Entertainment Favorites

Today I wanted to take a little break from outfits and shopping talk to join Erika in sharing some of my favorites in entertainment...everything from books to blogs and more!

I don't even want to think about narrowing down a list of all-time favorite books, but I went through my Kindle to refresh my memory on books I loved this year that I would recommend to almost anyone, and here are three that made the cut (in no particular order):

Favorites Books of 2016 (so far):

1.The Nightingale: I love historical fiction and this is so well done. Very engaging story, excellent character development. 

2. The Royal We: This is the best "chick lit" book I've read in awhile. Fun, easy, entertaining. I think I was a little let down by the ending but overall I enjoyed it a lot.

3. You are a Badass: This is easily the most motivating, positive book I've ever read. If you're looking to make any kind of change in your life from career to hobbies to friendships, you need to read this book! Thanks again to Erin for buying this for me so I had no excuse not to read it. And thanks to Megan's (currently private) post for convincing me I should read it in the first place!

Honorable Mention:
I really enjoyed these books but they're the type where I'm not sure if other people will like them as much as I did!

Where'd You Go Bernadette
The Kind Worth Killing

I have one more "honorable mention" book that I shared on Snapchat earlier this week. If you missed it, I'll be talking about it again on Wednesday so stay tuned for that!

I'm currently subscribed to these three magazines:

Magazines Fall 2016

US Weekly: I love to get this and flip through it on the weekend, but because it's a weekly magazine, the subscription is pretty expensive. Considering I spend less than five minutes on it a week, I might not renew this one. (But I do enjoy it! It's just hard to justify the cost.)

People Style Watch: My favorite fashion magazine because they feature products I can actually afford!

Redbook: Just like People Style Watch, Redbook often features a lot of affordable outfit pieces. I also think they have interesting lifestyle articles on finances, relationships, health care, etc. that are actually worth the read.

Dancing with the Stars is back and I'm loving (almost) every minute! I DVR this and watch in playback so I can skip the dancers I don't enjoy (ahem...Rick Perry). But there's quite a lot of talent this season, and so far my favorites are Laurie/Val (below) and Sharna/James. I've always loved Sharna's choreography (and dancing, of course) so I'm happy for her that she has a promising partner this year.

I've been very lucky to turn my favorite bloggers into real life friends, and I can't even tell you how much support they give me behind the scenes here! You can read more about our first meetup here.
Favorite Bloggers: RachelleCarylee,  Noelle

Erin and Skye don't blog anymore (not due to a lack of gentle nudging on my part!), but they do have about 80% closet overlap with me so they are a constant source of inspiration for new ways to wear what I already own. They're also always willing to help me out behind the scenes when I need an opinion on a post topic or blog change from someone with an outside perspective. I hope I get the chance to meet them both in person someday, but if you haven't "met" them on Instagram, you should!
 Erin - always helping me find balance!

Skye - always making me laugh!

* * *

Thanks for checking out my entertainment favorites today! On Wednesday a little bit of a mixed bag of fashion, food, and other randoms stuff so I hope you'll stop by and check it out!

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Outfit Recap 9/23/16

Just a very short and simple outfit post today! Normally I like to share some Friday Favorites here as well (whether fashion related or not) but I'm kind of saving up my favorites for the posts I'm planning for next week. The weather here was also pretty atypical this week (rain and high humidity), so I was feeling lucky to even get four outfits documented at all!

Outfit Recap:


Jacket: Nordstrom (Similar) | Tee: Nordstrom Rack (Similar) | Jeans: Express | Necklace: Express (Similar) | Bag: Danielle Nicole | Shoes: Amazon

Shop the Look:


Top: ShoeDazzle | Shorts: Target (Similar) | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Booties: Express | Bag: c/o Fossil | Bracelet: Express

Shop the Look:


Top: Macy's | Jeans: Express | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Shoes: Sole Society (Similar) | Bag: Danielle Nicole | Bracelets: Charmed Stacks (GWP)

Shop the Look:


Top: Macy's | Jeans: Express | Sandals: Nordstrom (Same Style, Exact color sold out) | Bag: c/o Fossil 

Shop the Look:

Front View:
Individual Front View Outfits Here

And that's it for today! Have a great weekend and see you back on Monday for a new post!

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Fall Wish List

I'm trying to be very intentional in building my fall wardrobe with staple pieces that will get plenty of use, but it's been hard to find exactly what I want in some cases, and easy to get "distracted" (and therefore use up the shopping budget!) by some of the current trends. I own (or previously owned) similar pieces to most of my wishlist items but I feel like I a slightly different version could be very functional. So here's a look at what I'm shopping for lately...but not necessarily buying until I find the right one!

1. Animal Print Satchel
I absolutely love my "Ocelot" crossbody bag (that's the product name...tutorial on leopard vs. cheetah print here if you need one), but I have plenty of days where I'm carrying all of the mom things and need something bigger than this. But I've never been able to find one with a print, size, and price that I like. I posted a few options below and my favorite is the Dune version, but I am afraid with so much black it won't be as neutral as my crossbody so I haven't taken the plunge.
Sweater: Express (Similar) | Tunic Tank: Target (Maternity for Length) | Leggings: Express | Necklace: c/o Kendra Scott | Boots: Target (Similar) | Ring: Express | Bag: Tory Burch

Shop the Look:

Leopard Satchel Options:

2. Black Peep Toe Booties
I had a pair of black peep toe booties from Target, but I didn't like the way they fastened. I ultimately wore them out anyway, so now I'm in the market for a replacement pair. I do love the Vince Camuto pair that Carylee has (see them on her here or in image below), but it would be nice to find something similar at a lower price point.
Sweater: Express (Similar) | Cami: ExpressNecklace: Express  | Jeans: Express | Bag: Danielle Nicole | Shoes: Target (Options Below)

Shop the Look:

Black Peep Toe Bootie Options:

3. Fall Dress
Now that I've come around to wearing dresses more often, I'm thinking I'd like something similar to my stretch tank dress below, but with sleeves and/or in a fall color. Once again finding the right color, fit, neckline and price is a little challenging, but I have a few "maybe" options displayed below this look.
Jacket: Nordstrom | Dress: Express (Similar) | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Ring: Stella & Dot | Bag: Danielle Nicole | Sandals: Sam Edelman

Shop the Look:

Fall Dress Options:

4. Leopard Flats
I wear my leopard wedges a lot and they're great, but sometimes for the amount of walking or standing I'll be doing, flats make more sense. Just like everything else, finding the right pair at the right price is easier said than done! I've found a few possible options below at various price points.
Jacket: Express | Cami: Express | Jeans: Express | Necklace: Express | Leopard Wedges: Sole Society (Current Version) | Bag: Amazon

Shop the Look:

Leopard Flat Options:

Front View of My Outfits:

Right now I think the shoe options for both the peep toe booties and leopard flats are looking like my best bet. I might have to spend a little more than I originally wanted, but sometimes it's worth it for exactly the right piece. As for the bag and dress, I'm not completely any loving the options I've found (either because of price or cut/color), so if you've seen or own something you think I might love, be sure to let me know!

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Outfits Lately + Top Fall Trends 2016

We've been back to school for about a month now and it finally feels like we are settling into a weekly routine! It's definitely not as relaxing as summer, but at least I'm getting used to it so I don't have the "I miss summer!" blues as much. If you missed yesterday's post about the current sale at Express, go check it out here

Outfit Recap:
We've had cool nights and mornings (hence the jeans and jackets) but it still warms up in the afternoon, so I often end up switching from pants to shorts and ditching the jacket. But I only take outfit photos once a days, so I'll just have to leave the "afternoon version" of these outfits to your imagination!

Jacket: Maurice's (Similar) | Cami: Express | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Amazon | Bag: Amazon (Similar)

Shop the Look:

Top: Express | Jeans: Express | Necklace: c/o Kendra Scott | Bag: Danielle Nicole | Bracelet: Banana Republic (Gift, Similar) | Shoes: Sole Society (Similar)

Shop the Look:

Jacket: Express (Similar) | Cami: Express | Jeans: Express | Necklace: J Crew (Gift, Similar) | Shoes: Amazon | Bag: Amazon | Bracelet: Express

Shop the Look:

Top: Express | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Amazon | Bag: Amazon | Watch: c/o Fossil | Necklace: Kendra Scott

Shop the Look:

Front View:

Top Fall Trends At-a-Glance:
I had a recent question about whether or not I'd be wearing the wide-legged pants trend this fall, so I thought I would answer that here along with a quick look at all of the top trends for Fall 2016. I found a good list  (with helpful visuals) over at Style Caster, so here's a recap along with my 2 cents on whether I think I'll be wearing them or not.

1. Statement Fur
- No.

2. Ruffles
- Maybe. I don't currently have anything with ruffles but I like them (usually if they're smaller and more subtle).

3. Shades of Tan 
- Sort of. This is a tricky shade for me to wear in tops/jackets (more often than not it doesn't flatter me) but I do like it a lot. And I'll definitely wear it in shoes and bags.
Image via Style Caster

4. Gold Metallic
- Yes.

5. Shearling Bombers
- No.

6. Turtlenecks under dresses
- No.

7. Plaid Overcoats
- Maybe.

8. Off the Shoulder
- Yes. (Technically I think I'll be wearing cold shoulder rather than Off the Shoulder...but I think it's all one trend family.)

9. Dusty Pink and Yellow
- Yes and No. (I love pink but yellow is unflattering on me.)

10. Pantsuits
- No.

11. Fall Florals
- Maybe.

12. Chokers

This particular list didn't include wide-legged pants, but I found a much longer trend list here and it includes them under pantsuits and pinstripe suits. In either case, I just don't think they will be flattering on me, so I'll probably pass. But if I've learned anything here it's never say never! My opinions and tastes change frequently!

Most of my "Maybe" answers above depend on whether I find a piece I really love that features that trend or not. I only had four "Yes" answers out of twelve, so I guess that means I'm only 33% Trendy. Let me know how you all rate on the top Fall Trends!

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One Eleven Sale + Free Shipping (Again!)

It's Murphy's Law that right after I place an order for something thinking the deal doesn't get any better than Free Shipping...it does. for the first time this year the One Eleven collection is on sale at Express. And the sale goes beyond that. The entire store is on sale for Buy One, Get One 50% off, PLUS a coupon code for $25 off $100 PLUS free shipping on everything! (Update: It looks like no-limit Free Shipping has ended, and now it's for orders of $50 or more, which is still better than $125!)

My favorite piece from the One Eleven Collection is the London Tee. I wear both the 3/4 Sleeve and the short sleeve version depending on the weather. My most recent purchase was this olive version and like everything else in this collection, it's super soft and comfortable. This one is the Plush Jersey fabric, which is a bit thicker and sturdier than the standard London Tee, but with the exact same relaxed-but-not-sloppy fit. Carylee gave me some great outfit inspiration for this piece in her recent post!

Tee: Express | Jeans: Express | Necklace: J. Crew (Gift, Similar) | Bag: Amazon | Shoes: Amazon | Watch: c/o Fossil | Ring: Kendra Scott

Shop the Look:

Here's a look at the front view of this t-shirt, plus some additional outfits with both sleeve length options of this tee:
T-Shirts: One | Two | Three | Four

All Details for Each Outfit:

Tee: Express | Jeans: Express | Necklace: J. Crew (Gift, Similar) | Bag: Amazon | Shoes: Amazon | Watch: c/o Fossil | Ring: Kendra Scott

Tee: Express | Necklace: Forever 21 | Jeans: Express | Sandals: Express
Tee: Express | Jeans: Express | Necklace: J Crew (Gift) | Shoes: Amazon

Tee: Express | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Steve Madden | Necklace: Stella & Dot 

I will also add the v-neck on these is cut pretty deep, so depending on what I'm doing in a given day I may need to wear a cami or bralette underneath, as seen in Outfit One in this post for modesty purposes. Other than that, these are a definite wardrobe staple for me and eventually I can't help wanting to collect all the colors!

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Denim Jacket and Family Movie Night

Today marks the three year anniversary of this blog, and every year of blogging has taken me in a slightly different content direction than the year before. I didn't plan it that way, I've just gone with the flow based on feedback (whether by page views or comments on any given post) and/or what I felt was worth sharing at the time. For the most part my outfit posts get the most page views, but my "random life stuff" seems to get the most genuine engagement. So how about a little of each today?

OOTD: Denim Jacket + Skirt
Jacket: Nordstrom | Skirt: Express (Similar) | Tank: Target (Maternity for length) | Sandals: Nordstrom | Necklace: Nordstrom | Bracelet: Express | Bag: c/o Fossil

Shop the Look:

After all of my reluctance to wear a denim jacket (more about that here and here) I am really loving the one I finally purchased. It's fitted but also very soft, comfortable and easy to move in. I was a little worried that the light wash might not work as well for Fall, but with the right color pairings I think it will work. Here are my outfits with this jacket plus one option for cooler weather:

All Four Outfit Details:

Jacket: Nordstrom | Skirt: Express (Similar) | Tank: Target (Maternity for length) | Sandals: Nordstrom | Necklace: Nordstrom | Bracelet: Express | Bag: c/o Fossil

Jacket: Nordstrom | Tank: Target (Similar) | Jeans: Express | Necklace: Express | Bag: Amazon (Similar) | Shoes: Express

Jacket: Nordstrom | Dress: Express (Similar) | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Bag: Danielle Nicole | Sandals: Sam Edelman

Jacket: Nordstrom | Tank: Target | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Shorts: Target (Similar) | Bag: c/o Danielle Nicole (Similar) | Sandals: Target

Family Movie Night Favorites
Today I'm joining Erika and Shay to talk about Favorite Movies. Their specific theme is three movies they would take if they were stranded on a desert island, but truly my answer to that question is none! I'm not much into movies and I don't think I would miss them if I had to do without for awhile. That said, we've been trying to have a regular "Family Movie Night" with our boys (ages 9 and 11) on the weekend, and it's really challenging to find something that all four of us can enjoy.

Reference Lists:
After polling friends and family who have kids of similar ages (and gender most of the time since that often plays a role in movie tastes) for some of their favorites, I also scour the lists on these sites for ideas and movie reviews.
1. Rotten Tomatoes
2. Common Sense Media
3. Timeout

80s Favorites:
We love sharing some of our childhood favorites with our kids (and a lot of them I hadn't even seen again since childhood) and seeing them enjoy them just as much as we did!
1. E.T.
2. The Karate Kid
3. Back to the Future
4. Adventures in Babysitting (some content on this was borderline inappropriate for my kids so if you're on the conservative side I wouldn't recommend it)
5. The Goonies

Pleasant Surprises:
The first two of these came from the lists above and we didn't expect to enjoy them as much as we did.
1. Akeelah and the Bee
2. Bridge to Terabithia (Warning: this one made me cry a lot, but it was good.)

Kids Liked, Parents Didn't
Again these were all recommendations from the Family Movie lists above. For us these ended up being "Kid Movies" that didn't hold adult interest.
1. Iron Giant
2. The Parent Trap (updated Lindsay Lohan version)
3. Zathura

On Repeat:
There are a few movies that we don't necessarily sit and watch as a family anymore but if someone puts it on, someone else in the house ends up watching all or part. The first three make us laugh every time and are easily the most-quoted movies in our house.
1. Elf
2. The Lego Movie
3. Napoleon Dynamite
4. Star Wars (All Episodes)

There have been several others we enjoyed (e.g. Jumanji, X-Men, The Wizard of Oz) so despite saying I'm not a movie person, it was kind of hard to narrow down this list! If you have any additional recommendations that your family loved (even a TV series would be great) I'd love to hear them in the comments!

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