer layer. I shared ten ways to wear this combination in this post, and in another year or so I'll probably have ten more outfits to share since I really love the simplicity of this combo and wear it often! (Update: If you don't see your size available in this jacket on Amazon, you can try this year's version. It's very similar, and BB Dakota also has very fast shipping with free returns.)

When I shared this in my try-on session, I styled it with a white tee, blue jeans, and boots, and eventually I'd like to wear this combo in real life, too! I'll share the top view here one more time just to give you one more outfit idea for this piece and keep them all in one place:

This jacket is from BB Dakota  - one of my top two favorite brands for outfit making jackets. (Express is the other brand, in case you're wondering!)  If this red and black plaid combination isn't your thing or you don't like cropped jackets, they have quite a few other print and color out right now. These styles are all available on Shopbop, so you can use your Amazon Prime account for Free 2-Day Shipping and Free Returns.
Shop: BB Dakota on Shopbop 
One: Check This Out | Two: Plaid News Jacket | Three: Belted Blazer | Four: Belted Plaid Coat

By the way, what happened with the titles of the last two items. Did they run out of creative names? They start out punny with "Check This Out" and "Plaid News," and just move on to the accurate-but-not-clever "Belted Blazer" and "Belted Plaid Coat?" I just thought that was funny, but I'm sure I couldn't come up with that many creative names either!

As far as my exact jacket, it's true to size, which has been my experience with all of the BB Dakota jackets I've tried! I'm wearing an XS here, which is the same size as I wear in jackets from Express.

I have been seeing a ton of plaid jackets and coats this season in every color, style, and price point! Red and black plaid is definitely popular, and I'm also seeing a lot of brown tones...something I don't have much of in my wardrobe but I wouldn't mind trying. Especially if it's a brown/black combo since that seems like it would work well with what I already own. But if you don't have a plaid jacket and are thinking of adding one to your wishlist, here are eight more options!
One: Shop Cupcakes & Cashmere (Cher Jacket) $178
Two: Shop Palermo (Lioness Blazer) $89
Three: Shop ASTR the Label (Greta Blazer) - $168
Four: Shop Amanda Uprichard (Winters Blazer) - $290
Five: Amazon $58
Six: LOFT $150
Seven: Express $168
Eight: Ann Taylor $269

Let me know where you stand on plaid jackets this season! Do you already have a favorite you'll be repeating? Are you thinking of adding a new one to your closet? Virtual shopping with friends can be pretty fun so I always love to hear what's on everyone else's wishlist! Thanks for stopping by today and I'll see you back on Friday for some favorites!

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