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Friday Favorites 1/24/20

Welcome back to another round of Friday Favorites! As usual I'm starting with some recent outfits, and a little further down in the post I've got some other random favorites to share. It was a pretty decent week here. While a lot of people had Monday off for MLK day, I didn't have the day off, but I did take Tuesday off for my birthday! My friends and family spoiled me with love and some sweet and thoughtful gifts, then I headed to Kendra Scott to take advantage of my birthday discount. I'm planning to do a belated birthday brunch with my family this coming weekend so I'm looking forward to that too! With that said, here are a few outfits from this week:

Everyday Outfits:

Leopard Cami + Rust Jacket

I would have done my family birthday lunch last weekend, except I had plans to get together with my girlfriends for lunch! We used to do a monthly girls' brunch but life just got too hectic for us to keep that up consistently. So maybe it will only be an annual or semi-annual event now, but either way it was great to catch up with them...and have an excuse to get a little dressed up! My top and boots are true to size - everything else is similar

Neutral Jacket + Black Turtleneck

This jacket is from Cupcakes & Cashmere a few years back, and it was quite a challenge to find a similar style! I don't think the options I found are super similar, but they are neutral with a drape front detail and they would layer nicely over a black turtleneck just like this. This outfit is a perfect example of what I love about jackets: the base of the outfit is extremely simple (black turtleneck and blue jeans), but adding a jacket gives it a lot more personality and style. With such a simple base, almost any jacket would have worked as a topper for this. In fact, in my recent Cardigans vs. Jackets post I wore this exact outfit base with two different completer pieces!

Neutral Cardigan + White Top:
Cardigan (this color sold out, Save Option) | Similar Tank | Jeans (c/o) | Necklace

Last year I felt my brown tall boots didn't get used as much as my other boots, so I decided to be intentional about using them a little more this year. While I was on a roll with them I decided to go for three wears this week. I guess I primarily ended up mixing them in with other neutrals, but that's not too surprising since I mostly wear neutrals! I was surprised to see this color of the Barefoot Dreams cardigan is sold out everywhere I looked! I'll be curious to see if they re-stock it eventually. That said, I have this similar cardigan (in grey as seen here) and it's a great, affordable option for a neutral cardi with a nice shawl collar detail. Also, my jeans are exact here (True to Size) and I'm wearing the Indigo Blue overdyed color. If you need an affordable pair of solid, dark wash jeans these are a great option.

Front View:

In addition to wearing my brown boots three times this week, my girl's lunch outfit also brought me to three wears with my leopard cami! The first outfit is above, but I'll recap the two previous versions here along with a front view of all three.

Leopard Cami + Black Moto:

Leopard Cami + Black Cardigan:

Front View:

That's it for outfits this week, so now I'm joining ErikaAndrea, and Narci for some other Friday Favorites!

1. Single Cup Coffee Maker
Okay, I'm probably the last person to get on the Keurig train, but I honestly haven't wanted to because I already like my Hamilton Beach Brewstation for coffee. It's programmable, I can make multiple cups at once, it doesn't have a carafe, etc. However, this winter my family and I have all been wanting different kinds of drinks to warm us up, from hot cocoa to tea to decaf coffee etc. I think I always associated these machines with coffee, but once I realized I could use it for tea and cocoa, I realized it might make sense for us. I decided to get a small, affordable "K Cup" machine to try for convenience, and it's been a great purchase.

It really is handy and low-fuss for making hot beverages. It's also very compact and doesn't take up much counter space at all. It only makes one cup at a time, but so far that's been just fine for us. I also feel like it does help reduce clutter. Yes, we still need a few different types of cups (this takes all standard "K-cups") for the drinks we want, but it's definitely not taking up as much space as having five different types of tea boxes on hand. I have the tea sampler set above and it's perfect since it has all of the tea flavors I like in a small size box. For $40 and with a small kitchen footprint, it's a new kitchen favorite this winter.

2. Fitness Favorite
If you're new here, I do all of my workouts at home with DVDs. (There's more detail on my full/current fitness routine in this post if you're interested.) Some weeks I do a workout that I really love and think others might too, so I highlight that in my Friday Favorites. This week is one of those weeks and I'm talking about Cathe Friedrich's Lower Body Blast

I love workouts that make me feel like I'm getting a lot of bang for my buck, and this is definitely one of those. The workout itself is about an hour long and it hits every single muscle group in your lower body. It also has some cardio moves alternated in with weight moves, so it really keeps my heart rate up and challenges me in every way. To top it off, it also has a Bonus Barre segment that really burns! You don't need a bar for that - a chair works just fine. The bonus segment takes the workout running time to over an hour, so I usually do that segment on a separate day from the rest of the workout. But that's to the point about getting a lot of bang for my buck. There's a lot of great content and more unique moves in this workout. My legs and glutes get thoroughly challenged, but it's not repetitive so I'm never bored.

Equipment Required: High Step (or step stool), dumbbells, a resistance band and sliding disc (or paper plate). Cathe uses a weighted barbell, but I don't have that so I substitute dumbbells instead.

3. Greenlight Debit Card for Kids

One of the Christmas gifts I got for my kids this year was their own debit card. At 12 and 14, they're ready to learn some money management and budgeting skills. Plus, they are often going to activities with friends and need to pay for their admission or snacks or whatever, and it can become a frantic last minute dash to see if we have enough cash for them to carry. After hearing about the Greenlight Debit Card we decided to give it a try. It's $5 per month, and so far we are all loving it! It's a prepaid card, so they can't spend beyond what I put in their account. It also has a phone app for parents and kids, so I can see where they spend money, how much they spent, etc. And they can use their app to keep track of their own balance, request money from me, and more, track chores, and plenty of other things. Since we've had it just under a month and haven't tried all the features yet, but so far we are really loving it. If you have older kids and this sounds useful to you, I definitely recommend giving it a try! This is not sponsored at all, but if you want to sign up using my referral link, we'll both get $10. And that's not a blogger thing, either. If you sign up, you'll also get a referral link you can share with your own friends and family if you end up liking it.

Thanks for checking out my favorites today! See you back on Monday with another Amazon Try on Session! Earlier this month I did a try-on session with some workwear pieces, but Monday's will be all casual wear to balance things out at the end of the month!


Sweater Coat x 3 Ways

Earlier this month I did some closet sorting and came up with a list of favorite winter pieces I need to wear again ASAP. We don't really have Fall weather and our Winters aren't that long or that cold, so there's a short window of opportunity to wear my warmest, coziest pieces. I try not to own too many of those in general, but I still need some because I hate to be cold. This "Sweatercoat Cardigan" as it's called is one of those warmer pieces that made the list! I've had it for a few years and end up taking outfit photos with it every year, so that's made it possible to share three ways to wear it today!
MIDDLE: Cardigan (c/o)| Berry Cami | Grey Jeans | Belt | Boots (c/o) | Necklace
RIGHT: Cardigan (c/o) | Tank | Leggings | Similar Boots | Necklace

I'm sharing these a little out of order from the graphic above, but I liked how it looked best with the berry-colored top in the middle so that's the way I kept it! But I'll share the outfit details below starting with the most recent way I wore it, with this berry cami and grey jeans:

I've been a fan of these LOFT lace trim cami  for awhile, and I've posted the black and white version in many outfits here. They're a comfortable knit so they work well for casual outfits, but the lace trim just gives it a little extra something and makes it a tiny bit dressier, but not too dressy. This "Sweet Boysenberry" color is a newer release, and I thought it would be flattering and fun to mix in with my neutrals. So far so good! I'm really trying not to collect too many multiples of one item, but this is such a great layering option for my lifestyle that I couldn't resist this color. 

I've also talked about these Daily Ritual jeans a few times, but for a quick refresher, they're true to size but they do stretch a little with wear. So if you're between sizes, go with your smaller size. Or of you just want them more snug! The Short length options are not just shorter in the inseam, but shorter in the torso as well. At 5'4" those didn't work out for me even though I did like the length, so I ended up taking the Regular length. I love the fading on these! I'm going to make it a point to wear and photograph them a few more times in the near future so I can do a post with multiple ways to wear them. They are really great jeans for under $40!

Next up is this brown & black outfit combo. I really love brown + black combinations but rarely remember to do them! And honestly, this was never something I did on my own prior to the Pinterest era. Growing up, mixing brown and black was just asking for the self-appointed fashion police to walk by you and make a siren sound, alerting everyone to your mismatched outfit crime.

Since this post is primarily about this sweater coat/cardigan, I guess I better touch on the sizing! It runs Small-XL and I'm wearing a Small here. It's true to size for this line, although this line usually runs just a bit smaller than Express, LOFT etc. That said, I probably wouldn't size up unless you are really concerned about it being too tight. This is from Pattyboutik, another familiar brand for my regular readers and one of my overall favorite brands for Amazon sweaters! It's very warm, nicely made and holding up well over the years!

And last but not least, the first way I wore this sweater - just over two years ago! You know, while I don't mind looking at this outfit, I don't think I'd wear it like this again today. I tend to save my over-the-knee boots for dressier outfits these days, so I just can't see pairing them with leggings and a cardigan right now. But the boots were new at the time so I wore them with everything! Haha! 

If I were to wear this again now, I'd probably trade the boots for ankle boots, or else I'd change the leggings for black jeans. It's kind of funny how tastes and preferences shift over time, isn't it? I've noticed this about myself so much more since I started blogging. In part it's because I write things out here so they stick to my memory better, but of course, it's also due to the visual records!

On a separate note, I had a blast reading your comments last week on Cardigans vs. Jackets! That was such a fun discussion! For the past month or so I've been trying to bring an extra layering option with me when I take outfit photos, provided it makes sense for the outfit. It helps me get a bit of extra content for you/make my outfits applicable to a few more people without adding a lot of extra time to commitment, so it seems like a win-win. Plus, in some ways it's almost easier because I don't have to struggle with a decision of, "Which way do I want to complete this outfit? Cardigan or jacket?" I just do both! So on top of having three ways to wear this Sweatercoat Cardigan, I have a bonus Cardigan vs. Jacket comparison for you:

Just one little change of the layer and the outfit takes on a different tone. It's a little dressier and probably a little edgier. With this particular jacket (still available), it really feels like a sweatshirt on the inside so it's actually just as comfortable as the sweatercoat, though not quite as warm.

Truth be told, I think this last outfit is my very favorite of the bunch today! But that's not surprising since I usually do prefer jackets to cardigans. I guess I saved the best for last, even though this has nothing to do with three ways to wear the sweatercoat cardigan! But I also wasn't going to put this outfit in an entirely separate post since there was only one detail of difference, so I had to find a way to work it in here somehow!

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Black OTK Boots for Date Night

This Winter, my black over-the-knee (OTK) boots have been my go-to shoes for date night. They have a comfortable 3" stacked heel so they're easy to walk in, and since I can wear socks in them and they cover about 60% of my leg, they help keep me warm. But the style itself has some inherent sexiness, so they still add some oomph to an outfit even if all of the other pieces are more cozy than sexy. I've rounded up a six ways I've worn my black OTK boots for date night, so let's take a look!

ONE: Cozy Turtleneck Sweater and Jeans
Sweater (c/o) | Jeans (Similar w/ more sizes) | OTK Boots | Similar Bag 

I've worn this outfit for daytime brunch/lunch dates either with my family or friends,  but I've also worn it for happy hour dates, which tend to be more casual. When I look at this outfit it doesn't necessarily scream date night, but people are pretty casual around here 99% of the time: think sports jerseys, sneakers, hoodies, etc. So by comparison, this is "dressed up" - but it's not over the top. And that's usually my comfort zone - I want to look nice but not totally out of place!

TWO: Leopard Cami + Moto Jacket

This is my standard date night uniform of cami + jacket + jeans. In the Spring I wear this combo with my favorite $30 Target Ankle Strap Sandals, but I hate having cold feet, so those are a no-go in the winter! One other thing I love about wearing OTK boots is that I don't have to worry about the hem of my jeans working with my shoes. Whether it's pumps, sandals, or ankle boots, I feel like they always make it a little more challenging to get the hem of my jeans hitting just the right spot. It's so much easier to just tuck them in to these boots and be done with it!

THREE: Shawl Cardigan + Black Cami

Truth be told this is more of a daytime/day date outfit for me. I'm just not very likely to reach for a cardigan for date night. That said, for one thing I see a lot of people wearing this type of top + cardigan combo out to dinner...just not the boots! Ha! So I still think this can work for date night. But second of all, I'd also wear this to a happy hour date, especially if I was already wearing the outfit earlier in the day. I would probably have worn different shoes for daytime, so it's easy to just change into OTK boots and give the outfit a little dressier and sassier vibe for the evening.

These next three outfits are top view selfies, but I'll have the front view at the end of this post as well for a better look at the fit on these pieces.

FOUR: Black Blazer + Burgundy V-Neck Top

If you're not a moto jacket person and still want to dress up your outfit for date night, a blazer is always a good choice! But the boots keep the whole outfit from being too business-y in my opinion. The top I'm wearing here is actually a tunic top. I  shared two more ways to wear it in this post, but it worked out pretty well with a front-tuck here with jeans, adding bonus points to the versatility of this particular top.

FIVE: Green Wrap Sweater + Grey Jeans

This was my exact outfit for my holiday blogger dinner date with Noelle and I loved wearing it! It was dressy enough for the venue but still warm and comfortable. Noelle and I both wanted to choose a little bit of a nicer place since we both have husbands who prefer casual venues. I don't mind casual, but it's also nice to have to go somewhere a little fancier now and then, so our girls date was the perfect excuse for that!

SIX: Plaid Moto Jacket + Red Sweater

And last but not least, something with a little bit of a Valentine Red! I usually struggle with styling red, but this plaid jacket has made it easier! This red sweater is pretty thin, so when I layer it under the jacket I don't feel like it's bulky or getting bunched up underneath. I usually layer t-shirts or camis under my jackets since I can't stand that bunched, restrictive feeling! But this isn't much thicker than a t-shirt so it hasn't been an issue. 

And finally, here's one last look at all six of these outfits:

Of course, if you don't love OTK boots as much as me or they just don't work for you, knee high boots or ankle boots would work easily work as a substitution in these outfits. But obviously I'm loving the OTK boots trend and trying to make the most of it while it's still "in!" 


Friday Favorites 1/17/19

Hello and Happy Friday! Last weekend we did a lot of de-cluttering around the house while we had some holiday clean-up momentum still going, and I extended that to doing a little closet clean out of my own. I usually wait until the end of a season to do that so I know for sure what really got used (or not) during its appropriate season. But I was motivated to do it, and that's half the battle so I got rid of some things I felt I wouldn't re-purchase if I were to see them in the store today. That said, I also saw things I still liked and wanted to re-wear ASAP to justify their existence in my closet. So I made a list of Things I Need to Wear and used that as my guide for getting dressed this week.

Everyday Outfits

1. Camel Cardigan + Grey Jeans

One thing I noticed while making my list is that a lot of my daytime casual pieces don't get used as much lately. I've been wearing a lot of athleisure to work from home M-F, then a little bit dressier stuff for date nights. So in order to put some of the things I love to good use, I needed to "dress up" and more and wear jeans instead of leggings and joggers. Sometimes I'm just not motivated to do that, but this week I was and it felt nice! This cardigan is from Abercrombie about two years ago, and it was a splurge because it's cashmere. They do have some current options for cashmere cardigans, they just don't look as similar to mine as the one I linked above. Anyway, this is super cozy and comfortable to wear, but quite warm so I needed to wear it while we're having our version of winter!

1.2 Camel Coat + Black Tee

This was the evening version of the outfit above, and an example of my strategy for having similar pieces in my wardrobe that can easily change an outfit for the weather or occasion. It gets chilly here at night, so when I'm working the night shift (a.k.a. driving my kids to and from their lessons, which I usually sandwich with some errands while I'm waiting for them) I often need to dress a little warmer than I do for daytime. If you work in a business casual environment, I think this would also look really nice with a camel blazer. (Express has one that looks really nice!) I am also loving these grey Daily Ritual jeans! I initially got these as a sponsored item, but I got the short length and that didn't fit quite right. They were a non-returnable sponsored item, so I went ahead and purchased the correct size for myself. I take the same size in these as I do in Express jeans, though I will say they stretch a little with wear. I could almost size down, but I have a feeling that would feel too tight and uncomfortable for every day wear. I guess what I'm saying is if you're in between sizes you might want to size down, and I only recommend the Short length if you're 5'2" or shorter!

2. Military Sweater + Jeans:

I love this zip-up sweater because it has a little bit of structure, almost like jacket, but it still has the comfort of a sweater! It comes in sizes Small-Large and I'm wearing Small here. I had a little bit of trouble figuring out shoes for this sweater and jeans combo.  Last time I wore it with taupe OTK boots (posted here), but lately those just feel like "too much" for everyday wear. And these particular jeans don't go well with ankle boots because of the hem, but I did like them with the sweater. So I felt like if I wanted to wear ankle boots, I'd have to change my jeans too and that was too much trouble by the time I had them on! Since I wasn't planning on seeing many people that day I just left it alone with the nude boots even though I didn't 100% love it. But don't you hate it when you're almost ready, only to find out one last detail of your outfit doesn't quite work and you practically have to start from scratch? Hopefully I'm not the only one who has that problem!

3. Blue V-Neck Sweater + Jeans
Blue V Neck Sweater (c/o) (Similar w/ more sizes) | Similar Jeans | Similar Necklace | Boots (c/o)

This is such simple, common sweater and jeans outfit, but funny enough I don't wear a combo like this very often! I'm more inclined to wear a tee or cami with a completer piece like a cardigan or jacket. But I really liked this sweater since the pretty blue color isn't something I wear very often. It's a medium weight so it will probably be too warm for Spring here, which means now is the time to put it to use! The sizes on this particular color are dwindling, so I added a similar link with more sizes available.

Front View:

On the one hand, I wish my camel cardigan were a bit longer. I think I'm used to the current longer cardigan style that's trending and hits closer to mid-thigh, and that's probably why I don't reach for this as much even though it's super comfy. On the other hand, I have to say the shorter length was actually nicer for working from home and sitting at a desk all day because I wasn't sitting on the back of it all day! I end up flapping the back of my cardigan out like the tails of a tux so I don't sit on them, and I didn't have to bother with this! I'll put the front view of the Camel Coat outfit with the next set since it looked a little redundant here.

4. Pink Cover Up + Jeans
Pink Cover Up (c/o) | Similar Cami | Jeans (c/o) | Boots

This pink cardigan/cover-up is meant to be a workout wear cover up (it's from Amazon's Core 10 workout wear line)This striFinall, but I didn't see why it couldn't be just a casual cardigan too. I've shared it before as an athleisure piece with leggings, but since I was on a roll with jeans this week I went a little dressier this time. It's true to size but roomy, and a sweatshirt type material on the inside, so it's very comfortable. These jeans look almost black here, but they're actually a very dark, inky blue. The color name for this pair is "Indigo Blue Overdyed," and they're also true to size. I didn't have anywhere special to go on this

5. Striped Sweater + Olive Jacket

Last but not least, this I just can't get enough of this striped top.  I just shared it last week layered under a different jacket in this post, but since it cost a little more than what I usually spend on this type of top, I'm wearing it a lot to bring down the cost per wear. Plus, it's ultra-soft and comfortable so I look forward to wearing it! It's somewhere between a thick t-shirt and lightweight sweater, so I'm layering it now but will be able to wear it by itself for a few more months here I'm sure.

Front View:

I felt very dressed up compared to my athleisure style last week, but it was nice! I also really liked having a list of "things I need to re-wear" to get me started on my outfit each day so I may try it again next week.

I've missed sharing some random Friday Favorites the past few weeks, but my list started to add up so I thought I better get back to it! As usual I'm joining up with ErikaAndrea, and Narci for this!

1. Winter Nails:

My nails in all photos above are CND Dark Lava. This is a favorite winter nail color for me since it works as a neutral and matches with basically any outfit I wear. It's almost-black, but the shimmer makes it a little more wearable, along with the deep dark plummy-burgundy hints. As you can see in outfit photos,  sometimes it photographs more black or more burgundy or more red, but it is actually the same color in all photos above.

2. Honey Lemon Water with Kick:

In the Winter I love drinking honey lemon water, and sometimes I will add a little dash of cayenne pepper to it for some extra kick. When Amazon suggested I might like Mike's Hot Honey, I was intrigued! I ordered it, tried it, and now I love and recommend it! It gives my honey lemon water the same kick as a dash of cayenne pepper but it's one less step in the process and also less messy! I'm sure you could use this honey on other foods, but so far I've only used it for that drink. Also, I was concerned it would be too hot/spicy/overpowering, but it's really not. It's a subtle kick (to my tastebuds anyway) so I'll be ordering it on the regular!

3. Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager with Heat

My husband got this Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager for me as a Christmas gift, and I am hooked!! (Andrea, this one is for you!) I have chronic neck, back and shoulder pain from past injuries and sitting at a computer all day. I'm sure my family is tired of me asking if they can work out this knot in my neck for just two minutes, and now that I have this, I don't have to ask that anymore! If you've ever had a pedicure and sat in their massage chairs, this feels a bit like that. But you can move this all over your back to places that chair can't reach, and focus it on where you need help the most. You can put it up over your shoulders, set it against your lower back, middle back, etc. You can also control how intense it is either by leaning back into it more or putting your wrists through the arm slots and pulling it forward/down to apply more pressure. It takes a bit of adjusting and trying different positions and placements to figure out what you like best, but it's well worth it!

4. Fitness Update
. For my Fitness Friends, I don't want you to think I've forgotten about sharing Fitness Favorites. I'm just finding that I don't have a favorite to share every single week. When I do a workout and remember how much I love it, then I'm motivated to share. But some weeks my workouts are just fine, and others I'm repeating a favorite I've already shared. For 2020, that means I'll just be sharing a Fitness Favorite periodically rather than weekly. I don't want to feel pressured to highlight a workout every week just to have content if it wasn't really a favorite.  I hope that makes sense, and thanks as always for your support and understanding!

With that housekeeping out of the way, it's time to get the weekend started! I hope you have a great one and see you back on Monday!


Cardigans vs. Jackets

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of using jackets to complete a fairly simple outfit, as evidenced in my most recent Foolproof Outfit Formula post. But I think I might be in the minority in my preference of jackets to cardigans. Don't get me wrong, I do like cardigans too! I've posted plenty of outfits with those over the years, and they generally perform better on Pinterest than my jacket outfits. So maybe a better way to say this would be that I'm probably a little more drawn to jacket outfits vs. cardigan outfits than the average woman. For that reason, lately I've been trying to show an option for styling an outfit with both a jacket and cardigan option to complete a look.

These two outfits are exactly the same except for one detail: the completer piece! A black turtleneck, blue jeans, and boots...basic enough that most people probably have something similar to these in their closet. This combo would work with almost any cardigan or jacket layered on it, but I chose to wear it with my recent Christmas-gift-to-self, this Barefoot Dreams Cardigan in Rosewood. Since it was a splurge item I'm eager to start getting the cost-per-wear down while we have the weather that suits this type of thick and warm cardigan.

For a jacket option, I went with my utility jacket since it's a fairly common wardrobe staple. My exact version was a Maurice's find last year (sold out), but Amazon has a similar highly-rated option (with Prime Shipping of course!) for under $40. If I were shopping for this piece now that would be my first choice to try.

Since we're on the topic of Cardigan vs. Jacket outfits, I pulled a few additional outfits from the archives for comparison. These aren't identical-except-for-one-piece like the previous outfits since I didn't plan on featuring them in a this vs. that post at the time I wore them! They have a few more detail changes like the shoes and accessories.  But they feature the same basic outfit base so I think they still make for good side-by-side comparisons.

For both of these outfits I wore my all-time favorite Foolproof Outfit Formula of black-on-black with a contrasting outer layer. I even went with black for both of the shoe selections since it does help give a longer line, and at 5'4" I'll take all the help I can get! But choosing a cardi vs. a jacket topper totally changes the look outfit. In this case I think the cardigan gives a little more casual and relaxed vibe than the jacket, but they're both polished and complete.

Even though I'm wearing almost exactly the same things in both outfits, they still feel like two different outfits to me. And I love that because I don't feel like I need two completely different sets of clothes to make two different outfits. Just some basic staple pieces and a few statement completer pieces!

This next example came from a fairly recent post in December, but December was not a big month for blog traffic so I'm guessing these outfits will still be new to a lot of people. Haha! In this case I wore the exact same top and jeans, but I changed two pieces (shoes and completer piece) to take this from a daytime to a date night look.
RIGHT: Similar Jacket | Cami | Similar Jeans | Boots (c/o) | Earrings

While I've always liked leopard print, I don't usually wear this much in a single piece. I opt for smaller doses like a bag, belt or sandals. I was pushing my comfort zone a little with this top, but I found wearing it with a black layer on top (thus covering a good portion of the print) helped tone it down enough for me to be comfortable wearing it.

Switching the cardi and ankle boots for a moto jacket and OTK boots definitely changes the tone of this look! This next combo is strictly a date night look for me - not something I'd generally wear for a Target run! While I do wear OTK boots for daytime sometimes, I usually do it with more conservative pieces, like the cozy turtleneck outfit in this post
 Moto Jacket | Cami | Similar Jeans | Boots (c/o) | Earrings

My goal here is definitely not to state that one option is better than the other for any of these outfits. Obviously I like both cardigans and jackets and I wear them both for different occasions! It's really just seeing and sharing the difference they can make as a completer piece for a similar outfit, and showing how easy it can be to transition an outfit from day to night or from casual to a little more dressy with minimal detail changes.

So now it's your turn! Did you find that you preferred one option over another in these outfits almost every time? Or do you like them both about the same for different occasions? Do you tend to purchase more cardigans or jackets? I love chatting fashion and outfits with you all so I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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