Six Pink Jacket Outfit Ideas

This week we're getting ready to head out on our family summer vacation to the Oregon Coast and I can't wait! Even though I've been there a couple of times before and have a good idea of what I need to pack, I'm still dreading the actual packing process. I know a lot of people who dread unpacking when they get home, but for me packing is the worst! I stress about forgetting something or last minute changes in weather or activities once we arrive that result in me not having the right things to wear. I've been debating whether to take this pink jacket with me. I love it but also don't want to ruin it with some of our more "rugged" activities, so I'm still on the fence. If it doesn't make the final cut, I'll still have plenty of ways to wear it when I get back, as I show further down in today's post.
Pink Field Jacket, White Henley Tank, Jean Shorts, Leopard Sandals

I've posted this jacket  a few times in the "more ways to wear" segments of my posts, but this is my first time wearing it outside the house and giving it a dedicated post. It's cute, comfortable, and true to size (I'm wearing XS here and it's fully stocked in all sizes as I'm writing this). My only critique would be that I don't prefer the elastic wrists on the sleeves since I can't roll them upr. But it doesn't bother me enough to give me any regrets. I only regret not getting it last year when it first came out!

In other sizing notes for these pieces, the leopard sandals run true to size and are still holding up really well after three summers of use! The henley tank runs just a little small. I usually wear a Small in fitted tanks and that's what I'm wearing in this, but it does feels just a bit smaller than the average size small fitted tank. Or it could just be it's shorter in the torso than the tanks I usually wear? Either way, I'd size up one or go with the bigger of your two sizes if you tend to be in between like me.

More Ways to Wear It...
There's no doubt about it, this jacket is going to be great for fall! So today I'm sharing a few ways to wear this jacket right now...and three ways to wear it later for cooler weather.

Here's a little chit chat for you to start your Monday!

1. Summer Fashion Poll: Once the Nordstrom sale starts the blogosphere instantly shifts the focus to fall fashion, but I was curious as to whether other people make that same shift or if that's just a blogger thing and most people are still focused on summer fashion. I took a poll on Instagram and here are the results:
I was surprised by the results! Over half are still at least considering some summer purchases! As for me, I don't plan to buy any more shorts or summer-only pieces since I'm definitely set on those, but I'm also not ready to purchase blanket scarves or heavy sweaters. This in-between time is when I tend to focus a little more on shoes, bags and accessories that aren't as season-specific.

2. If you are still shopping for summer, here are 17 items you need to dress like a professional Instagram influencer this summer. I have zero of these items, but I do think I'll add "red printed midi dress" to my wishlist because I can see that working well through early fall. TBD if it can turn me into a professional influencer!

3. Dupe Alert. I have seen a bunch of people post these pajamas (on the left below), and I was thinking, "Hey, I have those too!" Except I finally realized the Insta-famous ones are from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale (sold out), and mine are from Target!

The Target version is only $20 and really soft and comfortable. Highly recommend!

4. Oregon Coast: I noted in the intro that I'm heading back to the Oregon Coast this week, but I'm not planning to do a trip recap since I did a pretty comprehensive travel guide last summer. I'll be repeating most of the same activities this summer except with my side of the family, so a repeat post doesn't seem worthwhile. That said, I'm sure I'll do some sharing on Instagram stories as we go so you can watch for that if you're following me there.

 Thanks for stopping by today and I'll see you back here on Wednesday with my July update!

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Lace Top Repeat + Friday Four

Today's outfit was meant to be a multi-tasking weekend outfit. I had to pick up a few items at the music store followed by lessons for the kids, and then I was supposed to have an afternoon coffee date with a girlfriend. I don't know about you all, but I tend to dress up a little more when I'm meeting up with girlfriends since they're more likely to notice or care than say...the guy at the music store. At any rate, I didn't want to change in between appointments and errands so I grabbed my lace top and dressed it down a little with jean shorts...but I didn't want to be too dressed down so I chose wedges instead of flat sandals!

In the end, my girlfriend had to cancel our coffee date at the last minute, so I was a little dressed up with a few places to go...but none of them requiring the dressier pieces of this outfit! I first posted this top last month when I wore it to one of my son's Spring music recitals. I'll put the side-by-side below so you can see how I dressed it up a little more with a slightly higher stacked heel and dark wash jeans.
LEFT: Lace Top | White Tank | Jeans | Taupe Sandals | Tory Burch Bag (c/o)

I'm wearing a Small in the top, and my jean shorts and sandals both ran true to size for me!

Here are my four random things for this Friday!

1. Prime "Day" Continues. If you missed out on some of the Prime Day deals...you might not be completely out of luck. My two favorite membership deals (both of which I pay for myself just to be clear) have been extended through July 31. The Audible Prime Day Deal  is 66% off a three month membership and the Kindle Unlimited Deal offers 3 months for only 99 cents! If you're not sure if these would be for you, check out my Prime Day Post with ten audiobooks to make you a better, happier, smarter person and four good reads on Kindle Unlimited.

2. Must-listen Podcast. Kristi recommended this episode of the Brute Strength Podcast and said it was so good she listened to it twice! It's called " Program Your Mind for Improved Performance and Greater Self Awareness" and originally aired March 18, 2018. I thought it was good enough to "make" my husband listen to it, and he found it very worthwhile too. If you need a good listen go check it out!

3. Sit-Ups are Useless according to this article. To the point that the army is phasing out their two-minute sit up test by the end of 2020! The article gave some suggestions for better exercises for core work, but in a word: planks.

4. Summer Bucket List. Back in May I made a Summer Bucket List and now that we're approaching the final month of unofficial Summer I thought I better check in on my progress. I had four items on my list: 1) Dance, 2) Eye Exam, 3) Beach Days, and 4) Blogventures.
1) On the dance front, I've abandoned that "goal." I just couldn't find a class I wanted to take in a convenient time + location. Instead I've been walking (outdoors) at least three times a week, and I'm happy with that substitution. It feels great to get fresh air, plus it's way more convenient.
2) I have an eye exam scheduled for August so if all goes well that will be done by end of summer!
3) We've been to the beach twice, which is better than last summer! Hopefully we'll go one more time for good measure.
4) I've gone to two Hatched Collective events that weren't specific to bloggers, but they served the same objective I had in mind (and I did get to chat with some bloggers at each one) so that's a win. I would like to go to one more event in August just because I really enjoy them!

Did you make a summer bucket list this year? How is your progress going? Hope you're enjoying your summer so far and making the most of it!

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Easy Breezy Striped Dress

My blogging brain is pretty fried today after yesterday's Amazon Prime Day post, and I was tempted to try a "Wordless Wednesday" post. But then I thought that might be pretty weird coming from me and I'd have to explain myself anyway, so I opted to write the post like always. I honestly have no idea how some bloggers have the energy to post regularly and comprehensively about sales from numerous retailers on the regular! As for me, I know my limits so I'm going to keep it simple today. Luckily my outfit with this striped dress is about as easy as it gets! While my dress is from Amazon and some colors have Prime shipping, it wasn't on sale for Prime Day so you haven't missed out on any special pricing.

It's highly possible that this dress is intended as a beach cover-up, but for me it was cute enough to wear as an everyday casual piece. Plus the fabric was thick enough that it wasn't see through, so it's not as flimsy as a lot of beach cover-up pieces are. Regardless of the intended use, I absolutely love it and wish it came in some solid colors, too! It was so easy to throw this on for a few errands on Sunday morning. Last Sunday also happened to be National Ice Cream Day, so we "celebrated" with a stop at Baskin-Robbins. I sampled their "America's Birthday Cake" flavor and it was so good! That became the new favorite for 3/4 of our family members. Per their website it's a "Strawberry and cake flavored ice creams throw a birthday party and invite cake pieces and a blue whipped cream flavored swirl over to celebrate too!" Next time you're in BR I would highly recommend getting a sample if it's still in stock!

Hm, somehow I got sidetracked on ice cream there, but like I said...not much more to say about this outfit! The dress runs true to size (I'm wearing XS) and is as just as comfortable as it looks! For my round-up of budget-friendly options for Tory Burch Miller sandals, check out this post. And for an under $30, budget-friendly designer inspired handbag try this option.

I didn't get this dress with the intention that it needed to be versatile since I really just wanted something that would be easy to throw on in a hurry and still look cute! That said, it does layer easily with basic pieces like a denim jacket and a cardigan if you need one for A/C or chilly evenings. I also paired it with a little bit of a nicer sandal in Outfit Two to dress it up just a tiny bit more.
ONE:  Striped Dress (c/o) | Sandals (c/o) |  Charmed Stacks Bracelet
TWO: Denim Jacket (Budget Option with more sizes) | Striped Dress (c/o) | Sandals 

Well, after the busyness of Monday and Tuesday today will be nice and relaxing since I'll be laying on my back for a couple of hours at the dentist. Ha ha...yeah no. Not exactly my favorite way to relax! But I'm trying to stay positive since it just needs to be done. I hope your Wednesday plans are a little better than mine and I'll see you back here on Friday!

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Prime Day!

Okay, Amazon Prime Day is officially here! So far it's crashing the Amazon site left and right as I've been putting this post together, which makes for some blogging challenges. But I still have some new and less-new favorites to share. I'm focusing today's post on products I own and love, rather than all of the deals available. It's slightly less overwhelming that way and just more in keeping with my regular blogging style. And if you're not a Prime Member yet, you can sign up for your free trial here and take advantage of all the deals and products I'm talking about today.

First off, let's talk clothing and some of the Amazon Prime Exclusive brands. If you just got a Prime account to take advantage of deals, you're now eligible to shop these brands. My personal favorite is Daily/Ritual. It's similar to Express One Eleven in terms of being very comfort-based, and it's all very affordable with most pieces under $30. This striped t-shirt/hoodie was my first piece from this line, but I've since added several more. I'll share my other favorites a little further down.

For reference I'm wearing a Small in this hoodie. I do think the line runs true to size in general and I haven't had any surprises in any of my pieces. I wear both XS and Small in tops pretty frequently depending on how I want it to fit. I wanted the extra length in this so I could wear it with leggings. You can see the untucked length with my Daily/Ritual leggings in Outfit Three below.
Daily Ritual, Leggings Outfits, Amazon Prime Exclusive Brand
TWO: Striped hoodie (c/o) | Jeans | New Balance Sneakers (c/o Amazon)
THREE: Striped hoodie (c/o) | Leggings (c/o) | Tory Burch Sandals (c/o)

UPDATE: Now that the Amazon site is working a little better for me I wanted to update the post with a two exact Daily/Ritual items I own and love that are on sale for Prime Day. Some of these outfits are also suited for cooler weather if you're thinking ahead to pieces that will work for fall. First, this long sleeve scoop neck t-shirt in Outfit One and Two. It's comfortable (naturally), the cut is very flattering, and I liked it so much I got all three colors! I've only photographed navy so far, but I didn't want it to sell out in my size (I took a Small in this) in other colors. It's pretty thin, which I liked for our warmer climate, plus it makes it a bit easier to layer without adding a lot of bulk. And then there are these leggings that are my favorite comfy leggings and on sale for only $12.60!
THREECardigan (c/o) | Leggings (c/o) | Black Tank | Similar Ankle Boots | Necklace

I also have and love this Daily Ritual t-shirt dress with a scoop neck (shown in this post). It's under $20 but not on sale. However the v-neck version is on sale for only $10 for Prime Day:

I ordered this dress in black while it's so affordable! And if you're browsing Daily/Ritual Prime Day options, I will say I also have this t-shirt that's on sale for Prime Day...and I'm not a big fan of it. It's nice and lightweight for summer but the fit just wasn't all that flattering to me. I think there are better t-shirts for that price point ($14 on Prime Day, $20 on regular price) so I would hold off for a different option if you need a basic short sleeve tee.

The second piece I wanted to share is a new-to-me Amazon Prime exclusive brand of premium workout apparel, Core 10. Several of their pieces have deals for Prime Day, like these cropped jogger pants that I'm eyeing.

I'm wearing an XS in this hoodie (the smaller of my two "normal sizes") since I wanted a sleek, fitted look. This is a pretty basic piece, but believe it or not I didn't have anything else like it. I love that it adds warmth without a lot of bulk, and this is going to be a great piece for travel since it doesn't take up a lot of space in a suitcase. I'm definitely bringing it with me to the Oregon Coast next week!
Core 10, Athleisure, Workout clothes, Amazon Prime Exclusive Brand

Here are three ways to wear this hoodie for workouts and casual wear:
TWO: Hoodie (c/o) | Grey t-shirt | Jeans | Tory Burch Sandals (c/o) (Budget options here)

More Fashion Deals:
To browse more Prime Day Deals, go here for All Fashion Deals. Aside from browsing a few things for myself I know I'll be checking out the deals on Under Armour Apparel and Shoes  since this is a favorite brand for my husband and boys!

Favorite Devices to Buy on Prime Day:
You all probably know by now that books are my other passion outside of fashion! I read all of my books on Kindle and have owned one since 2007. I just prefer the compact format for taking it with me everywhere and the fact that it significantly reduces clutter. My boys also have a Kindle and I love that too since they can never tell me, "I don't have anything to read" when it's reading time. Plus we can share books within the family! We don't have a lot of reading interest overlap but it does come in handy from time to time. If you've thought about getting a Kindle (or getting one for someone else in your family) you can get significant savings on a couple of models today. The Kindle Paperwhite is regularly $120 but marked down to $80 today for Prime Day. My kids have this model and really have no complaints about it. (I have the Voyage, which is not included in today's promotion).
Kindle Paperwhite (Save $40 on Prime Day!)

The original Kindle e-reader is also included in the Prime Day Promotion. It's marked down to $50 from $80. I had this version from 2007-2015 (I was an early adapter on this one) until it finally turned it's final e-page on me and I had to replace it. But it was great while it lasted and will certainly do the job of a basic e-reader just fine.
Kindle e-reader $50 (Save $30 on Prime Day!)

And last but not least in the "devices I own and use" category is the Echo Look. It's a fun tool and it's 50% off today. that's great for taking outfit pictures and getting some anonymous feedback on your style. I shared more about it in this post, but you can see one of my comparison/feedback examples below:

 Echo Look (Save $100 on Prime Day!)

Please note - the Echo Look was gifted to me by Amazon but I was not obligated to share anything further about the device. All content created was done at my discretion and in the interest of sharing products with my readers that you all might enjoy!

Favorite Amazon Memberships/Services on Sale:
Not only do I have some favorites Amazon devices, but on top of my Prime Membership there are two additional memberships I have and recommend, especially if you are a reader!

(Click through on this graphic to start your 3 month Prime Day Trial!)

It's not an exaggeration to say that my Audible membership has been life changing! It has allowed me to read at least four extra books per month by reading with my ears via my phone. I read when I go on walks, drive in the car, fold laundry, wash dishes, eat meals, etc. etc. I mainly stick to non-fiction for audiobooks since I personally find it easier to stay interested in that format, but I know some people who are the opposite! And if that's you, don't worry there are plenty of fiction books on Audible too.  If you've thought about getting an Audible membership, Prime Day is the time to give it a try and save $10 per month! If you need some book suggestions, here are ten that I highly recommend you add to your library. These will keep you reading in your three month trial and then some!
*Of course, I can't guarantee that these will make you a better, smarter, happier person. I can only say they've done as much for me!

For complete reviews on any of these titles, type the title into the Search Bar located on the right hand side of my blog pages on a laptop/desktop or at the bottom of the page on a mobile device.

Kindle Unlimited is my most recent membership and for Prime Day you can try it for 3 months for only 99 cents!
(Click through on this graphic to start your Prime Day Kindle Unlimited Trial!)

I just started K.U. for the first time on Black Friday last year. As much as I love to read, I wasn't sure that the books available on Kindle Unlimited would be worthwhile. Now that I've had a membership for 8 months I can tell you yes, there are some duds and lots of 3-star books (enjoyable enough to finish but nothing special), but that will always be the case regardless of how you acquire books! There have also been some Kindle Unlimited books I really enjoyed! If you decide to start a membership here are four I really enjoyed and would recommend.

Amazon Prime Day ends Wednesday, July 18 at 3 AM Eastern. so you have all day Tuesday to shop the deals and make your decisions about signing up for any of these services. And as a side note, I think Express is feeling left out of all the Nordstrom Sale/Prime Day excitement because they're also offering a storewide 40% off sale and Free Shipping on all orders today! If you've got something on your wishlist there, now's the time to get it without paying for shipping or worrying about coupon codes.

And on a final note today, I just want to say an extra thank you to those of you who shop through my blog links for any of your purchases. Blogging is a lot of fun but it's also time consuming and comes with quite a few expenses if you want to create quality content. It's a densely saturated market at this point, so I know you have a lot of choices in bloggers to follow and links to click through. It means a lot when you let retailers know that my opinion directed you to their site by clicking through my links and purchasing through that same browser rather than an app or separate browser. It's what allows me personally to continue blogging and working harder to bring you quality, consistent content!

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Summer Staple: Striped Tanks

2018 has been the year of the stripes for me. I've always liked them in general, but for some reason this year I've had better luck finding specific items I really like. Maybe I'm looking a little harder for them since at one point earlier this year I felt like I really didn't have many at all and wanted to add "a few" to my wardrobe. I'd say I officially have "a few now," but I'm coming over to the side of "never too many" when it comes to stripes!
LOFT Striped Essential Tank Forever Navy

A lot of the reviews for this LOFT Striped Essential Tank said that it ran small so you should size up. Normally I find LOFT tops to run a little bit, so I ordered a Small in this tank and I'm happy with the fit. That said, Small is my "normal" size in fitted tanks, but it's one up from my usual size in LOFT tops. Hopefully that helps rather than over complicating the size issue! That said, it's a great basic piece and layers easily with different jackets and cardigans as I'll show in some outfits below. If it's not on sale today, it will most definitely go on sale again in the near future since LOFT runs pretty frequent 40% off promotions. It comes in grabbed it in the grey version, and I'll share some outfits for that version too.

My exact jean shorts are a few years old from Articles of Society and my cardigan is from Abercrombie last year, so I've linked to some current similar options in the same price range. My sandals are true to size and another great summer staple. I've been wearing my Miller sandals a lot since I just got them this year, but I liked how the richer cognac color of these worked with this outfit. Plus they're very comfortable!

Usually when I'm in the process of taking outfit pictures I'll stop for a minute and check the camera to make sure we're on the right track. Of course how things look on the camera is a little different than how they end up looking on a computer screen, but it does help prevent some disasters (as I've learned the hard way!). At any rate, when I checked the photos with this outfit I wasn't really sure I was liking the belt, and since the cardigan was an A/C protection addition anyway, I ditched that too. I couldn't decide which result I ultimately liked better, so I put it to an Instagram poll to decide.

The majority favored the belt + cardi option, but since a fair amount still liked the clean + simple look, here's that option too!
Striped Tank | Similar Cardigan | Similar Jean Shorts | Sandals ("Saddle Leather")  | Necklace | Earrings  | Similar Watch | Mixed Metal Bracelet (c/o) | Tory Burch Fleming (c/o) (Budget Option)

When I took the poll I did have one more request for this outfit with the belt but without the cardigan, and I wish I had thought to try that while we were out and about! It's just funny how even a simple piece like this tank and a pretty basic outfit can still take some trial and error to make it look "right," whether to your own eyes or someone else's!

I have to say, number three is my favorite of these outfits and I wish I had photographed that one for today's post. But it's been too hot to wear a tank with jeans and a jacket right now so I stayed with the reality version rather than sweating buckets for the "looks best in pictures" option!
ONE:  Striped Tank | Similar Cardigan | Similar Jean Shorts | Sandals ("Saddle Leather")  

 I really love the grey version of this tank too and think it makes for a great year-round layering piece. I'm usually not one to wear the sporty style of outfit #2 here, but I actually kind of like it with the sleek hoodie and there's a pretty good chance I'll be packing this whole outfit on my trip to Oregon in a couple of weeks. I'll probably have to wear it with jeans rather than shorts depending on the weather, but either way I think the striped tank adds a little more fun and interest vs. a plain grey tank.
ONE: Striped Tank | Black Pull-On Shorts | Sandals (c/o) | Medallion Necklace (c/o)

*For a round-up of budget-friendly sandals very similar to the Tory Burch Miller sandal see this post.
**This is an Amazon Exclusive brand, and they often run deals on their house brands for Prime Day. So it's worth waiting until Prime Day launches (at Noon Eastern) to the check the pricing before making a purchase!

I wasn't planning on posting quite so many outfits today since I have another post coming up later today for Prime Day! But I just thought it would be easier to have all the striped tank outfits in one post. That said, the memo for today is to get ready for Amazon Prime Day starting at noon! I hope you'll stop back by the blog this evening when I have another post up with a round up of my personal favorites in a few different categories (not just fashion)!

So if you don't have a Prime membership yet, click here to get started on your free trial and shop the deals today!

Some of the deals are starting early, like up to 50% off Amazon Devices! Everything from Kindles to Home Security to the Echo Look. You might remember I shared my Echo Look experiences in this post...it takes your photos and will rate your outfits and let you know what looks best on you! But of course, my most used Amazon device is my Kindle. If you don't have one you can get the Paperwhite for only $80 (regularly $120) or the basic e-reader (my boys have this style and it's great) for only $50 (regularly $80).

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Embroidered Shorts + Friday Four

Well, after saying earlier this week I wasn't going to shop the Nordstrom Sale, I saw a few very tempting things once the sale launched. As much as I tried not to go browsing the sale, it's so hard to blog and engage with your blogging friends and avoid it entirely! But once I had them in my virtual shopping cart, the site wasn't letting me check out. I'm sure it was overloaded with traffic, but I took it as a sign that I should hold off on buying them right away. In the meantime, I have plenty of summer clothes to wear and share, like today's outfit with these embroidered pull-on shorts and my new favorite summer wedges.
Similar Navy Tank | Embroidered Shorts | Sandals (c/o) | Tory Burch Bag (c/o Shopbop) (Budget Option) | Necklace | Earrings | Charmed Stacks Bracelets

SHORTS: These embroidered pull-on shorts are comfortable and true to size. I first wrote that these had an interior lining, but I was remembering incorrectly or just thinking of the pockets. Anyway, apologies about that if you ordered and were disappointed that they aren't lined! However they are a pretty thick/sturdy fabric so I don't find them see through. Of course, since they are almost-white you'll still need to wear nude undergarments underneath them to avoid any show through.

TANK: My tank is a couple of years old from Target, but I couldn't find a current version in this color online. They're usually pretty good about re-issuing staples like this each year, but at least Old Navy has a similar version at a good price. 
Similar Navy Tank | Embroidered Shorts | Sandals (c/o) | Tory Burch Bag (c/o Shopbop) (Budget Option) | Necklace | Earrings | Charmed Stacks Bracelets

 SANDALS: I have been wearing these sandals a lot since I got them, and I can't say enough good things about them. The heel doesn't feel high at all since it has a platform in the front, and the soles are also light so I don't feel like I'm clomping around when I wear them. I've noticed that a lot with espadrilles -they have a very heavy sole and it's just not as comfortable walking around in those for me as it is with these. The blogger favorite Treasure & Bond wedges were that way for me. They look darling on everyone but the soles felt really heavy to me, plus I was between sizes and there was just no way around that. So I'm glad to have found these since they serve a similar purpose.

Here are three of the ways I've worn these wedges so far. They really do go with almost everything!

Here are my four random things for this Friday!

1. Coffee & Conversation: On Wednesday I attended another Hatched Collective "Coffee and Conversation" Event at Frost Me Gourmet in Little Italy. These are organized for female entrepreneurs of all kinds to connect and share in person. What I love about these events vs. more blogger-oriented events I've attended is that we dive in to deeper sharing on relevant topics with prompt questions that the host provides. I personally find this a lot more enjoyable than just making small talk with random bloggers or women that I'll probably never meet again. While I can't say I've made any new lasting connections (yet) in the two events I've attended, they were still worthwhile in and of themselves.

2. Instagram Polls Lately: I might be a little addicted to taking polls on Instagram lately. I can't help it - I just think it's fun to see how other people weigh-in on a particular topic. Here are the results of a couple of my recent polls:
Although I can't vote on my own polls, my vote for this one was with the 63% majority. In fact I made a goal not to buy any new swimwear this summer. All of my suits from past seasons are in good shape and I really don't need anything new. I often do better with my shopping budget when I strike out full categories like "Swimwear" or "Nordstrom Sale." Then I just don't go looking for trouble there!

This is one I did for my own benefit, really. I hesitate to post a lot of sale info on Instagram when I feel like soooo many bloggers have already posted about it. I thought it would be helpful to know how many who follow me are already following sooo many other bloggers as well or if they follow just a handful and might appreciate the sale alerts and such.
Well...it's practically a tie. For the most part I've just kept doing my usual thing and posting a sale mainly when there's something I own and recommend.

3. Speaking of Polls: I did take a blog-only poll a few weeks back regarding my posting schedule here and whether you all would prefer M/W/F posts or shorter, more frequent posts.  Here's how that ended up:
Thanks to your feedback, I'm sticking with the M/W/F schedule. I will still add an extra post here and there when it makes sense, like I do with my monthly book reviews.

4. Speaking of Extra Posts...I will definitely have an extra post next Monday evening or Tuesday morning (whenever I finish it) for Amazon Prime Day. I'm re-posting this segment from my Book Reviews post on Tuesday for those who missed it. In case you do not already have a Prime Membership, it's worth noting that you can sign up for a 30-Day free trial to see if it's worth it for you and take advantage of all the Prime Day deals.
I'm a huge fan of Amazon Prime. And yes, in full disclosure I have worked with them as a Fashion Influencer for about two years but I've been a Prime Member since 2006. So the love goes way back and this is a very organic brand partnership for me. That said, I still pay for my own Prime Membership, Kindle Unlimited, Audible Membership etc. and genuinely love and constantly use those services. Prime Day is coming up on July 16 and there will be all kinds of amazing deals for Prime Members across numerous categories. Even if you're on the Free Trial plan you'll be able to take advantage of those deals! I'll definitely be blogging some of my favorites on Prime Day, click here to sign up now and thank me later when you're scoring the best deals on Prime Day and enjoying the benefits of 2-Day Prime Shipping and free returns on all the things!

And that does it for today! I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. We have a few activities lined up for the kids and will most likely try to do a date night at a restaurant with some outdoor space to make the most of summer. Hope you all have a great weekend too!

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Black Sundress + Tory Burch Miller Dupes

I could just as easily have titled this post, "What to wear when it's too hot for clothes" because that's about how I was feeling on the day I took these pictures. We had a crazy heat wave here last weekend and it was at least 110 degrees outside, so an easy breezy sundress was all I could tolerate. Groundbreaking fashion? No. Real-life practicality? Yes!
Black Sundress | Earrings | Necklace | Tory Burch Bag (c/o Shopbop) (Budget Option) | Sandals (c/o) | Charmed Stacks Bracelets (get 10% off with code onthedailyx)

SUNDRESS: This dress runs true to size (I'm wearing XS here), and since Old Navy runs a different promo every day it's hard to say what the pricing will be when I post this, but it's generally under $25. It was perfect for a hot Saturday of running a few errands with the family and then reading on the couch. Moving as little as possible also seems to help beat the heat!

On a side note, this summer I'm really trying to avoid my strapless bra as much as possible purely for comfort reasons. As a result I'm favoring regular tanks instead of the camis that have been my staple in summers past. That said, regular bra is not an option for this dress, so I used my NuBra instead. It works pretty well with this dress because the bodice is fitted, so that helps hold them more securely in place. Does anyone else worry when they wear adhesive bras that you'll get sweaty and it will come unstuck and fall out at an inopportune time? It can't be just me! Anyway, I've had my NuBra for a few years and it's held up very well, but I've also heard great things about this Target Adhesive Bra and I might try that when my NuBra wears out.
Black Sundress | Earrings | Necklace | Tory Burch Bag (c/o Shopbop) (Budget Option) | Sandals (c/o) | Charmed Stacks Bracelets (Get 10% off with code onthedailyx)

TORY BURCH MILLER SANDALS: When I first got a pair of Tory Burch Miller Sandals, I wasn't quite sure they lived up to the blogger hype. Now that I've had them for awhile and have a nude and black pair, I have to say I do reach for them a lot. That's not to say I can truly say the cost is justified, but that if you do decide to splurge on them and have a casual lifestyle, you'll get your money's worth and bring the cost per wear way down over the summer. They're true to size for me, but I've read a lot of reviews that say go a half size up, so maybe it depends on your foot shape or toe length? At any rate, I've tried to offer a few budget option links in the past but I've just recently found a few more Miller dupes/Miller-inspired sandals worth sharing. Any of these would work just as well with a sundress like this.

1. Tory Burch Miller - Black Patent | 2. Tory Burch Monroe | 3. Tory Burch Miller - Sand Patent
4. Amazon  | 5. Amazon | 6. Cato Fashions | 7. Amazon  | 8. Amazon

Most of the Budget Options above come in multiple colors so if you like the style but not the color, click through the link to see all available options.

And thanks to a savvy-reader comment on this post had to update this post to add one more option here! These are very similar indeed! At $55 they're a little more than the budget options above, but give a much closer look to the two Tory Burch colors pictured below:

3 Ways to Wear a Black Sundress
While I haven't needed any layers lately, this dress does "play well with others" so to speak. It paired easily with some basic jackets and cardigans.

On a separate note, you may have heard from other blogs that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts tomorrow. For what it's worth, I'm personally not planning on shopping the sale or creating content around it. Historically I just haven't found it to make a lot of sense for me to buy fall clothes in July when I know I won't be able to wear them until November. By that time there are plenty of other fall options to choose from at all retailers at equally good prices...if not better. And in retrospect, I've never once regretted not shopping the sale! I try not to be a sale hater because hey, I have my favorite sales that I post about too. So I can't be a hypocrite just because someone else has a different favorite sale than mine. And it's always possible I'll cave and order one or two things I can use right now (e.g. jewelry), but if by chance you wondered whether I'd be covering the sale...now you know!

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